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Warning: Major angst and there is a rape scene here. A bit of warning for the language though it isn't that bad. For those of you who think you won't be able to stand this fic, don't read. Remember, I all ready warned you.

Note: Probably doesn't make any sense and there is a lot of redundency in what I wrote. I wrote this when I was in a really crummy mood so.. this is the result. Don't sue me if you hated it. I am saving my money to buy some GW djs.

Quatre shut his eyes tightly, dreading what Kevin would want him to do. He took a deep, ragged breath.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked lifelessly in his normal voice, not bothering to speak in a girl's voice anymore now that Kevin and his goons had all ready found out about him being a boy.

"I want you to be mine," whispered Kevin in the blonde's ear making the boy shiver.


"Even if you are a boy, I still want you," said Kevin as he turned Quatre around so that they were face to face. He stroke the blonde's cheek with the back of his hand and it took Quatre's entire strength not to cringe.

"I'm not gay - never have been and never will be," continued Kevin. "But I'm attracted to you since the first time I laid eyes on you. I can see how you could pass for a girl. You are beautiful enough to be one."

Quatre couldn't believe what he was hearing. He looked into Kevin's eyes and to his horror, he saw lust and a maniacal glint reflected in them.

Quatre struggled to get away from the taller boy only to have the other boy tighten his grip on him.

"What's the matter? Don't you want me, too? I know you want me."

"I don't want you," spat Quatre. He felt downright sick when he heard the arrogance in Kevin's tone. "I all ready have somebody."

"And who may that be?" asked Kevin in an amused tone. "Could it be Trowa Barton? Or maybe he's just someone you would like to have?"

Quatre kept quiet. He felt it was better not to say too much that might end up revealing a lot about himself and Trowa to Kevin and the other two boys in the room.

"You can order me to do anything but I will never be yours," said Quatre coldly.

Kevin laughed. "But I can do anything I want. And you must obey them or else I will tell my uncle about you." Quatre realized that he had no way out of this mess. "And if it has something to do with Trowa Barton, I would be more than happy to mess with it."

"What do you mean?" asked Quatre fearfully.

"I'm not sure whether Trowa knows that you're actually a boy. I bet he doesn't cos I know he has the hots for you. I don't think he's that sick to fall in love with guys like you. And what better way to get even with him by showing him that the beauty of the school is mine? He'll be so devastated - he'll be like a dog with his tail between his legs." Kevin said cruelly as he laughed again.

"Why are you so mad at him? He didn't do anything to you!" protested Quatre.

"He turned down Myer's offer to join the group," spoke up the boy with the jet black hair. "And as far as everyone's concerned, nobody says "No" to Kevin Myers."

"You're mad at him all because of that? And I think you should let me go because I have nothing to do with Trowa."

"You're not going anywhere," said Kevin with a smirk. "I've been planning to have some fun with you. Just because I found out that you're a guy is not gonna change my plans. You'll be very good entertainment."

'Entertainment? Surely he doesn't mean that...' thought Quatre as he felt a shiver run up and down his spine.

Suddenly, the next thing he knew, he was being shoved onto the bed and Kevin's two followers instantly pinned his shoulders and arms onto the bed so that he wouldn't be able to struggle away. Quatre tried to struggle as hard as he could but it was useless. He was trapped.

He felt himself starting to sweat as he saw Kevin saunter to him - the lust clearly visible in those brown eyes. Kevin leaned down to his face and kissed him roughly on the lips, forcing the blonde's mouth open with his tongue and he thrust his tongue into the blonde's mouth, nearly making him choke.

Quatre shook his head vigorously from side to side to avoid Kevin's seeking mouth and tongue but Kevin held the blonde's head in place by yanking onto the fine golden hair painfully.

After what seemed like eternity, finally Kevin broke the kiss. He was panting. Quatre was, too - because he was about to hyperventilate. Suddenly Quatre's eyes grew wide in fear as he saw the distinct bulge in Kevin's pants. "Now, the fun begins," whispered Kevin as he licked his lips and surveyed the blonde before him. "I'm going to fuck you."

Quatre felt like screaming but before he could scream, a hand clamped over his mouth to prevent him from making any noise. 'No, this can't be happening to me!' thought Quatre desperately as he shut his eyes tightly. But that didn't block out the sound of Kevin unbuckling his belt and unzipping his trousers.

The Arab prayed with all his might that this was just some sick nightmare he was having - but he knew deep down that this was no nightmare. This was reality and the events that would be taking place were as real as himself.

His breath caught as he felt his skirts being lifted and his underwear being pulled down to his ankles. Then he felt his stomache churn as Kevin straddled him. This was reality. Kevin was going to rape him. And there was no escaping that.


"Trowa.. please Trowa, make him stop!"

"Make who stop?" Trowa asked aloud as he looked all around him but all he saw was darkness and nothing else. He knew his angel was in some sort of trouble but how could he help his angel when he couldn't see anything?

"Onegai Trowa, don't let him do this to me," Quatre was sobbing.

"Don't let who do what?" Trowa cried out in frustration as he wandered frantically in the dark for Quatre. "Where are you Quatre?"

Suddenly, he heard Quatre screaming his name out in anguish and Trowa could hear him sobbing his heart out. He heard wicked laughter. Trowa felt as if he recognized the voice but he couldn't quite place it. Then the next thing he knew, he was stuck in total darkness.


Trowa got up from the bed with a start. His breathing was ragged and beads of sweat covered his whole body.

"It was just a nightmare," he whispered to himself. And a hell of a nightmare it was.

In his dream, he was in a dark dark place where he couldn't see anything. And in his dream, Quatre was pleading for him to make someone stop whatever it was. Then Quatre screamed in agony as if he was being tortured. And there was that evil laughter. The voice that Trowa felt was familiar but couldn't place it.

"Whoa, it's just some stupid nightmare. I don't have to stay up just to analyze it," he muttered to himself. He glanced at the digital alarm clock by the side of his bed. The glowing digits read 2.24 a.m. "Just a nightmare. Nothing to worry about. Quatre is safe and sleeping in his room."

He was sure Quatre was all right but the tall boy couldn't push away the seeds of worry that had begun to take growth in his heart. "It was only a nightmare," he assured himself and hoped that it was true.

"No no no no no no," Quatre whispered over and over again like a mantra, hoping over hope that if he believed with all his might, maybe he would soon get up from this horrible nightmare.

Suddenly he felt a searing flash of pain as he felt Kevin ramm a dry finger into his virgin anus. He bit his lip to stop himself from whimpering. He tried to keep himself as rigid as possible so that Kevin wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing how his abuse was affecting the blonde boy.

Then a second finger and a third finger was inserted into him without any pity and Kevin left his fingers to linger for a moment inside the golden boy before stretching him wide. When he was quite satisfied and felt that the boy that lay before him was ready, he pulled his pants and boxers down without a moment's hesitation.

"Mmm, you're so tight. I bet you're still an innocent virgin, huh?" asked Kevin and chuckled. "But you won't be one any longer after I'm done with you."

"Aren't ya gonna use any lube?" asked Kevin's other follower slyly. He had longish dark blonde hair, streaked with strands of brown.

"Guess not," answered Kevin with a smirk. "He's a guy. He'll survive." Then the three boys laughed like it was some kind of inside joke.

The next thing Quatre knew, Kevin was before him and preparing himself before prenatrating him. And then the pain and the humiliation began. As well as the loss of his virginity.

Unbearable pain flashed through his body like a knife. He wanted to cry out, to beg, to just do anything to make that bastard stop but his mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth. He could feel Kevin thrusting into him fast and hard. It hurt. He could feel something rip inside of him and he could feel his own blood trickling down the insides of his tighs.

Finally, the torture was over when the bastard shuddered and released his seed into the blonde boy and got off of him. Quatre tried to be brave, to show that he was not weak but he couldn't stop the tears that were flowing freely. God. He felt so weak especially with Kevin looking at him with a satisfied smirk.

Moments later, Quatre realized that he had stumbled into his room. He didn't even realize how he got there or even what happened after he got raped. All he could remember was Kevin's evil smirk and the humiliation he had felt.

He winced as he flung himself onto the bed. God, the pain he felt.. But the physical pain wasn't important. What was important was that he had lost his virginity to the person he didn't love and he felt his heart ache because he was now tainted. Dirty. He felt like a slut.

'I got to cleanse myself,' he thought frantically. He felt so dirty. He felt like garbage. But before he could get up to take a shower, sleep had overcome him. And he slept. With nightmares haunting his every dream.

The next morning, Quatre awoke to the sounds of his digital alarm clock beeping. He let out a groan as he stretched. His body hurt. Especially his ass. Suddenly the events that had taken place in the middle of the night came rushing into his mind like angry waves.

"Please, let it be nothing more than a nightmare," he whispered. But as he surveyed himself, he could only drink in the horror of the situation. He had to face the facts. He was raped. His dress was all bloody. Blood was caked onto his inner thighs as well as his rapist's semen.

He felt disgusted with himself. He never felt so goddamned filthy in his entire life. He picked himself up and headed towards the bathroom. Then that's where he suddenly noticed a small little hole in the wall. It was small and located in the corner of the bathroom where it wasn't noticeable. But he spotted it all right.

The blonde felt angry with himself. 'I'm not worthy to be called a Gundam pilot when I couldn't even notice a stupid peep-hole like that in the first place,' he thought with a snort. And he felt his anger growing until it nearly reached the boiling point. He let out his anger in a string of curses until he ran out of obscene vocabulary.

Finally, he broke down in the shower stall and wept, blaming himself for the misfortune that had befallen him.

OK. This time I really did it. I wrote the most suckiest part in the whole wide world. And I am not exaggerating. I tried to rewrite this whole part but.. I really have no idea what to write.. ^^; I think this time I'm gonna get flamed for sure. What did minna-san think of Part 7? I was hoping that it would be tragic and angsty but somehow, I think it ended up sounding lame like a low-budget thriller flick. Heh, that's me: Blue Violet, future low-budget flick script-writer. And I know I rated this story as a lemon but I think it doesn't even come close to a lime, ne? Yeah, cos it's a rape scene here and not a lemon scene. Don't worry. I'll insert a lemon later on. Feedback? Send them to me at blue_violet@gundamwing.org.

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