Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x4
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

It was a slow day at Preventers headquarters, so Quatre decided to take a
long lunch break and work out in the gym. He had been very frustrated lately,
because Trowa was on an extended mission, and hadn't been back for 2 weeks.
He wasn't due back for at least another week, and Quatre was climbing the
walls. He'd never gone this long without sex. Something no one would suspect
from his angelic looks, and known only to Trowa and himself: Quatre was
basically a nymphomaniac. The sweet little blond regularly wore out his tall
lover. They were even talking about trying a threesome, to help satisfy

Quatre smiled to himself; he was getting aroused just thinking about Trowa.
He went into the locker room and changed into his workout gear, hoping there
was no one else in the gym; he was looking forward to a quiet workout, to
burn off some excess energy. The gym was usually empty at this hour.

Entering the gym, Quatre quickly scanned the room. It appeared to be empty.
Except… over in the corner, there was a sight that made the small pilot
instantly hard: Zechs Marquise, wearing only short shorts, lying back on a
weight bench, legs spread, muscles straining, bench pressing at least 220

Quatre stared at the longhaired pilot, trying not to drool all over himself.
He had never seen Zechs out of his Preventers uniform, or flightsuit. Quatre
knew Zechs was in good shape, and he had often admired the tall pilot, with
his flowing hair and piercing eyes. But Quatre had never imagined Zechs was
hiding a body like that under the uniform. Washboard abs, bulging biceps,
incredible legs… and he was just lying down. Quatre's mind wandered as he
imagined what the rest of the package looked like, when Zech's sultry voice
cut into the fantasy.

"Hello, Quatre," Zechs seemed to purr, "Great day for a workout, isn't it?"

Quatre realized he was staring, and tried to think of something to say. "Hi
Zechs! You know, you shouldn't do that without a spotter," he babbled,
wincing inwardly at how inane that sounded. Being around Zechs was making him
feel childish.

"Yes, I know," said Zechs contritely. "I was just playing around with the
small weights, just hoping someone would come along to help."

Quatre swallowed. Zechs considered this a small weight? It weighed twice what
he weighed. Quatre's mind wandered off again, this time picturing Zechs
bench-pressing him. He realized Zechs was speaking again.

Zechs had sat up, revealing all sorts of lovely new things to look at, and
was looking at Quatre.  "Would you mind helping me out, Quatre?"

Oh, god, yes, thought Quatre, but he managed to say, "Sure!" Just then he
lost the power of speech completely as Zechs stood up and went to get some
more weights. Zechs walking away was nearly as nice as Zechs walking toward
you, Quatre thought as he feasted his eyes on the blond's tight ass.  Then
Zechs bent over to pick up something, and Quatre decided to seduce him.

Zechs walked back with more weights and put them on the barbell.  He looked
at Quatre and said, "Are you ready?"

Quatre thought, you have no idea how ready I am. Then he realized he was
wearing fairly tight shorts and Zechs probably actually could tell how ready
he was. He nodded anyway, hoping Zechs hadn't noticed his arousal.

Zechs lay back on the bench again, and Quatre took up the spotter's position
at the head of the bench. Then Quatre realized that this meant Zechs would
look straight up at his shorts. He couldn't help but notice!

Quatre tried to think unsexy thoughts, but the sight of Zechs lying in front
of him, half naked, muscles bulging, hot and sweaty, made that impossible.

Quatre was so intent on his losing battle with his body that he didn't notice
that Zechs was having a similar problem. He tried to concentrate on smoothly
lifting the weight bar, but his eyes kept straying to the blond angel behind
him. He had never seen Quatre out of his trademark dress pants and vest, and
Zechs was definitely enjoying the view of Quatre's lithe form and creamy
skin. Enjoying it too much, as he began to get hard. The small shorts he wore
would do little to hide this fact. Zechs tried to throw himself into pumping
the weight bar up and down, but he kept thinking of pumping into Quatre

Zechs looked up at Quatre. The smaller blond frowned in concentration, never
taking his eyes off the weight bar. Wondering what was so fascinating about
it, Zechs then noticed something that nearly made him drop the weights on his
own throat. Quatre's silky shorts were stretched out with a very obvious

Zechs' eyes darted up toward Quatre's face. The younger boy hadn't noticed
that Zechs had noticed. Zechs mind tried to process this information. Quatre
wanted him? Well, there was no one else in the room, and he knew that Quatre
preferred men, so… Zechs put two and two together and came up with
sixty-nine.  Oh, this was going to be a very good workout…

Zechs finished the set and sat up. He stared straight into Quatre's turquoise
eyes and said, deliberately, "Would you like to try it?"

Quatre licked his lips, trying to drag his eyes back to Zechs' face. "It's
much too big… I mean heavy, for me," he answered, fluttering his eyelashes
and wondering if Zechs was a natural blond.

"Oh, that's no problem," Zechs said, standing up and removing some of the
weights and bending over a bit farther than he really had to, "But I bet
you're a lot stronger than people think."

Quatre giggled, "I do like to keep in shape."

Zechs looked deep into Quatre's eyes and said, "I can tell."

Quatre gulped. If he didn't know better, he would have thought Zechs was
coming on to him. And he was the one that was supposed to do the seducing!
"Let's do it then," Quatre said, and slipped between Zechs and the weight
bench instead of going around. This meant he brushed "accidentally" against
the taller blond. Settling himself on the bench, he waited for Zechs to take
up the spotter position. "Are you ready?" Quatre said, echoing Zechs' earlier

Zechs smirked. This could be fun. "I'm always ready," he said seductively.

Quatre looked surprised for a moment, then said, "Always?"

Zechs looked down at Quatre on the bench and murmured, "Would you like to
find out?"

Quatre looked up at the gorgeous longhaired man above him. "Oh, yes," he

Zechs kneeled beside Quatre, and leaned in close, his long platinum hair
brushing teasingly against the smaller boy. Quatre reached out and ran his
fingers through the blond silk, reveling in the texture. Zechs brought his
lips to Quatre's, and hesitated. Quatre was having none of that, however; he
desperately wanted to taste Zechs, and he wanted it now. Patience was not one
of Quatre's virtues.

Wrapping his small hands around Zechs' strong neck, he pulled the taller
pilot down and kissed him savagely. Zechs responded instantly, his tongue
exploring Quatre's mouth quickly. God, he tasted good…

Quatre began running his hands over every part of Zechs he could reach, as if
he were memorizing the blond beauty. He especially couldn't get enough of the
long, flowing hair he had often admired. Burying his hands in the platinum
locks, he started to moan when he felt Zechs' hands on him.

Zechs was amazed by the responsiveness of the small blond. He ran his hands
underneath Quatre's shirt, and when his fingers brushed against his nipples,
Quatre responded with a loud moan and an involuntary upward thrust of his

Breaking the kiss, Zechs pushed Quatre's shirt up higher and proceeded to
kiss and lick a trail down his chest. Biting Quatre's nipples slightly
produced another moan. Zechs then kissed down even farther, trailing his hair
along behind to further tantalize the boy.

Quatre writhed on the bench, slowly losing all control. Zechs knew exactly
what to do to drive him wild. As he felt Zechs kiss lower and lower, Quatre
moaned louder and louder.

Zechs paused, and Quatre moaned in protest. "Would you like me to lock the
door?" he asked.

Quatre shook his head. "I don't want you to stop. In fact, I like the idea
that someone could walk in at any moment. Unless you want to."

Zechs laughed. "I don't mind either. I have nothing to be ashamed of."

"You certainly don't. You're incredible," Quatre breathed, as Zechs started
to toy with the drawstring of his shorts.

"And you are an angel. A beautiful angel, and I want to see all of you,"
answered Zechs. With that, he pulled Quatre's shorts off in one smooth
motion, and the boy's aching arousal was free. "Beautiful," Zechs repeated,
and lowered his mouth.

As he felt the wet heat of Zechs' mouth envelop him, Quatre gasped and arched
his back. He buried his hands in Zechs' flowing hair and tried not to fall
off the bench. He felt Zechs' hand come up between his legs, brushing his
inner thigh and easing his legs further apart.

"Zechs!" Quatre moaned, "I… it's been too long…" The combination of his
frustration and Zechs' skilled mouth was proving too much for him. "I'm going

"Good," Zechs smirked and redoubled his efforts. Quatre screamed and climaxed
in Zechs' talented mouth with a final thrust. Zechs swallowed every drop, and
licked his lips. "You taste as good as you look."

Zechs stood up. Quatre sat up on his elbows and looked at him. Quatre said,
"That was amazing. Now I want to taste you. Take off your shorts."

Zechs did as he was commanded, proving that both of them were indeed natural
blonds.  Quatre thought he looked like the statues of ancient gods he had
seen. Except this god had a huge erection he wanted to wrap his mouth around.

Sitting up on the bench put Quatre at just the right level.  Motioning Zechs
forward, Quatre delicately licked just the tip of his erection, tasting the
drop of liquid there. Zechs shuddered.

Quatre licked again, the underside this time, in a long line all the way back
to the tip. Then he took just the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue
around the end. Zechs said, "Oh, god, Quatre, you're so good." Seeing his
hardness disappearing into that delicate mouth, in that angelic face, was
almost too much to bear. He ran his hands through the silken hair, then
buried his hands deep in that hair when Quatre suddenly took him in all the
way, swallowing his aching length whole.

Reluctantly, Zechs moaned, "Stop, Quatre, oh, god, I want… to be inside you.
Will you let me?"

Quatre smiled sweetly, despite the fact that he was slowly pumping Zechs'
manhood while he spoke. "I want you to, Zechs, but what will we use? I wasn't
exactly expecting this."

"Mmmm, uh, I have some lotion in my gym bag," Zechs managed to gasp out.
"Will that be ok?"

"Oh, I hope so," Quatre answered and stood up, pulling Zechs down into a
passionate kiss before going over to Zechs' bag, leaving the taller pilot

Retrieving a bottle, Quatre returned to Zechs' side, then got on his knees
and draped himself over the weight bench sideways, pushing his firm ass up in
the air invitingly. "Will this work?"

In answer, Zechs got to his knees behind Quatre and rubbed his arousal
against the offered prize. He was rewarded by a pleading moan from the
smaller boy and the bottle of lotion.

Zechs squeezed out some lotion and carefully used one finger to start to
prepare the boy. Quatre pushed back and wiggled, so he tried another finger.
Quatre began to moan now, and when Zechs inserted a third finger, Quatre
began to thrust back against the fingers, seeking more penetration.

"Please, Zechs, hurry! I need you inside me NOW." Quatre pleaded, and pushed
back harder.

Zechs' own arousal was demanding that he hurry, too, so he removed his
fingers and applied some of the lotion to his manhood. Then he positioned
himself at Quatre's entrance and started to slide into heaven. Quatre took
him in, inch by inch, and Zechs could only hope he wasn't hurting Quatre,
because there was no way he could stop now.

Gripping Quatre's slim hips, Zechs finally paused, buried completely in the
smaller boy. Zechs' breath came in short gasps as he tried to control the
savage impulse to pound Quatre mercilessly.

Then Quatre looked back at him and begged, "Please, do it, do it hard," and
Zechs could hold back no longer. He began to slowly withdraw and was about to
slowly enter him again when Quatre threw himself back against Zechs, impaling
himself again. "Hard! I need it hard!" the small blond begged, still managing
to look innocent despite the circumstances.

"Well, that's what you're going to get, then," Zechs hissed and began to
pound Quatre as hard as he could. The small blond met each thrust with one of
his own, driving Zechs deeper, and driving him wild.

Zechs had never been able to use his full strength with other lovers, but
this delicate looking boy was taking every thrust and wantonly begging for
more. Zechs fucked Quatre as he had never fucked anyone before, vowing that
this would not be the last time he took the small pilot. The weight bench
rocked back and forth with the force of their coupling, and their moans made
it sound like someone was being killed in the gym.

Finally, Zechs knew his climax was fast approaching, so he reached down and
began to stroke Quatre's erection roughly. Quatre screamed Zechs' name before
his muscles tightened even more and he emptied himself all over the bench and
Zechs' hand.

Zechs threw back his head and moaned, "Quatre!" as he pumped the small blond
full of his passion. The ecstasy went on for what seemed like forever, until
they both collapsed onto the sticky bench, Zechs still inside Quatre.

Then a familiar voice intruded into his semi-consciousness.

"Just couldn't wait till I got home, little one?"

Quatre and Zechs looked up to see Trowa leaning against the doorframe. Zechs'
blood turned to ice as his body prepared for violence.

But Quatre just smiled happily and nuzzled up against Zechs' chest, playing
with his platinum hair. "But he's such a NICE toy, Trowa. Can I keep him?"

"You know I can never say no to you, angel," Trowa answered. "And you do look
VERY nice together."

Zechs relaxed as he realized that Trowa was not going to try to kill him.
Then he realized that Trowa might have other plans as the brown haired pilot
approached with a very obvious arousal showing through his skintight jeans.

Quatre giggled as he asked Zechs, "Did you really mean what you said about
always being ready?"

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