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'Oh shit, what am I going to do now?' thought Quatre frantically as he paced back and forth in his room long enough to practically burn a path in his room.

Quatre was back in his room after a what seemed like a long dinner where he had to listen to his friends yak on and on while he, was in a state of crisis. Quatre wondered if he really ought to go and meet Kevin. He should be meeting Kevin all ready but he still stayed there, pacing in his room as if to stall for more time.

'Should I tell Trowa about this?' he wondered. 'No, maybe I shouldn't tell him. I don't him to get worried. I don't want him to get mixed-up in this whole thing. Maybe I should just solve this problem by myself.'

'Maybe I shouldn't get so worried,' he thought some more. 'Maybe Kevin was just trying to scare me. Maybe...' Quatre shook his head vigorously as if to shake away all his thoughts.

"Maybe, maybe, maybe," he chanted aloud. "A million maybes won't be getting me anywhere. Instead of just walking back and forth like some sort of idiot, I should go and meet Kevin and find out what he really wants."

Before, his nerves could betray him, the blonde boy walked out of his room towards the boys' dormitory, where Kevin's room was.

"I hope nothing terrible's gonna happen," Quatre whispered to himself as he walked along the dark corridors. But no matter how many times he assured himself, he still couldn't shake away the bad feeling that was deep inside his heart.

'Quatre must be asleep all ready,' thought Trowa with a smile as he lay on his bed. 'Wonder what he looks like when he's asleep while wearing that long wig of his.' An image of a sleeping Quatre with long, blonde hair entered his mind and he thought how pretty his blonde angel would look - sort of like a sleeping beauty.

Trowa felt an ache in his heart. He felt kind of lonely sleeping all by himself. Usually, he would be sleeping together with Quatre but they never had sex or anything. They would only have sex when they were both ready for it. Or in this case, until Quatre was ready for it. Trowa loved his angel more than anything, and he wouldn't force Quatre into doing anything that Quatre wouldn't want to do.

Trowa sighed inwardly as he remembered again that he was alone that night and on other nights as well until they had completed the mission which reminded him that he had to get some information about OZ from the school's principal with Quatre as soon as possible. And he had to somehow find a way to get into the computer labs at night to get in touch with Heero and the others who were going undercover at the OZ army base.

Just then, Trowa didn't want to think any more. He couldn't even think all ready as sleep was starting to pull him towards the land of dreams.

'I wonder how Quatre is right now,' the tall boy thought before he dozed off to sleep.

After quite some time, finally Quatre reached Kevin's room. The whole side of the boys' dorm looked eerie at night, with only a few lights in the corridors illuminating the place. He knew he was supposed to meet Kevin before lights-out but because he had spent so much time pacing around in his room earlier, he was all ready late. And all the other rooms were in total darkness. Even Kevin's.

The blonde boy wondered if Kevin was sleeping all ready. But he had a feeling that Kevin was waiting for him in his darkened room. Slowly and very cautiously, he knocked softly at the door. He waited for a while but Kevin never came to open the door. Thinking that the other boy must be sleeping all ready, he started to turn away.

Suddenly the door creaked open. "Katrina, you're here," said Kevin. What he said sounded more like a statement. He smiled and Quatre shivered a little, thinking how sinister Kevin looked smiling in the dark.

"Come on in," said Kevin, gesturing at Quatre to go into his room. "We've been waiting for you."

"We?" asked Quatre. He had a funny suspicion that whatever that's gonna happen, he was not going to like it one bit.

"Yes. We," said Kevin, smiling his sinister-looking smile again.

As soon as Quatre stepped into the room, he understood what Kevin meant. He wasn't alone. In fact, two of Kevin's closest followers were in the room, too. Quatre recognized them the instant he saw them.

"Please. Do sit down," said Kevin politely. No, he said it in a too polite tone as he gestured towards an empty chair. He sat down on the edge of his bed while his two friends leaned against the wall.

Quatre looked around the room. It was dark - but not too dark because there were a few candles alight in the room. He understood why they didn't put the lights on. If they put the lights on during lights-out, they will get caught by the warden and they will be punished really badly especially because there was a girl in the room with a bunch of boys when they were supposed to be sleeping.

"So, why did you want to see me?" asked Quatre in a clear voice even though he was feeling all jittery inside.

"You know why right? Because we know your secret."

Quatre felt like punching that arrogant brat right in the face. Kevin was grinning at him like the cat that had gotten the mouse. Or like the Cheshire cat from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

"What secret?" asked Quatre as he made his eyes wide to look clueless and innocent. "I don't have any secret."

"Come on, cut the crap!" said one of Kevin's friend with jet-black hair impatiently. "You know what secret we're talking about!"

"Honestly, I don't know what you're talking about," said Quatre as he stared at the boy hard. "I have nothing to hide from anyone."

Kevin strode towards Quatre with an unreadable expression. Quatre felt his palms becoming sweaty as Kevin came nearer and nearer with every step. Soon he was standing right before Quatre.

"We know your secret Katrina," whispered Kevin as he leaned close towards Quatre's ear. His breath tickled the blonde's ear and he felt like running away that instant. "We know that you're not a girl."

Quatre's cerulean eyes grew wide. He quickly stopped himself before he could gasp aloud. "What are you saying?" he said in a controlled voice. "Of course I'm a girl! I wouldn't be wearing a dress and have long hair if I wasn't!!"

"But I know that you aren't."

That was it. Quatre knew then that he had to get away from there. And fast. He jumped out of his chair to make a wild dash for the door but Kevin was quicker. He had all ready grabbed the blonde's waist.

"Let go of me!" hissed Quatre as he tried to wriggle away from Kevin's vice-like grip.

"It's no use trying to run away," whispered Kevin in his ear as he laughed evilly. "You're trapped in my arms."

Suddenly Quatre gasped as Kevin grabbed at his crotch through the skirt he wore painfully and roughly. "See, this proves that you really are a guy - and not a girl."

"Please! Let me go!" pleaded Quatre pitifully, realizing that he could never run away from Kevin's grip. And even if he did, there still were two of Kevin's goons there to catch him.

"I don't know why you're pretending to be a girl here," said Kevin in a low voice. "But I bet it has something to do with that Trowa Barton guy. I bet you know him from somewhere and decided to transfer here on the same day as he. I'm gueesing that you are in love with him and I think you're a sick person who's trying to get him to fall in love with you by pretending to be a girl." Quatre didn't say anything. He didn't even know what to answer.

"I bet what I'm saying is true, right?"

Quatre wanted to say that he was pretending to be a girl because he was a Gundam pilot and he was on a mission but he couldn't exactly say that, could he? Instead he said, "You're just making assumptions. You don't even know the truth!"

"Then what, my dear, is the truth?"

Quatre didn't answer him.

"Don't worry. I can keep your secret," said Kevin. "But. You have to do something for me in return."

"What if I don't want to agree to your terms?" challenged Quatre. "Even if you did tell everyone the truth about me, nobody will ever believe you! Even my files say that I'm a female."

"Maybe so but let me tell you something. The principal is my uncle and I happen to be his favourite nephew," said Kevin slyly. "I can tell him everything if you want. He can kick you out of this school - then you won't be able to see your beloved Trowa anymore."

Quatre felt the blood draining away from his face as Kevin's words registered in his mind. The principal was Kevin's uncle. The principal had connections with OZ - in fact he could be a part of OZ. No matter what, the principal must never know about his true identity. The blonde felt defeated. Looks like he had to do whatever Kevin wanted in order for his identity as a Gundam pilot to be safe. So that the mission would go smoothly as planned.

"OK then," said Quatre at last. "I'll do whatever you want me to do to keep my secret safe."

"Good. That's what I wanted to hear."

Quatre shut his eyes tight as he wondered what kind of deeds Kevin was going to make him do...

So, how was Part 6? Is it full of suspense? I hope so. I've gotten so many ideas and suggestions for this fic. Arigatou to minna-san who has contributed some ideas! I'm sorry cos I didn't use any of the ideas I used though. I all ready had ideas of my own. ^_^; Anyhow, this fic is getting more out of topic by the minute!! Well, if you guys have any ideas to donate, send them to me at blue_violet@gundamwing.org. Ja!! ps: Do you know what's gonna happen next? It's a secret. ^_~

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