"Happy birthday,Quatre!" cheered Duo. "You're a hundred years old today!"

Quatre grinned and playfully shoved Duo. "I am not," he retorted. It was Quatre's birthday and the Gundam pilots were celebrating it at one of Quatre's many mansions in the countryside.

After eating their dinner - a really huge birthday cake and all the food, Quatre decided to open his birthday presents. There were thirty-three presents - twenty-nine from his sisters and four from his fellow pilots.

"Hurry up and open them all ready!" said Duo impatiently. "Why don't you help me open them, then?" suggested Quatre with a sunny smile on his angelic face. Duo was about to tear open one of the presents when Heero yanked his braid hard. "Baka! It's Quatre's birthday!" scolded Heero. "He can open his own presents."

Duo made a face at Heero and recieved a whack on his head from the other boy.

Soon, the place was filled with empty boxes and wrinkled wrapping paper. Not to mention the presents Quatre recieved from his sisters. Quatre's sisters had given him branded clothes, branded shoes, branded accessories - all the branded stuff and a gold watch or two. There was a mountain load of expensive stuff and Duo juststared at it with his mouth hanging open in awe.

"Your mouth...," muttered Wufei.

"Huh? What?" asked Duo, eyes still glued to all the stuff.

"Your mouth was hanging open."

Duo blushed a very bright red.

"You guys can have them if you want," offered Quatre generously, gesturing towards the presents his sisters had given him. "I don't really need them. I have tonnes of these stuff at home."

"Hontou?" asked Duo, his eyes shining. "You're a great pal, Quatre! Sugoi! Can I have all of it then?" The others sweatdropped as Duo rummaged around in the pile for the things he wanted.

"Why don't you open the gifts we gave you, next?" suggested Trowa. Quatre nodded happily at the boy with the unibangs. Trowa passed him a a big box wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper that has cartoon reindeers all over it. There was also a tag on it.

"It's from Duo," announced Quatre as he read the tag.

"Open it!" urged Duo.

"Baka. Christmas was over months ago, remember?" said Wufei.

Duo sweatdropped. "But it's the thought that counts, right?" he argued. Then he began pestering Quatre into opening the box quickly but it took some time because underneath the Christmas wrapping paper, Duo had wrapped the box with layers and layers of newspaper.

"Open it open it open it open it!" chanted Duo gleefully. Because he was making too much noise, Wufei and Heero sat on him to shut him up.

At last, Quatre had torn away the last layer of newspaper. He quickly opened the box lid and pulled out his gift. A pink T-shirt with the words 'Quatre Loves Trowa' printed on the front with small little red hearts all over it.

"Um, arigatou Duo," said Quatre, blushing. "Oooh, Quatre's blushing!" teased Duo. "Kawaii!" Trowa was blushing, too. "Ooooh, Trowa's blushing, too!" teased Duo.

"Wear the shirt!" ordered Duo. "Wear it wear it wear it wear it - umph!" Because he was being too noisy again, Heero and Wufei covered his mouth with a pillow.

The next present was from Wufei. Quatre opened the box. It was quite a big box. Inside were about a dozen cans of metal polish.

"Um, thanks Wufei," said Quatre uncertainly.

"What's the purpose of giving someone a box of metal polish as a birthday present?" asked Heero.

"The polish is for making your Gundam look nice and sparkly," explained Wufei."Do you know that I wake up early every morning to polish Nataku till she gleams? WE must take good care of our Gundams and make sure that our Gundams is in perfect condition on the inside as well as the outside if not - umph!"

Heero decided that Wufei was blabbing too much and pushed Wufei off Duo's back. Wufei was sprawled on the floor and next, Heero sat on him.

"Oi, Yuy! Get off of me this instant!" shouted Wufei. "Not until you quit your babbling!" said Heero. Wufei sulked and said nothing. Heero then got off of him.

"Wahahaha!" laughed Duo. "Wufei got sat on by Heero!"

Seeing that Duo was being noisy again, Heero punched Duo on the nose. "Oww!" yelped Duo. "My poor nose..." Then he brightened a bit. "At least it's not my hair."

Quatre reached for the next box.

"Is that from Trowa?" asked Duo slyly.

Quatre smiled and shook his head. "No. I'm saving the best for last." Then he smiled at Trowa who was sitting beside him and Trowa blushed.

Quatre jiggled the box he was holding. "This one's from Heero!" he exclaimed. "I wonder what's inside."

He carefully tore away the wrapping paper. Then he opened the box. "Ooh, Heero! Arigatou!" said Quatre happily. "I love it!" Quatre took out a cuddly, furry camel soft toy from the box.

Wufei, Trowa and Duo looked at Heero in shock. Duo's mouth was hanging open. "Nani?" asked Heero.

"You gave Quatre a soft toy?" asked Duo disbelievingly. "It's impossible! The Heero I know will never give anyone a soft toy."

Heero shrugged his shoulders. "Quatre deserves to have a nice present," said Heero. "He's nice to everybody, not like somebody I know."

"Hey! You're talking about me right?" said Duo indignantly.

"Why don't you open my present?" asked Trowa and handed Quatre a small box. Quatre gladly accepted it. He carefully peeled away the wrapping paper and revealed a velvet lined jewel box.

"Oooh, can it be a wedding ring?" teased Duo.

Trowa and Quatre blushed again for the second or third time that night. Slowly, Quatre opened the box. In it was a blue stone pendant, the colour of Quatre's eyes, hanging on a silver chain.

"Oh, Trowa," murmured Quatre. "It's very beautiful. Arigatou!"

"Glad you like it," said Trowa and he smiled. "Wear it always and may it bring you good luck."

"Kinda like a lucky charm, ne?" said Quatre. "I love it!" Then he hugged Trowa.

"I want one, too!" pouted Duo. "Please get one for me, Heero!"

"If you want one, go and buy it yourself!" said Heero.

"Hidoi!" said Duo. "Hey, Quatre. Can I have it?"

"No way!" grinned Quatre. "I'm keeping this one!!!"

Quatre looked all around him. "I guess that's the last one." And he started to pick up all the empty boxes and the wrapping paper.

"Chotto matte!" said Wufei suddenly. "Here's another unopened present." Wufei passed a medium sized box to Quatre. It was wrapped in a pink flowered wrapping paper.

"Oh, this is from one of my sisters," exclaimed Quatre. "Let me read this card first."

After Quatre read the card quietly, he blushed bright red.

Duo snatched the card from him. "I wanna see!" he said. "It says here, 'Happy birthday to my dear Quatre. You're sixteen years old today but in my heart you will always be my baby brother who used to play picnic with me. I hope you like the present! From your sister.'"

Beneath the words was a picture of a young Quatre wearing a pink frilly dress with ribbons in his hair playing picnic with his sister. Quatre looked like a girl in the dress.

The others laughed when they saw the picture. "Wahahaha!" laughed Duo. "You really look like a girl!"

Quatre blushed. "I think he looks pretty cute," commented Trowa and Quatre blushed even more!

After the laughter had died, Quatre opened the box. He sweatdropped. His sister had given him a Barbie doll for his birthday. In the box was a message from his sister. "This doll is to remind you of the times we spent together playing with Barbie dolls. But the main objective is to let your friends know that you used to play with Barbie dolls!"

"Your sister sure has a wacky sense of humour," commented Wufei.

"Yeah. She likes to play pranks on me," said Quatre dryly. Then he turned to Duo and said, "If you want this, I'll gladly give it to you."

Duo grinned. "No thanks," he said. "I think it's better if you kept it - to remind you of your childhood days!"

After that, they all cleaned up the place and then it was time for bed. Quatre brought all his stuff to his room. He was too tired he didn't even bother to change into his pyjamas. He flopped onto his bed and fell asleep, a small smile on his face as he held the camel soft toy and the Barbie doll in his arms.

Well? What do you think about this fic? Lame, huh. Actually, I thought about making this into a horror fic where the Barbie was cursed and wanted to kill it's owner. What do you think? Do you think I should continue this fic? Click here to tell me what you think.

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