NOTE: The part about hypnotizing and the psychic ramblings and whatnot, are nothing but nonsensial mumbo-jumbo I created from what I read and know so please don't believe a word I wrote in this part OK? I just wrote anything just so it would sound somewhat mysterious.

Warning: This part's maybe hard to understand. I just wrote whatever that came to mind and this is the result.. ^^;

It was later in the afternoon. The five boys were riding in a huge, white BMW with Wufei as the driver and they were on their way to see Madame Serena, the hypnotist. It was a avery great relief to the others that Quatre was definately feeling more like his usual self but even so, they still couldn't help feeling a flicker of worry in case something was really wrong with their friend.

"I wonder what that Madame Serena lady will be like," mused Duo. "If she can hypnotize people, I bet she can do other stuff like voodoo and curses, ne?"

"Voodoo and curses are nothing but bullshit," said Wufei with a snort. "Only gullible people like you would believe in something as ridiculous like that."

"In that case, I'll ask that Madame Serena to make me a voodoo doll of you," shot back Duo. "And don't ya go crying when that voodoo thing really does work."

Then started another one of Wufei and Duo's never-ending bickering that started every five minutes. In the end, it was always Heero who had to whip his gun out and threaten the two to shut up or else he would kill them.

Quatre giggled as he watched them. The Chinese and the American's bickering amused him because they always argued about silly stuff and the way they argued seemed very much like siblings who were having a quarell. Trowa smiled to himself as he watched his golden-haired love giggle and ruffled the blonde's hair lovingly.

"How are you feeling, little one?" he asked.

"Much better than in days, demo I still feel a bit afraid of seeing that Madame Serena," admitted Quatre.

"Why? Do you think that Madame Serena is actually a lunatic or a witch with warts on her nose and rides a broomstick instead of a car?" teased Duo with a grin. "Or do you think that she's the type to eat little blonde boys like you for lunch?"

"Duo!" said Quatre and he bonked Duo on the head as they laughed about it.

Suddenly the car stopped in front of a huge Victorian type mansion. It had huge, mechanical wrought iron gates that looked as if the owner didn't welcome any visitors and ivy were growing at the walls. The place had a lavish garden filled with flowering plants. Overall, the place looked elegant - but had a somewhat creepy air to it.

"Anou, are you sure this is the right place, Wu?" asked Duo nervously.

"How should I know?" grumbled Wufei. "It was Yuy who had the directions to the place."

"It's definately here," comfirmed the Japanese. "This is the right place like that woman said on the phone. No. 33, Oakley Avenue."

"This place looks creepy.. maybe she really does eat people like me for lunch," said Quatre with a gulp as the wrought iron gates suddenly creaked open and Wufei cautiously drove into the driveway.

"Nonsense!" said Trowa and dragged them all out of the car. "This place looks creepy just because it's an old house, that's all."

They walked up the driveway, Quatre and Duo tip-toeing like mice.

"This house doesn't have a doorbell," said Heero. "One would think that there would be one, since they have a mechanical gate." He reached for the brass knocker that was in a shape of a grinning gobling and banged it twice against the door.

After a while, Heero banged the knocker again since it seemed as if nobody was going to answer the door. "Maybe there's nobody at home?" suggested Duo hopefully, wanting to be as far away as possible from that creepy place.

"Maybe Madame Serena's a 90 year-old lady who has lost her hearing," said Heero and as he reached for the knocker again, the door suddenly creaked open.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!!! It's a ghost!!" screamed Duo and Quatre, who was surprised by Duo's scream hid behind his taller lover.

"Sorry, no ghost," said a young woman with a chuckle. "There's only a helpless young woman here."

"We're here to see Madame Serena," announced Heero. "Is she your mother or your grandmother? We have an appointment with her we made through a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Bates."

"I'm sorry, my mother or my grandmother isn't here at the moment so you can't meet them. Besides, they wouldn't be able to help you even if they were here," said the woman dryly. "Because you see, I'm Madame Serena."


The inside of the house didn't seem to be creepy at all, like the outside. There were no creepy pictures of dead ancesstors or vampire coffins or candlesticks everywhere, like Duo had thought it would be. Instead, the inside seemed to look quite normal, modern and well-furnished with all things cute.

There were cuddly teddy bears here and there as well as a bunch of beanie babies on sofas - obviously this 'Madame' Serena liked to collect soft toys - and there were no antique furnitures at all like one would think there will be, seeing that the mansion was in a Victorian style.

Serena led them into a study room big enough to be a mini-library and they all settled down into the chairs there. Introductions were made and the boys found that there was nothing weird or creepy at all about the young woman. With her long, dark hair and friendly brown eyes, and the fact that she was wearing a pink sweater and jeans; she looked like any ordinary, bubbly young woman.

"So Serena, exactly how old are you?" asked Duo.

"Can't tell you that. You know how we women don't like to reveal our age, don't you?" joked Serena. "Actually, I'm twenty-two. Don't look so surprised! I know you were probably expecting me to be an old granny around the age of sixty, weren't you?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, isn't it always some creepy-looking, old hag who gets to be the hypnotist?" said Duo. "Oh, um, I didn't mean that you're ugly or anything - "

"I know what you mean," said Serena with a laugh. "But I think you've been watching too many horror movies."

"Can you really hypnotize people?" asked Trowa. "If you don't mind, we'd like to know something about yourself."

"Sure, I don't mind," said the woman with a shrug. "First, you'd probably think I'm a phony because I seem young but I do have a degree in human psychology. If you don't believe me, you can ask Dr. Bates and I can even show you my papers and certificates to prove it. And two, I have learnt the art of hypnotizing from my great-grandmother who happened to be a gypsy and she thought me a lot of cool stuff like palm-reading and all those stuff I know Wufei thinks is crappy."

Wufei's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"Yes, I know you think stuff like voodoo is crap," said Serena with a nod in the Chinese boy's direction. "And I know that Duo thought that I would be some witch with warts and went around in a broomstick."

"How do you know all this?" Duo asked.

"Let's just say that I'm like a psychic; but only a 'lesser' psychic," Serena explained. "Sometimes I can see the future and sometimes see the past. But I'm not that great until the extent where I can read people's thoughts or lift objects with my mind."

"Then, how can know about Wufei and Duo's conversation when we were on the way here?" Quatre asked curiously. "I thought you said that you couldn't read people's thouhgts."

"That is correct. I didn't read their minds," said Serena. "Because I saw what you guys were doing and talking during your drive here. You're Quatre, right?" she gestured to Quatre and he nodded. "I can't really see other people's past and future or what is happening to them at the present. But you have this ability to connect with people and somehow I can see through your mind what was happening all around you at that time."

"My 'uchuu no kokoro'," murmured Quatre as he laid a hand on his heart.

"Can you explain what you meant by seeing seeing through Quatre's mind at what was happening," requested Trowa.

"You see, when there are more than one people with 'psychic' abilities in an area, they can somehow merge their abilities or one can borrow a certain amount of the other's abilities - but that is, of course, able to happen when the 'psychic' person knows how to merge his abilities with other psychics or to borrow other psychics' abilities."

"Wow! That sounds like really serious stuff," Duo exclaimed. "It sorta sounds hard to understand."

"That's because you have a small brain that's hard to understand anything, Maxwell," muttered Wufei and the braided boy glared at him.

"OK, enough chit-chat and let's get down to business," the dark haired woman said in a business-like voice. "Well, who's to be hypnotized?"

"I am," said Quatre timidly.

"And why? Wait don't tell me, you want me to get rid of your nightmares, right?" Quatre nodded his head. "Can you tell me about your nightmares?"

"I don't think I want to," said Quatre with a shudder.

"It's all right," said Serena with a comforting smile. "We'll find out about it soon anyway." Serena walked towards a big, mahagony desk and took out something from the top drawer. In her hand, she held an antique-looking amulet that was dangling from a fine, golden chain.

"This belonged to my great-grandmother," she said, as she sat down once again with the rest of them.

"I thought that hypnotists usually used those pocket watches," said Heero.

"They do, but I think it would be more appropriate to use this as my great-grandmother used this to hypnotize," said Serena. She faced a nervous-looking Quatre and squeezed his hand. "Relax! Everything will be fine. OK, I want you to keep your eyes on this amulet and concentrate on my voice."

Everybody was silent - even Duo - as Serena swung the dangling amulet back and forth in front of the blonde's face, his blue eyes never wavering as they moved in sync with the swinging amulet. "Now I'm going to count backwards, from ten to one. And you will become sleepier and sleepier as I count. When I reach 'one', you will be asleep but you will still be able to listen to my voice, understand?"

Quatre nodded his head, feeling a bit drowsy as he watched the amulet move back and forth, back and forth. Serena began counting backwards slowly and as the others watched, they could see that Quatre was definately getting sleepier with every count and at 'one', he was fast asleep. Or at least, he looked that way. He was sitting up straight in his seat but his eyes were closed and his breathing was even.

"Quatre, can you hear me?" asked Serena and the blonde nodded slowly. "You will do as I say and you will only awaken when I have snapped my fingers, do you understand?" Once more, Quatre nodded.

"And Duo, don't even try to snap your fingers or else you'll mess it up," warned Serena as she glimpsed the mischievous look on the braided boy's face. Duo's face instantly fell for a second.

"Um, so what will you be doing next?" Trowa asked cautiously, as he glanced at the blonde sitting with his eyes closed. "You're just going to tell him to stop having his nightmares and then snap your fingers and that's the end of it, is it?"

"Well, I can ask him anything you want to know - even his most darkest secrets," Serena said with a shrug. "That's up to you of course. I'll just do my job as I am told."

"Cool!" said Duo with a naughty grin as he rubbed his palms together. "Ask him what he does with Trowa at night."

Serena and Trowa blushed furiously and Wufei nearly had a nosebleed. Heero smacked the braided boy in the head and magically whipped out a piece of cloth and some string from his spandex shorts which he used to gag Duo and tied the boy's arms and legs.

"Hn. That oughta shut you up for a while."

"Ahem. I guess we could start now?" interuppted Serena with an eyebrow raised. "We can't have the poor boy stuck in a trance forever. can we?"

"Can you ask him about his nightmares?" requested Trowa. "He never tells me much about them - actually he never tells me anything about them but I know that they must be horrible because he told me that, uh, I was dead in his nightmares last night."

"Quatre, can you still hear me?" Serena asked, turning to face the blonde. She paused for a while and Quatre nodded his head. "Good. Quatre, we would like to know what your nightmares are about - can you please tell us about them?"

"My nightmares... it always starts with a scene in a big place - I-I'm not sure where. Looks like a palace with Roman pillars," Quatre began haltingly in a voice that had a trance-like quality to it. "A-and I'm tied to one of the pillars. I don't know why but I know that I feel so scared because I'm afraid something horrible will happen."

"Is there anyone in your dream?" Serena prompted. The others listened to this exchange intently, even Duo.

"There's a girl - she's sitting on the throne."

"Is she a princess or some sort of royalty? Describe her."

"She's very beautiful," said Quatre and hesitated awhile before continuing. "She has long platinum hair up till her waist. And she has fair skin. Her eyes are blue - ice blue - and they terrify me. They have no feeling - blank, like those of a china doll's. They seem cruel and full of hatred - I can see that in her aura. It engulfs her entire being and seems to overpower everything that is surrounding her."

What happened next was something that even Selia didn't expect to happen.

"You are the key to my birth. The prophecy has spoken," Quatre was saying in a voice that didn't belong to him. It was a girl's voice filled with venom. "When the angel of light and the angel of darkness unite to become the key to unleashing the evil - there will be no hope as all the time in the universe will move in synchronized alignment - and the goddess of destruction will be born."

The others exchanged worried looks and Trowa looked the most worried.

"Why's Quatre saying this?" Trowa hissed to Serena. "Is this supposed to happen?"

"I-I don't know! This has never happened before!" Serena said frantically. "I'm going to end this."

Serena snapped her fingers but Quatre didn't snap out of his trance like he was supposed to. Instead, he laughed. A spine-chilling laughter that spoke of bitter humor and bragged of power and confidence.

"No one can stop me! The dark prophecy will be fulfilled and the darkness will be awakened!" Quatre bellowed in that strange voice. "I will be born! And there shall only be one."

"Quatre!" choked out Trowa in a strangled voice as he rushed to Quatre and began shaking the blonde hard. But no amount of shaking would seem to bring the blonde back to his normal state as he began to laugh like a crazed person. Serena was close to tears, trying this way and that to somehow end the trance - even going as far as to chanting something in a weird language that was probably taught by her grandmother, but nothing seemed to work. Frustrated, Trowa slapped Quatre hard on his cheeks.

"T-Trowa!" Quatre cried out as he broke out of his trance, speaking in his normal voice instead of the scary voice he had used a few moments ago. "Trowa!" he cried out again as he flung himself into the Trowa's arms, pressing his face into the other boy's chest; his body heaving as he let out racking sobs.

"Quatre, Quatre, you're all right. You're all right," Trowa murmured to himself as he buried his face into those blonde locks and wrapped his arms securely around the crying figure. He brought his fingers to the Arabian's chin and lifted his face so he could kiss away the tears and he saw the cheeks that were red because he had slapped them. "Gomen... I hurt you,"

"It's all right," Quatre said quietly. "If you hadn't slapped me... I don't know, I'm afraid to think what might happen to me." The blonde shivered and Trowa rubbed his back comfortingly. "I-it was so horrible! It felt as if somebody was controlling my body - my movements - and I couldn't even do a thing. It was as if I were a puppet with only a mind."

All this while, Duo was silent. It wasn't because he was too shocked to move or to say anything. He didn't even notice that Serena was babbling endless apologies to the blonde for the mishap or Quatre telling Serena just to forget everything - it wasn't her fault that all this happened.

"It's all right," Heero told him, thinking that he was in shock. "Everything's fine. Quatre's fine."

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Duo acknowledged the fact that Heero was only trying to comforting but in his current state, he didn't even realize that. He was too wrapped up in his own thoughts. His own memories. Remembrances of the dreams he has been having lately.

"I will be born! And there shall only be one."

'I recognize that voice,' he thought. 'But no, it couldn't be! This is all too weird to be just a coincidence. But what if it isn't merely a coicidence?'

To his horror, he realized that his dreams mirrored Quatre's.

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