Title: Chance Meeting: Triple Your Pleasure
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x3x4
Rating: NC-17 (duh!)
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own them.
Notes: Sequel to Chance Meeting 24

Zechs relaxed as he realized that Trowa was not going to try to kill him.
Then he realized that Trowa might have other plans as the brown haired pilot
approached with a very obvious arousal showing through his skintight jeans.

Quatre giggled as he asked Zechs, "Did you really mean what you said about
always being ready?"


Zechs looked openmouthed at Trowa and said, "You're really ok with this?"

Trowa gave him a predatory look as the tall blond extricated himself from
Quatre and stood up. Running appreciative eyes over Zechs, Trowa almost
smiled. "As long as I get to play, too."

Trowa grabbed Quatre and pulled him into a passionate kiss. "I missed you,
angel," Trowa whispered as he ran his hands all over the naked boy. Quatre
moaned in response, rubbing his quickly recovering arousal against the
green-eyed boy.

Zechs felt himself harden again at the sight of the two beautiful boys making
out. Reaching down to stroke himself, he had an idea. "Why don't we all have
a shower?" Zechs suggested. The thought of being under the steamy water with
Trowa and Quatre was making him drool. He was far from satisfied after the
earlier encounter.

Quatre giggled. "That sounds fun!" Trowa nodded. Quatre ran his hands under
Trowa's shirt, then pulled it over the brown haired pilot's head. "You have
too many clothes on."

Zechs looked admiringly at Trowa's well-defined chest and arms, never having
seen him out of his customary turtleneck. Walking over to the two, he purred,
"Can I be of some assistance?"

Quatre smiled happily at his new lover. "Yes, you can help me with this,"
indicating Trowa's zipper. "Trowa's pants are so tight I can never get them

Trowa threw his head back and moaned softly as the two blonds worked to
extricate him from his tight jeans, deliberately brushing against him and
each other as they did so. After getting them unzipped, both Quatre and Zechs
dropped to their knees in front of Trowa and peeled the jeans down slowly.
Trowa wore no underwear, and his arousal sprang forth immediately, already

"Yummy," smiled Quatre as he delicately licked the tip of Trowa's erection,
tasting the dew there. Then he caught Zech's mouth in a savage kiss as he
stroked Trowa with his hand. Zechs gently teased the inside of Trowa's
thighs. Then it was Zechs' turn; he swallowed Trowa's arousal, making the
green eyed boy gasp. The two blonds took turns sucking on Trowa's hardness
until the boy was begging for release. Trowa looked down to see his arousal
being attended to by two golden beauties, and his knees almost gave out.
Watching it disappear into Quatre's delicate mouth, then Zechs' sensual lips...
the two boys paused occasionally to touch and kiss each other.

"Oh, god, Quatre, Zechs..." Trowa managed to moan. Quatre reached up a small
hand and gently tweaked Trowa's nipple, and that was it: Trowa climaxed
violently. Zechs and Quatre took turns lapping up Trowa's passion as the boy
above them cried out in ecstasy.

Zechs quickly stood up and caught Trowa as his knees finally gave out. Zechs
moved around behind Trowa and supported him from behind as Quatre stood in
front of the brown haired boy. Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck
and nuzzled him as Zechs put his arms around Trowa from behind.

Trowa stepped out of his jeans so that all three of them were now unclothed.
Slowly, the triple embrace went from comforting to passionate as Trowa
recovered and began to kiss Quatre and push back against Zechs.

In answer, Zechs pressed his hardness against Trowa's tight ass and thrust
his hips back and forth. This caused Trowa to moan into Quatre's mouth and
run his hands over the smaller boy.

"Why don't we take this into the shower?" Quatre suggested breathlessly.
Taking Trowa's and Zechs' hands, he led them both into the locker room.

They entered the shower enclosure. It was a rectangular tiled room with
showerheads coming out of the wall at six foot intervals. Quatre turned on
several of them and the room began to fill with steam. The small blond
dragged his taller lovers under one of the showers. Smiling wickedly, Quatre
took some liquid soap into each hand and started washing both Trowa and Zechs
at the same time. He stood in front of them and soaped up their chests first,
paying particular attention to their nipples until both were fully aroused
and moaning.

Then, Quatre got more soap and worked his way further down. To make it
easier, he kneeled in front of Trowa and Zechs and began to slowly stroke
both erections. The two began to moan and thrust into Quatre's talented
hands. Zechs reached out and locked lips with Trowa, kissing passionately as
the small blond worked his magic. Soon both men were thrusting helplessly
into Quatre's hands. Quatre still managed to look angelic, smiling up at them
both, a cock in each hand.

As much as Quatre wanted to make both his lovers climax like this, he had
something else in mind. Standing up, he stood in front of Zechs and Trowa. He
looked searchingly at Trowa as if asking permission. Trowa nodded briefly.
Quatre turned back to Zechs.

"As you probably have already guessed, I like to be the bottom," Quatre began
sweetly.  "And as much as Trowa enjoys taking me, he also likes to be taken
sometimes. Will you take Trowa while he takes me? It's something we've always
wanted to do."

Zechs looked at Trowa, who nodded again, and Zechs said, "Oh, yes, I think
I'd like that."

Quatre looked delighted. He turned around and grabbed a towel bar for
support, bending over and raising his ass in the air enticingly. "Well, what
are you waiting for then?"

That was all the encouragement the taller boys needed. Trowa started to
prepare Quatre, but the smaller boy just said, "I'm ready, just do it!"

Trowa happily complied, rubbing his arousal briefly against Quatre's tight
ass before pushing slowly inside him. Though Quatre claimed to be ready,
Trowa pushed carefully to avoid hurting his love. Quatre moaned impatiently;
he wanted to be filled now. Finally, Trowa was buried inside Quatre.

Zechs watched Trowa enter the small blond and licked his lips in
anticipation. He was more than ready when Trowa looked back at him and
nodded. Zechs took some more soap and began to gently prepare Trowa. Zechs
could tell Trowa didn't do this often; the brown-haired boy was incredibly
tight. Trowa closed his eyes and began to moan as Zechs inserted another
finger. Trowa involuntarily pushed deeper into Quatre, making the blond boy
pant impatiently. Zechs inserted a third finger, and Trowa gasped and pushed
back. The tall blond thought Trowa was ready. He removed the fingers and
positioned himself, touching just the tip of his aching arousal to Trowa's

"Are you sure?" Zechs asked, teasingly.

"Please," hissed Trowa pleadingly. That was what Zechs wanted to hear. He
pushed slowly into Trowa, savoring the almost painful tightness.

Zechs forced himself to go slowly, though Trowa's tight body was driving him
crazy with sensation. The agony of holding himself back made him bite his
lip. All he wanted to do was pound into the green-eyed boy, but he forced
himself to be gentle. For now.

Finally, all of Zechs was deep inside Trowa, and Trowa was buried to the hilt
in Quatre. All three paused, then Zechs pulled out slightly, and pushed back
inside Trowa carefully. The brown haired boy threw his head back and moaned
loudly as Zechs' hardness invaded him and brushed his sweet spot. The next
time Zechs withdrew farther, and Trowa pulled back with him, so when Zechs
pushed back in, Trowa pushed back into Quatre as well.

The rhythm seemed to work, and as the three of them got better at it, their
speed increased. Soon, Zechs was pounding into Trowa, and Quatre was hanging
onto the bar for dear life and screaming for more. Trowa was in heaven,
impaled on Zechs and deep inside Quatre, in sensory overload. Zechs was
getting off not only on the hot tightness of Trowa, but also the sight of the
smaller blond getting taken at the same time. Trowa was moaning fairly
quietly, but Quatre was screaming encouragement to his two lovers at the top
of his lungs. "Oh god, yes, harder, Trowa, yes, oh, Zechs, fuck us harder,

Quatre's screaming increased as Trowa reached down and grabbed Quatre's
neglected arousal and began to pump roughly. Zechs also reached around to the
small blond and squeezed a nipple. Quatre immediately moaned more loudly and
tightened around Trowa. With a scream, Quatre climaxed violently, covering
the shower wall with his creamy seed. Quatre's muscles clamped down on
Trowa's erection, and the tall boy could take it no longer. He gasped and
filled Quatre with his passion. Trowa's climax pushed Zechs over the edge and
with one final thrust and a deep growl, Zechs pumped into Trowa and filled

They stayed like that for a moment to catch their breath, then Zechs wrapped
his arms around his younger lovers and eased them gently to the floor of the
shower. Zechs wrapped his arms around Quatre from one side and Trowa did the
same from the other, and they sat there like that for a few moments under the
warm water.

Then Quatre giggled. "That was fun! Can we do that again?"

Zechs' eyes widened as he looked at Trowa over Quatre's blond head. Trowa
smiled at Zechs. Zechs could see that he had his work cut out for him.


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