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Quatre went into his first class, feeling like a zombie - completely lifeless-like and devoid of emotion. The truth was, he felt like he was going to breakdown and just cry and cry till no more tears were left to be cried out. He felt so frustrated with the string of bad events that were befalling him. What had he done to deserve such bad luck? He just didn't understand that.

Maybe he was jinxed. Maybe he was cursed. Maybe he had done something in his past life, if he had one that is. Maybe God hated him. Maybe, maybe, maybe. A million maybes weren't going to get him anywhere and he knew that.

He walked towards his seat next to Kayla and sat down stiffly, his bottom still sore. Amy and Cherie were sitting in front of him and Kayla and they were talking to Kayla.

"Katrina! Is something wrong with you?" asked Amy, the girl with the blonde bob. "You look awful!"

"Amy!!" hissed Cherie who was sitting beside her as she jabbed her friend in the ribs.

"Oops, sorry about that," said Amy sheepishly. "I never think first before I speak."

"You do look kinda, uh, sick," commented Kayla. "Well, more like pained actually."

Quatre just gave them a weak smile. "I've got some uh, stomach cramps. That's all."

"I understand stomache cramps," said Kayla sympathizingly. "I always have them when I have my periods, too."

Morbidly, Quatre felt like he wanted to burst out laughing. He didn't have stupid stomache cramps and he was definately not having periods. If only the knew...

"Oh my god!" gasped Amy suddenly. "I think that Trowa guy is staring at you, Katrina! I think he likes you."

The three girls started tittering about how lucky Katrina was to be so pretty and that so many guys had crushes on her. And they talked about how great looking Trowa Barton was. Anyway, they just talked about what girls usually talked about and Quatre tuned those talks out as he craned his neck to see Trowa who was sitting way at the back with Adam.

He was rewarded with Trowa's lovely smile as their eyes met and a jovial little wave from Adam. Quatre smiled back at the two boys. Suddenly Quatre sensed somebody was staring at him and he saw Kevin sitting a few seats away from Trowa and Adam and Kevin was smirking at him evilly - it was sending shivers up and down his spine.

For the rest of the time spent in class, Quatre didn't dare to look at the back again.


Trowa was feeling a bit disturbed during classes. Something was not right with his Quatre and he was sure of it... only he couldn't quite place his finger on it. First, the blonde claimed to have a nightmare and didn't go for breakfast, claiming he had lack of appetite. Next, he seemed to be pretty jumpy. And now, he wasn't even sneaking glances at him like yesterday. In fact, he seemed scared when he had looked back at him once in class that morning.

'Why? What's wrong with him?' he wondered. 'Is something bothering him? If so, why won't he tell me? Or.. wait, maybe it's something that has got to do with me.' A million questions rang in his head and he came up with many reasons which somehow seemed too lame, even to himself.

Suddenly, the unibanged boy noticed that Adam was asking him a question and he snapped back to reality.

"Um? Can you please repeat what you said?" he asked sheepishly. "My mind sort of got busy a while there."

"Jeez, man! I swear you can be a major space-out. I wanted to tell you this bit of news I heard from eavesdropping on those idiots conversation," said Adam, his voice low and gesturing to the 'idiots' which were Kevin and his followers with his eyes. "I don't know if this is true or not but I heard Kevin bragging to his goons about how Katrina is his girl now. That jerk makes me sick with his supposedly cool and macho talk and I just can't make myself believe that Katrina would want to be his girlfriend. I hope it's not true because Katrina seems like a nice person and I wouldn't wish it on any girl to end up being that jerk's girlfriend."

"Of course Katrina wouldn't be that jerk's girlfriend," said Trowa confidently. "Why would somebody as refined and as pure as Katrina wiyld want to have anything to do with that low life scum?" 'Because Katrina - Quatre - is mine.' "I bet he's only making up stories to boost up his over-inflated ego."

"i guess you're right, Trowa," said Adam reluctantly. "Cos I think Katrina likes you and since you like her, too, it would be great if the both of you got together, right? Anyway, I feel a bit mad at you, man! You're the new guy here and not only you've managed to snag the attention of the girl of my dreams, you even managed to get yourself attention from other girls, too! It must have something to do with your weird bang. How long would it take for me to grow a bang as long as yours, I wonder? But I think I wouldn't be able to pull off the mysterious guy look like you cos I'm such a clown, you know and I think I wouldn't be able to see anything at all!"

Adam was rambling on and on about stuff just like Duo usually did and Trowa couldn't even manage to get a word in! It was just plain difficult to get a word edgewise when you were talking to or rather, when a motor-mouth was talking to you. In the end, Trowa just listened to Adam's amusing rants. At least it took his mind off some things or some people. Like somebody called Kevin Myers.


Classes came and went and all too soon it was time for lunch break. When the bell rang, the students filed out of class quickly, chatting and gossping as they went in the general direction of the dining hall.

Quatre was walking with Kayla, Amy and Cherie when he felt a tug at his sleeve. He turned around to come face to face with Kevin and he stiffened himself. The other girls stopped when they noticed that their friend was not following them.

"I have something to talk to you about, Katrina. Alone." said Kevin with a fake smile. He turned to the girls. "I hope you don't mind ladies. Why don't you all go first, Katrina will join you in a moment."

Amy and Cherie exchanged looks with knowing smiles that they would be able to get all the hot gossip from Katrina soon. Kayla was a bit hesitant. The truth was she didn't really like Kevin and didn't trust him at all from the stories she had heard about the boy. She had a feeling that Katrina wasn't comfortable with him, too, and she felt she shouldn't leave her friend all alone with him while everybody else was going to the dining hall.

"It's OK, Kayla," assured Quatre with a weak smile, sensing the girl's discomfort. "It'll only take a moment."

Taking her friend's word, Kayla allowed herself to be dragged away by her two other friends. But she occasionally threw a worried glance at her friend until they disappeard from her view.

"What do you want now?" asked Quatre, his voice slightly quivering. "Haven't you all ready done what you wanted? Haven't you caused enough damage?"

"What are you talking about? You shouldn't be accusing your boyfriend about things, my dear Katrina. I just wanted to ask my girl if she wanna have lunch with me," said Kevin with an arrogant smile. "That's all. You got anything against that?"

Quatre kept silent. He didn't want to spend lunch hour with that creep but he couldn't possibly say that, right? Like it or not, he was practically Kevin's slave all ready. There was no way out of this mess. No way out... everywhere was a dead end for him for as long as he stayed at this school.

Seeing that 'Katrina' was silent and taking that as a yes, Kevin proceeded to drag the blonde towards the dining hall. Quatre didn't even resist. He didn't even realize that he was being dragged towards the dining hall because his mind was too full of misreable thoughts. Trowa and Adam who were ordered by the teacher to clean the blackboards were just exiting the classroom and saw Kevin holding Katrina's arm as they walked down the hall.

Trowa could only stare at them with a confused look. 'I thought I told Quatre to stay away from that jerk!' he thought. 'Did he forget about that?'

Adam caught the look of confusion and hurt on Trowa's face and he could only give his friend a sympathetic squeeze on the shoulder as he said softly, "I guess Kevin wasn't bluffing after all. Sorry, man. I know how much you like her."

"I refuse to believe that," hissed Trowa, shaking Adam's hand off of his shoulder. "There must be some sort of misunderstanding! Katrina would never be with that jerk."

"Then why are they walking together?" asked Adam. "You can't deny seeing them walking together!"

"How do I know?" Trowa retorted. "I bet Katrina's just being nice even to a jerk like him. And besides, he wasn't holding her hand, he was holding her arm. I would like to think that Kevin probably forced Katrina to go to lunch with him. That would be something he'd probably do."

"You're right. Come to think of it, it does seem weird that Kevin's holding her by the arm," said Adam thoughtfully. "In fact, everything seems funny. Hope Katrina wouldn't get into trouble with Myers."

"I hope so, too," muttered Trowa. "Cos if I find out that he's done anything to hurt Katrina, I'm gonna put my hands around his neck and wring the life out of him."


In the dining hall, Quatre was feeling pretty much like he had ended up in in his worst nightmares - and even worse, in hell. He was sitting at a table with Kevin. Just the two of them. It was sort of weird to see that Kevin's followers were nowhere near.

'Why should I care that his followers aren't here?' Quatre told himself, turning his eyes downcast so that he wouldn't see practically all the eyes in the dining hall that was focused on him and Kevin. He could hear people whispering about and speculating about how he, no, Katrina and Kevin were all ready an item.

"Hey, babe. You should see how everybody's talking about us," said Kevin with a grin. "We're the talk of the whole school! So you see, babe, if you get with me, I can make you the most popular girl around here."

Quatre just pretended not to listen to him but that didn't seem to bother Kevin. In fact, he looked pleased that he was able to make 'Katrina' squirm.

"Hey, doll. Did you even hear what I just said?" whispered Kevin into Quatre's ear. His warm breath and the fact that his lips were so close to the blonde's earlobe nearly made Quatre jump. Quatre turned to glare at him but Kevin responded to his glare with the smile of a cat that had just caught a mouse.

"Stay away from her, Myers."

"Oh, lookie here. Looks like the great Trowa Barton has dropped by for a visit."

'Trowa!' Quatre's heart jumped into his throat and he could feel tears coming to his eyes. Trowa came to save him! He sneaked a glance at his lover and he could see that Trowa didn't look too happy to see him with Kevin.

"Katrina, I'd like to have a word with you for a moment," the tall pilot said coolly. "There are some.. important matters I have to discuss with you."

"Important matters? Can't it wait?" complained Kevin. "Can't you see that I'm having lunch with Katrina? But on second thought, maybe you should see what Trowa wants, Katrina, though I think it's only a ploy to get you away from me." Kevin laughed. "Yeah, you should go and talk to him and tell him how he should stay away from you."

Kevin laughed again and Trowa just glared at him murderously. "Go on and have that important little discussion of yours," said Kevin with a smirk. Trowa turned onto his heels and walked stiffly out of the dining hall with Quatre right behind him.

Once out of the dining hall, Trowa pulled Quatre out into a secluded part of the hallway where there was nobody. Well, obviously all the parts of the hallway were empty since everybody else were having lunch but that thought didn't even occur to Trowa.

"Quatre.." began Trowa but Quatre had all ready cut him off.

"I know what you're going to say. I know that you're mad at me," whispered the blonde, hanging his head. "You told me to stay away from Kevin but I didn't. Gomen, Trowa. Onegai, please forgive me."

Trowa sighed deeply. He didn't want to scold Quatre - especially not when Quatre looked so misreable. "I forgive you, koi," he said gently, pulling his blonde angel into his arms. "But you have to understand why I told you to stay away from him. He's a jerk and nothing but trouble and I don't like that Myers one bit."

"I know," Quatre whispered.

"And Adam told me that Kevin was telling practically everybody how you're his 'girlfriend' right now," continued Trowa. "I know he's just making that up but now it has attracted more attention to you because of that. We can't risk that Quatre. We still have a mission to accomplish."

"He wasn't making that up," said Quatre, his voice a bit muffled from burying his face into Trowa's chest.


"It's true. 'Katrina' is his girlfriend," Quatre said, not wanting to meet Trowa's eyes but he forced himself to look into those piercing emerald orbs. "Wait! I'll explain. I found out that Kevin's uncle is the principal of this school - the one that has the connections to OZ - "

"So you decided to pretend to be his girlfriend to get the information from him?"

Quatre nodded his head, feeling a bit relieved that Trowa didn 't seem to be mad at him even though the green-eyed boy looked a bit miffed at the idea of having the blonde pretend to be Kevin Myer's girlfriend.

"I see.. but I'm not happy with your pretending to be Kevin's girlfriend," said Trowa. "Wouldn't it be simpler if you just became his friend instead?"

"I thought that if I pretended to be his girlfriend, he might tell me more stuff we need to know than he would an ordinary friend," explained Quatre, hoping that his explanation didn't sound as lame as he felt.

"Well, then you try to pry whatever information you can get from him and I'll get the rest from the computer files.. that is, as soon as I have the opportunity," said Trowa seriously. "The school's computer system is guarded securely and it would take me at least two days to figure out a code, and download a virus into the computer's main security system so I could hack in and access their files."

Quatre just nodded his head.

"Maybe you should get back to the dining hall. Kevin might get suspicious if his 'girlfriend' went missing far too long," Trowa said suddenly and Quatre looked up at him with a panicky look. Trowa noticed the look of panic and drew the shorter boy into his arms again, embracing him tightly. "It's OK, Quatre. He won't hurt you - I won't let him. I'll kill him if he did. Now go back to him and don't ever forget, Quatre, that no matter what you'll always be mine and I'll always be by your side."

"Trowa...,' Quatre murmured, tears springing into his eyes again. Trowa, his knight in shining armour. Should he tell him of what Kevin had done to him? He decided not to. He didn't want to hurt his beloved with the knowledge that he wasn't.. pure anymore. Not when Trowa had always thought that he would be Quatre's first. No, he will not let Trowa know.

"A-ai shiteru, Trowa," he whispered with one last hug for his koibito.

"Ai shiteru, Quatre," the taller boy whispered back as he watched Quatre head back into the dining room.

I think I'm losing my touch with this fic cos it's been nearly three months since I wrote Part 8. Three months. Can you believe it? Part 8 was finished on the 27th of August. So, is this part angsty enough? I think it sorta ended up monotonous and not to mention corny. Uh... feedback? Mail me at blue_violet@gundamwing.org.

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