"When the angel of light and the angel of dark unite to become the key to unleashing the evil - there will be no hope as all the time in the universe will move in synchronized alignment - and the goddess of destruction will be born," said a young girl to herself, her golden hair and dark cape billowing in the raging wind as she stood atop a hill, looking down on her kingdom, Orsalia.

The girl looked no older than fifteen at the most, but her blue eyes were the eyes of the wise; who had lived the Earth since the dawn of time. "I, Selia can wait no longer and will not hesitate to act before the dark prophecy is fulfilled. I must hurry.. before the darkness awakens..."


"You are the key to my birth," said a beautifully stunning girl with whitish gold hair that was up to her waist and looked like fine silk. She smiled at the blonde boy who was tied to a big pillar while she sat on a throne, looking proud and regal and every bit like a queen.

To an observer, her smile would have looked like any ordinary smile that would grace the lips of pretty young girls - except that if one looked closely, they would be able to see that her ice blue eyes glittered like cold, hard steel.

"The key?" Quatre asked hoarsely, his throat dry and parched.

"Yes, my dear bo, you're the key to my birth or at least half of the key," said the girl with a twisted smile. "But it is still not time for me to be born. I must find the other half of the key which would 'open' the prophecy and when all the time in the universe are aligned, I will be born."

"Who.. who are you?" Quatre stammered, feeling afraid of this weird girl who seemed to be a lunatic of some sort.

"I am the end of all," she said triumphantly. "And soon, there will only be one."

Suddenly, Quatre was standing on a mountain of dead bodies. The thick stench of blood and rotting flesh filled the air and his nostrils, nearly making him gag. Feeling sick and disgusted, Quatre jumped down from the moutain of copses only to land on a smaller mountain of decaying flesh. Everywhere he looked, he saw nothing but the bodies of the dead - it was as if the whole Earth was covered with them. He couldn't even see the ground.

He walked quickly, trying not to feel grossed out walking on dead bodies; hoping to find someone other than himself who might still be alive in this land of the dead. He tripped over a body and fell down to stare into blank, glassy emerald orbs. It was the same orbs that would always look into his with full of love. Trowa's eyes. He was staring into the face of his dead lover.



Quatre sat bolt upright in bed, the covers whipped off of him in the process. His pyjamas was drenched in cold sweat and he struggledto control his breathing that came in short, ragged gasps. His eyes nervously darted all around him. He was in his room.. and it was only a nightmare.

Warm, strong hands wrapped themselves around him, bringing him close into the protective embrace of his love, Trowa. "Sshhh.. don't worry, little one. It wsa only a nightmare," the green-eyed boy murmured soothingly as he place light kisses onto the crown of golden curls of the boy in his arms. "It was just a nightmare."

"Oh Trowa! It was all too horrible!" cried the blonde, hugging the tall boy like he never wanted to let go. He sobbed into Trowa's shoulder and Trowa rubbed the blonde's back comfortingly. "It was the same nightmare like always - except thie time you were dead in this one.."

"It was just nightmare, little one," said Trowa firmly. "I'm here and I'm alive. That's all that matters." As if to prove that he was really there, Trowa kissed the blonde passionately and the kiss was met with equal passion.

"Oh Trowa, I feel so scared.."

"Don't be. I'll always be here to protect you. Go to sleep now," whispered Trowa as he kissed the blonde's eyelids shut. "It's OK. I'll still be here when you wake up."

Exhausted, the blonde fell asleep in his lover's embrace and the brunette never shut hus eyes even once as he rocked the boy in his arms till morning came.


"Ohato everyone!" greeted Duo with a big yawn as he bounded down the stairs. "What's for breakfast?"

"The usual," answered Trowa.

"Why can't we have something other than omelette and fench toast for once?" grumbled Duo under his breath. The braided boy's cobalt eyes came to rest upon his blonde friend who was slumped in his sat at the dining table. Quatre had faint, dark circles around his eyes which contrasred with his unusually aple skin, making him look comical, like a panda bear.

"Hey Q, you had a nightmare again?" he saked in a concerned tone. Quatre was more like a brother than a friend to him and he didn't like it whenever the blonde wasn't his usual sunny self.

"Well, obviously, by the screaming we heard in the middle of the night," said Heero bluntly and recieved a jab in the rics and a glare from Duo but Quatre didn't sem to notice.

"Hai, I had another one of my nightmares," the blonde answered quietly.

"Your nightmares have been going on for more than a week all ready," said Wufei with an eyebrow raised. "It's not good for your health. Maybe you should see some psychiatrist or specialist to sort this problem?"

"I don't wanna see some psychiatrist! I'm fine!" snapped Quatre, completely surprising the other three. The blonde rarely got mad and when he did, he wouldn't snap at anybody instead he keeps his anger to himself.

Seeing the bewildered looks on his friends' faces, Qautre composed himself and in a more controlled voice said, "I'm fone. They're just that - nightmares. They won't do anything to me, just like Trowa said."

Just then, Trowa emerged from the kitchen with everybody's breakfast and they all began to at except for Quatre who was listlessly poking at his omelette with his fork.

"Eat, little one," ordered Trowa firmly but gently. "Or else you'll get sick and I don't want you to get sick."

Quatre sighed and forked some omelette into him mouth; Trowa urging him to eat more by his side.

Duo watched Trowa. 'Poor ol' Tro," he thought sympathetically.

Trowa looked sort of tired to the American and it wsa no wonder, sonce he had to wake up to his lover's screams in the middle of the night and watch over him until daylight came for more than a week all ready. Duo was sorry for the tall boy - here he was, lacking sleep but having to tae care of Quatre who was acting like a crabby little brat. At least Trowa wasn't suffering from fatigue since he took a couple of short naps in the afternoons - that meant one less person who was crabby since Wufei and Heero could also be considered as crabby.

Duo knew that the reason the blonde was acting like a cranky old grandfather was becasue he was probably too tired. They had tried giving Qautre sedatives so that he would have a goor rest in the day but it was no use. It seemed that he would have a nightmare everytime he slept and would wake up screaming.

"Trowa? Can I rest in your arms?" Quatre asked suddenly in a lost little boy's voice, his cerulean eyes large and shining with childish innocence. Duo felt his heart melt at the sight.

"Of course, little one, of course," murmured Trowa. "But let us go sit somewhere more comfortable," he said and carried the blonde gently in his arms and brought him over into the den and sat on a huge, comfy tan leather two-seater.

Quatre snuggled closer into Trowa's chest and Trowa miled, thinking how adorable his love looked. It reminded him of a cuddly, little golden kitten.

"Trowa, will you always be alive?" asked the blonde hesitantly, breaking the silence. Trowa was surprised by the question.

"I suppose as living beings, we all must die some day," he said slowly and carefully. "But I promise you that I will not die as long as you're still alive," Trowa vowed.

"As long as the stars burn in the sky?" asked Quatre with big eyes.

"Yes, as long as the stars burn in the sky."

"Ai shiteru, Tro-chan," said Quatre in his little boy's voice as he brushed his lips softly against the taller boy's.

"Ai shiteru, Quatre," whispered Trowa as Quare slept, snuggled in his arms with a satisfied smile on his face.


"I really think we should bring him to see a psychiatrist," said Wufei firmly. "The facter he gets help, the faster he'll return to his normal state."

"But you heard what he said, Wu," argued Duo. "He does NOT want to see some stupid shrink."

"Demo.. I hate seng him the way he is right now," said Wufei with a frown. "He seems weak and all the emotional stress isn't good for his well being."

"I know.." said Duo as he bit his lip. "But how else could we help him then?"

"Give him some drugs so that he could dream of happy things instead," said Heero, deadpan.

"This is no time for jokes, Yuy!" snapped Wufei.

"I wasn't joking."

"Joking or no, I am NOT using any drug on Quatre," Duo declared. "I don not want him to end up being worse than he all ready is and I don't want him to end up being a drug addict." The braided boy shuddered. "I've seen the drug addicts in the dark alleys on L2 and I don't want Quatre to end up looking like them."

"The thing is, what Quatre needs is plenty of rest," said Wufei. "But how can he ever get any rest when he keeps getting nightmare whenever he tries to have some shuteye?"

"Hypnosis," Heero said suddenly.

"What?" asked Duo, not believing his ears.

"I said hypnosis," Heero repeated. "We get Quatre to see some hypnotist who can hypnotize him into sleeping without having any nightmare.s We could even ask the hypnotist to make Quatre forget about any of the nightmares he ever had."

"Brilliant. You're a genius, Heero Yuy," said Duo, hugging the stoic, spandex-clad boy. "They sure don't call you the 'Perfect Soldier' for nothing!"

"But where are we supposed to find a hypnotist?" asked Wufei. "And if we were to find a profesional, it's gonna cost us a lot of money. Money we don't have."

"Ah, that's not a problem," said Duo dismissively. "A professionally famous hypnotist would be easy to find - we can contact some shrinks and find out. As for the money part, that's all too easy. We can use the Winners' dough - it's not gonna make even a small dent in their savings, or Heero could hack into the banks' files and transfer loads of money into our accounts so we could withdraw the money to pay the hyptonist or else, we could just rob a bank."

"I think I'll leave the bank robbing part to you," said Wufei dryly.


Duo walked into the den where he knew Trowa and Quatre would be. He wanted to tell the unibanged boy what he and the others had thought of.

He stopped short when he saw the blonde snuggled in Trowa's arms looking very much like a sleeping angel while Trowa slept with Quatre's head tucked under his chin. They made a charming sight, sleeping in each others arms and Duo almost wished he had a camera with him.

'Trowa must be really tired,' he thought and smiled when he saw the soft smile gracing Quatre's lips. 'God, he looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I hope that he son't be having any more of his nightmares this time.'

As if noticing Duo's presence, the unibanged boy stirred, his eyelids snapped open, revealing unfathomable emerald orbs. "Duo," Trowa stated simply.

Seeing that Trowa was wide awake all ready, Duo told Trowa about the discussion he had with Heero and Wufei.

"I guess.. it ouldn't hurt to try, that is if Quatre agrees to it," said Trowa finally. "I'd ask him now but as you can see, he's still sleeping and I don't want to wake him up."

"No, just let him sleep. And I think you should get some sleep yourself, Tro. You definately need it," said Duo. "In the meantime, me and the guys will try and search for a great hypnotist and maybe I'll go and rob a bank to get money for the payment."

"That would be wonderful, Duo. Thanks," said Trowa gratefully as he fell back into a slumber.

"Geez. He didn't even notice that I made a joke," muttered Duo to himself as he left the sleeping pair.

After a few hours, prior to lunchtime, Quatre stirred awake. Trowa also awake when he felt the blonde stirring in his arms. "You're awake," he said.

"Ah, gomen. I didn't mean to wake you up," said the blonde apologetically.

"It's OK. It's about time we had lunch anyway. That is, if the others did make lunch," said the unibanged boy wryly as he let out a big yawn. "Wait, you were able to wake up without screaming! Does that mean that finally you'll stop having nightmares?"

"I hope so.. It's a good thing I didn't get any nightmares this time but I had this strange dream," said the blonde as his brow creased, as he struggled to remember his odd dream. "The dream I had.. it seemed to be like a parody of the nightmares I've been having lately."

"Is that good or bad?"

"Good I guess because this time my dream wasn't scary at all," said Quatre with a smile. "Maybe I'm finally rid of my nightmares! I hope so. I wouldn't want to think that I was jinxed or anything."

"I hope you won't get angry with me and the others but.." the tall boy hesitated. "We thought that it might be better for you to see a hypnotist so you can get rid of your nightmares. But since you didn't have one just now, maybe you can see the hypnotist so that you won't have the same nightmare anymore."

"I guess I could give it a try. After all, I'm not too keen on having my beauty sleep cut short, ne?" the blonde joked with a wink and Trowa smiled in relief. "Well, I guess a hypnotist is much better than a psychiatrist cos the psychiatrist would probably treat me like a lunatic!"

"You guys are finally awake," came Heero's voice. The normally blank-faced boy had a very weary look and his green tanktop and face was smeared with red stuff. "We were trying to cook some spaghetti but I think we left the sauce on the stove too long and now the sauce is all over the place."

"See, this is what happens when you don't leave the cooking to the chefs!" said Quatre perkily and he skipped past Heero towards the kitchen, looking happier than he had been in ages.

"He didn't have a nightmare?" Heero asked Trowa in a conspiratory whisper.

"Not this time, but he agreed to see the hypnotist," said Trowa.

"Good. Duo found this hypnotist from this famous psychiatrist and Quatre has an appointment with her later this afternoon," said Heero. "Hopefully, things would be back to normal after he has met her."

"Yeah, I hope so, too."


"Q-man! You're awake!" exclaimed Duo happily. "Good. Now finally we have somebody to save us from dying in here."

"What did you do?" gasped Quatre as he surveyed the kitchen. It looked like a disaster area. Broken strands of uncooked spaghetti littered the floor and sticky, over-cooked spaghetti stuck like glue onto the kitchen counter. And worst of all, the stove and most of the floor had spaghetti sauce spilt all over them.

"It was Maxwell's fault," accused Wufei. "He and his stupid imaginings of being the world's greatest chef is what caused all this mess."

"Hey, stop putting all the blame on me!" shot back Duo. "You're the one who suggested cooking the sauce using the strongest heat and see what happens? The sauce bubbled like a couldron and it bubbled and now it's all over the place!"

"But I'm not the one who cooked the french bread till it got to be as charred as charcoal!"

"That wasn't me! It was Heero!"

"OK, then we place all the blame on Yuy since he's not here," said Wufei.

"Actually, it was none of my fault," came Heero's voice from the kitchen doorway. "If the both of you had listened to me, none of this would happen."

Laughing, Quatre shooed the three arguing boys to get cleaned up while he and Trowa took over cleaning the kitchen and cooking the lunch.

"So, does Q know that he has an appointment with Madame Serena in the afternoon?" Duo asked Heero once they climbed up the stairs and where the other two were out of ear-shot.

"Not yet but he agreed that he'll see her," answered Heero.

"Man, it's been a long time since I saw Quatre smiling and laughing," said Duo wistfully. "I hope that that Madame Serena lady can cure him from having anymore nightmares."

"A nightmare is only a nightmare," grumbled Wufei. "Why does Quatre have to be so afraid of it anyway? It's not going to do anything to him."

"Yeah, but you know how sensitive he is," said Duo. "I bet his dream must be about something really violent and gruesome and of course we all know how he hates all those bloody stuff."

"But a nightmare wouldn't be a nightmare without all those elements," pointed out Heero. "Sometimes I can't believe Quatre. He won't go to sleep for three days after watching a horror movie. Remember last time when we watched Halloween H20? He was afraid to go to sleep for a week."

"Maybe we should have a horror movie marathon one day," said the braided boy with a laugh. "Maybe then Quatre would get used to all the scary stuff and not be such a scaredy-cat anymore."

"That's a great idea Maxwell. We'll be able to witness you peeing in your pants then," said Wufei with a smirk.

"I do NOT pee in my pants," retorted Duo and the two boys bickered like they usually did while Heero just shook his head in defeat.

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