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Quatre woke that morning early as usual, but this morning was different, he woke to the screaming of Duo, Trowa,and, Heero…. Quatre’s eyes popped open as he heard them all yelling at each other down stairs,


"Come on Trowa, I NEVER GET TO HELP!"

"That’s because you always find a way to mess it up."

"HEERO! PISS OFF!…… TROWA! LET ME HELP!!" Duo whined and whined until Trowa finally gave in,

"FINE! Here you can mix, but that’s all your going to do." Trowa said as he passed the bowl to Duo,

"Yum…. Can I test it too….." Duo said as his mouth watered looking at the cake mix,

"Vanilla, my favorite……"

"Everything is your favorite as long as it’s food." Wufei commented as he came down stair’s,

"One more thing….. Quatre’s up."

"Oh.. no, we have to hide this stuff, someone go and keep him company, now!" Trowa said as he tried to quickly finish the cake.

Duo looked over at Heero and grip the bowl as Heero tried to remove it from his hand’s,

"HEERO! LET GO! I’M NOT LEAVING THIS CAKE!!!……." Duo’s screaming was cut short as Heero whipped the bowl out of Duo’s hands and pushed Duo toward the stairs,

"Get going baka… if anyone can keep someone occupied for a long time…. It’s you with all your stupid ranting and senseless babble…." Heero said as he finished string the cake mixture.

Duo hang his head and slowly walked up stairs, he walked into Quatre’s room and plopped on the bed,

"Hey Q-man, you up for the day? Boy you slept like a log last night, I have never known you to sleep this late before…."

"Well I kinda had something to do last."

"Well in any case….. HAPPY BRITHDAY!" Duo said as he grabbed the little blonde and gave him a huge hug.

Quatre closed his eyes as Duo hugged him and thought,

(" Oh…. Duo if only I could tell you how I feel……")

Duo was also thinking as he hugged Quatre,

(" Why did I have to leave the cake…… god what am I saying! Here I have the most beautiful and angelic boy in this house in my arm’s and all I think of IS CAKE!……") Duo’s thought was cut short when he realized he was holding Quatre alittle longer then usual…..

"Thank, you Duo….."

"What’s wrong, Quatre, are you not happy that it is your birthday?" Duo asked with concern on his face,

"Oh…. Its nothing….. I’m just kinda spacing out, I should have got more sleep last night, that’s all….. and what about you? What were you screaming about today?"

"Well for some odd reason I felt like helping with breakfast this morning, and Trowa wouldn’t let me help…." Duo whined. Suddenly Duo thought of something that he forgot to do,

"Oh my….. Please excuse me Quatre there is something that I forgot to finish…… oh you should go back to sleep, you know you don’t look so well…. And you should be all rested up for tonight….." Duo called as he strolled down the hall.

Quatre smiled and thought about what exactly Duo meant,

("Quit smiling, don’t think he meant it that way, and besides I don’t think he would ever like me that way, he thinks of me only like a little brother, not a lover…..") Quatre thought as he sighed and figured that he was pretty tired, and fell back asleep.

Duo came bouncing down stairs as usual,

"Now where is that cake batter…" Duo said as he smiled and headed for the bowl,


"Shut up BAKA!" Heero called as he threw a spoon at Duo that had just enough of the batter on it, to get a taste,

"Well gee… THANKS!" Duo pouted as he licked the spoon,

Trowa spun around and looked at Duo,

"What about Quatre! Is he coming down?"

"No don’t worry, I told him to go back to sleep, and he usually listens to me, so don’t worry about it…" Duo said as he waved his hand, like he is all high and mighty.

Duo then remembered what he came down stairs for in the first place,

"Trowa, Trowa." Duo said as he hopped up and down

"Help me please, I wanted to make a birthday breakfast for Quatre….. but I don’t know how to cook very well….."

"Don’t worry, Duo I’ll help you….. or rather make it for you…."

"No, no it’s special so I want to help, too"

" Of course, what you can do is……


A while later Trowa, with the help of Duo, had a very nice breakfast made, there was two blueberry pancakes, with whipped cream and extra blueberries on top, a couple of eggs, some bacon and orange juice and Quatre’s favorite strawberry tea.

"Thank you Trowa….. it looks great….now I know I shouldn’t wake him, but cold breakfast’s are never nice." Duo said picking up the tray and a card and headed up stairs.

"Quatre…… Quatre….." Duo called softly as he walked into Quatre’s room, he saw a lump on the bed, but didn’t realize that Quatre wasn’t in bed anymore. Then heard something and when he looked over he saw Quatre standing by his closet looking for something to wear in nothing but a towel, Duo lingered on Quatre’s body for a while until Quatre noticed Duo and turned around, as Duo quickly covered his eyes and stumbled on his word’s,

"Qua…… Quatre…… I’m…… I’m…… so……. S……. sorry!"

"DUO! KNOCK THE NEXT TIME YOU COME IN!" Quatre yelled as his face turned a very bright shade of red,

"Well since your in here you had might as well stay…… what’s that?" Quatre asked looking at the tray that Duo was holding,

"Oh…. This….. I made this for you…… well with the help of Trowa of course…. It’s your birthday breakfast……." Duo said with his eyes closed and waving around the tray looking blindly for Quatre,

"Duo…. That’s so sweet….. Thank you…… Oh you can open your eyes now.."

Duo popped open his eyes and found the dressed Quatre, of course wearing the same old vest and dress shirt and dress pants.

"Happy birthday again, Quatre…. It was going to be a breakfast in bed, but since your up.."

"No, no that’s fine…" Quatre said as he jumped back into bed,

"Here…" Quatre held out his hands waiting for his breakfast.

Duo smiled and handed the tray to Quatre who was in his bed all covered up, looking adorable as usual,

"Here you are, Mr. Winner…." Duo teased as he put the tray into Quatre’s lap,

"Thank you Mr. Maxwell" Quatre replied as a big smile formed on his face.

Duo sat on the end of the bed waiting for Quatre response to the food,

"Duo this is great, thank you again!" Quatre said as he ate.

Duo sat back and smiled, he then got up waved to Quatre and headed for his room.

Duo closed the door and slammed his body against it,

"Why can’t I tell him how I feel, every time I get around him, I go to say it, then…. It doesn’t come out…… am I really that frightened to tell him?" Duo said to himself brushing the sweat from his face.

Duo then flopped onto his bed, Duo felt as if he were going to explode if he did express his feeling’s soon….

Duo sat up and looked at his door,

"Now…. No….. yes….. no….. OH I DON’T KNOW!!!" Duo screamed as the image of Quatre flew in his mind,

"Duo? Are you ok?" Quatre asked popping his head into Duo’s room,

"Oh….. Quatre….. oh….. it’s nothing…."

Quatre saw the look on Duo’s face and knew that wasn’t a Duo face,

"Duo what’s wrong….. I can tell something is bothering you….. please tell me….." Quatre asked sitting on the edge of Duo’s bed,

"Quatre……" Duo couldn’t say the word’s.


Just then Duo felt the need…. He had to do it….. he looked at Quatre for a moment then grabbed Quatre’s shirt and pulled Quatre toward him, Quatre’s eyes widened as Duo’s lips pressed against his. A few seconds later, Quatre felt something warm and wet slid into his mouth, to Duo’s surprise Quatre allowed his tounge to wrap with Duo’s. Quatre grabbed Duo’s waist and pulled Duo toward him, Duo slid across the bed, not breaking the kiss and threw his arms around Quatre’s neck.

They kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, finally Duo broke the kiss and sat back and looked at Quatre,

"You….. you like me?…. Or am I dreaming…. Please tell me….." Duo said in shock, waiting for the answer,

"Duo….. your not dreaming….. and yes I like you…… as a matter of fact……. I love you……" Quatre replied as his face went red, and looked away.

Duo grabbed Quatre’s chin and pulled Quatre’s face to his face,

"I love you too, Quatre…."

Quatre’s eyes grew wide in happiness as he threw himself into Duo’s arms.

Duo couldn’t have been happier at the moment, then he remembered that he still had at least four hour’s before Quatre’s party started, he looked down at the sweet blonde and then started to rub Quatre’s ass,

"Duo….. what are you doing?"

Duo didn’t say a word, he then proceeded to slip his hand between Quatre’s legs, Quatre gasped as he felt Duo’s hand rub his little spot, Quatre moaned lightly as Duo caressed him, Duo then rolled Quatre over and nipped at his neck. Quatre moaned in delight, as Duo unbuttoned Quatre’s shirt, Duo made it through the first three button’s then grabbed the shirt and ripped it from Quatre, Duo finished with Quatre’s clothes leaving Quatre only in his boxers,

"Mmmm…. Quatre you are so beautiful……" Duo said rubbing Quatre’s growing erection, Quatre’s small voice purred as Duo lightly kissed his way up Quatre’s soft stomach.

Quatre threw his arm’s around Duo’s neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, Duo moaned into Quatre’s mouth as Quatre kissed him like he was never going to be kissed again, as Quatre kissed Duo he worked on Duo’s shirt, he broke the kiss long enough to get it over Duo’s head and threw it to the floor. Quatre threw Duo to his back and ripped off his belt and tore off Duo’s pant’s.

Duo grabbed Quatre’s bower’s and ripped those off,

"Quatre…… have you ever….."

"No…. Duo I haven’t"

"Do you….."

"Yes Duo…… I want you inside me so badly it hurt’s……" Quatre muttered, feeling all his pleasure explode inside him, he wanted Duo….. now.

Quatre stripped Duo of his boxers and rubbed Duo’s large erection,

"UH!…… Q……..QUATRE!……. FASTER!" Duo cried as Quatre pumped him faster.

Duo tensed up and came on Quatre’s hand, Duo then rubbed his come down his length and pulled Quatre’s legs up until they were sitting on Duo’s shoulder’s, Duo looked down at Quatre as he slowly slid his erection into Quatre’s small opening,

"Uh!….. Duo!….. It hurt’s….."

Duo stopped and looked at Quatre again,

"Do what me to stop?"

"No…… please don’t…… I just need…… to get use to it…… that’s all…… please don’t stop now….." Quatre replied with pain written on his face,

"Quatre, bit down and hold your breath….. ok?"

Quatre did so, Duo then with one soft yet fast thrust, made his way into Quatre, Quatre moaned loudly as Duo felt Duo enter him.

Duo proceeded to give Quatre slow and steady thrusts, Quatre moaned and Duo could feel Quatre’s leg muscle’s tense on his shoulders as he thrusted.

Quatre threw his head back and cried Duo’s name as he dug his nail’s into Duo’s arm’s,


Duo wasn’t quite sure at first, but saw Quatre’s expression turn from pain to pure bliss, Duo leaned down and kissed Quatre passionately as he thrusted deeper into Quatre, Duo held the back of Quatre’s head to keep him from pulling back.

Quatre arched his back and moaned loudly into Duo’s mouth, Duo broke the kiss and lifted Quatre a bit so he wasn’t touching the bed.

Quatre, who’s legs still rested on Duo’s shoulder’s, threw back his head,

"Duo…… I’m close!…….. UH! DUO!……. PLEASE FASTER!….." Quatre cried as sweat poured from his body.

Duo was now also as sweaty as Quatre and was nearing his orgasim,

"UH…… OH GOD QUATRE!!….." Duo cried as he thrusted into Quatre faster.

Quatre suddenly felt a rushing please shoot through out his entire body, Quatre gripped Duo’s shoulder’s tightly as the orgasim took his body.


Wufei, and Trowa had been walking down the hall to Quatre’s room, when they heard Quatre scream, they looked back and noticed that it was coming from Duo’s room, Trowa lifted his eye brow and figured that they were play fighting as usual,

"Well their in Duo’s room, let’s go get Quatre and tell Duo to stop with his play fighting for at least today…" Trowa said walking towards Duo’s door.

Wufei opened the door, and what shall fall on his eyes……

Was Duo holding Quatre on his lap while roughly thrusting into Quatre, and Quatre’s nail’s drawing blood from Duo’s shoulder’s, his leg’s on Duo’s shoulder’s as he was coming on Duo’s neck and chin.

Wufei, poor Wufei’s nose gushed with blood as he ran for the bathroom.

Trowa stunned and bothered by what he had saw, closed the door and headed down stair’s, where he found Heero at his laptop,

"Where’s Quatre? What he doesn’t want to have his birthday now!?"

Trowa turned around and saw Heero talking but still banging away at his computer and walked toward him,

"Trowa? Did you hear……"

Heero’s question was cut off with a kissed.

Heero tried to get Trowa off of him but the harder he tried the tighter Trowa held him, Heero then felt Trowa’s tounge enter his mouth, he struggled again but it was no use.

(WAIT!!!!…. I think I’m enjoying THIS!…") Heero then wrapped his arms around Trowa’s neck and deepened the kiss.


Duo tensed up as his orgasim took him over,

"Q……Q…..QUATRE!!!!" Duo screamed as he came into his little lover.

Quatre fell back to the bed trying to catch his breath, Duo breathed heavy as he pulled out of Quatre and crawled onto Quatre’s chest.

They laid there for fifteen minutes before they could talk again,

"Duo?….. How long have you liked me?" Quatre asked as he played with Duo’s messy hair,

"From the very first time I laid eyes on you…." Duo said as he held Quatre tight, no ever wanting to let go now that he has him,

Duo had never been so happy before, he closed his eyes and listened to Quatre breath, just then they heard some loud banging in the hall,

"What the hell is that?" Duo said as he got up and threw on his pants.

Duo rushed to the door and looked down the hall…. But didn’t see anything, he looked back at Quatre who was also getting dressed and shrugged his shoulder’s.

Quatre looked out the door as Duo sat down on the bed and saw Trowa and Heero slamming into the walls kissing each other heading into Trowa’s bedroom,

"Duo, Duo, come here quick!"

Duo rushed to the door and saw this,

"WOW!…… Trowa sure can kiss!……. GO GET’EM HEERO!!!" Duo called down the hall as Heero closed Trowa’s door.

"Well looks like someone’s going to have some fun." Duo said as he closed his door.

Quatre walked up to Duo and whispered into his ear,

"We already had our fun…. Remember?…."

Duo smiled as Quatre hugged him,


"Duo what’s wrong?" Quatre asked with a concerned look,

Duo smiled and pointed to his shoulder’s,

"OH…. GOD Duo I’m so sorry." Quatre said as his face turned red, the marks on Duo’s shoulder were still bleeding a bit,

"That fine Quatre…. Remember it was your first time…" Duo said as his face also went red, Duo hugged Quatre and slowly moved his hand’s down Quatre’s back until they reached Quatre’s ass,

"Itai, Duo, becareful……. My bottom hurt’s…..

"I’m sorry Quatre." Duo said as he picked Quatre up and put him on the bed, Duo then rolled Quatre to his side and softly rubbed Quatre’s sore bottom,

"Feel better?"

"Thank you Duo."

They laid together on Duo’s bed for a good hour before Quatre got up,

"Well it is my birthday, I think we should go out and do something….. but first I really need a shower." Quatre said as he kissed Duo before leaving.

Duo waited for a while then heard the shower turn on, Duo walked toward the bathroom in Quatre’s room, he looked around, then look into the bathroom and saw Quatre in the shower,

"Aw, ha!" Duo said quietly as he slipped out of his clothes, Duo then slipped into the shower with Quatre,

"DUO!…. you scared me half to death!….. wait, what are you doing in here!?"

Duo smiled and wrapped his arms around Quatre’s waist,

"Takin’ a shower with you, why?"

Quatre just smiled and kiss Duo, Duo then ran his hands down Quatre’s wet back and over his ass,

"Duo!…. in the shower?" Quatre said as he blushed.

Duo then licked his lips and stuck his finger’s between Quatre’s ass cheeks,

"Duo……" Quatre said, he was feeling naughty, not like himself at all, Duo then gently pushed Quatre up against the wall, and slowly enter Quatre,

"Uh….. Duo….." Quatre mutter as Duo began his deep thrusts.

Duo was much better and faster this time as he hit Quatre’s special spot and made the angelic boy quiver with pleasure, Quatre reached his orgaism quicker this time and came on the shower wall, Duo also reached his climax and came into Quatre.

Duo slowly pulled from Quatre and kissed Quatre’s back and kissed very bare spot he could find on Quatre’s body, Quatre feeling overwhelmed with pleasure sank to the bottom of the tub, Duo then sat with him and washed his angel.

After Duo and Quatre finished their "shower" Duo wrapped Quatre up in a house coat and plopped him on the bed, Duo’s hair was wet and dripped as he walked to Quatre’s closet in a towel,

"Mmmm, let’s see, what should I put on you?"

"How about the usual?" Quatre said crawling up on the bed,

"Well it’s you birthday, why don’t we try something different today….." Duo scanned Quatre’s closet and found a out fit, a tight black t-shirt (silky), with tight but not too tight black jeans, and a nice silky black vest.

Duo pick out the out fit, some underwear, and sock’s and plopped them on the bed,

"Ok, take off your rob and let me change you."

"Duo, I can change myself, you know."

"Yeah, but I wanna."

A couple of minutes later, Duo got Quatre dressed,

"Duo, what is this?" Quatre said looking in his full body mirror,

"What you don’t like it? I thing you look so sexy in that." Duo said as he kissed the back of Quatre’s neck,

"I do?" Quatre asked as he blushed.

"Very." Duo said as he picked Quatre up and gently bit his neck.




"Quatre…. I wanna….."

"Later, I promise."

"O..K…" Duo pouted as he placed Quatre back down,

"Well let’s go do something it is my birthday after all….."

"WAIT!!" Duo said as he ran out of Quatre’s room,


"OK!.." Quatre called back as he looked at his out fit again.


Duo rushed down stair’s (yes still in his towel) and looked for everyone, but found, no one.

Duo ran up stairs and crashed into Trowa’s room, to find Heero and Trowa lying on the bed recovering,


"Yeah, Yeah we remember…. Give us a minute to get dressed." Heero said as he sat up,

"Oh…. Duo, I think that Quatre got an early birthday present from you anyway’s …… didn’t he." Trowa said as he smirked,

"SHUT UP!" Duo said as he turned bright red and ran down the hall.

Duo then flung Wufei’s door open and told him to ‘get his ass down stairs’ Wufei looked at Duo, who was only in a towel, and his hair half dry and loose, Wufei pinched his nose and told Duo to ‘piss off he’ll be down in a minute’.

After Duo rounded everyone up down stair’s he and Trowa rushed to get the party ready and the fact that the guest’s would be there any minute,



"Why don’t you go comb your hair and get some clothes on?…." Heero said pointing to Duo’s towel,

"Yeah….. I forgot." And with that Duo bounded up stairs and flew into his room.


Quatre played with the end of the vest, bored of waiting for Duo.

Then there was a knock at his door,

"Come in.."

Quatre looked over at the door to see who it was, than Duo walked in, he had done his hair in his usual braid, but Quatre noticed the clothing, Duo was wearing a tight white long sleeved shirt, with a black dress blazer and black dress pants,

"How do I look?" Duo asked as he walked over to Quatre,

"Stunning.." Quatre replied as Duo held him,

"Well shall we?" Duo said as he held out his hand to Quatre,

"Ok…" Quatre said grabbing Duo’s hand.

Duo looked at Quatre and smiled,

"Wo ai ni, Quatre…"

"I love you too, Duo."

Duo then grabbed the little blonde and passionately kissed him, as they kissed Duo ran his finger’s through Quatre’s soft hair, and he held Quatre in a way that made Quatre know how much he really loved the little.

Duo then broke the kiss and looked deep into Quatre’s blue eyes,

"Happy birthday, Quatre, do you like your gift? I’m all I can offer you and my undying love for you, I hope you will accept it for the rest of our lives?"

"Of course I’ll take you and love you forever!" Quatre said as he threw his arms around Duo and held him tight.


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