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"Hey Katrina, what did Kevin tell you during lunch time today?" asked Cherie, a tall girl with curly brown hair. "Come on, you gotta tell us! I saw him stop by your table when you were having lunch with that new boy."

"Oh, nothing much," said Quatre in a feminine voice. "He stopped by to talk to Trowa, actually."

"Just tell us what Kevin said to you!"

"He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him later," said Quatre. "But I said no cos I told him I was hanging out with you girls."

"Katrina! You shouldn't have declined his invitation!" said a girl with a short blonde bob. "He's the cutest guy in school!"

It was later in the afternoon and Quatre aka Katrina was hanging out with the girls he made friends with during the school time. Now they were in Cherie's room, gossiping about clothes, guys, make-up and whatever it was that girls liked to gossip about.

"I think Kevin likes you," commented Kayla, the red-head who Quatre had spent most of the day with. In fact the two of them had all ready become fast friends.

"I'm soooo jealous!" squealed the girl with the blonde bob, Amy. "I'd kill to make Kevin like me."

"I think he was just trying to be friendly because I'm a new student here," protested Quatre, ducking his head so that the others would think that he was bowing his head in embarrasment. "Besides, even if he did like me, I would never fall for him. I all ready have a crush on somebody else."

"Let me guess, you have a crush on Trowa, right?" asked Kayla with a smile.

"How did you know?"

"Well, the fact that you seemed to keep sneaking peeks at him during classes is evident enough, right?" said Kayla, still smiling. "And you had lunch with him instead of with us."

"That Trowa guy is pretty hot looking," commented Cherie. "He looks so exotic and mysterious doesn't he? With his green eyes and his one-sided bangs that cover half his face as if to hide some secret... yep, he's definately the mysterious type."

"And he seems to take an interest in Katrina, too," said Amy with a sigh. "You're so lucky Katrina, all the guys in school are going ga-ga over you."

"Why wouldn't they?" said Kayla. "Katrina's very pretty and she's nice, too."

"You're flattering me," said Quatre, laughing.

The girls and Quatre yakked on and on about other girly stuff and Quatre was very grateful that he had so many sisters because he could talk with these girls about stuff guys would never talk about.

The time flew by quickly and Quatre suddenly realized that he had some assignments to do plus he had to see Trowa to discuss about their mission. So Quatre excused himself from his new friends and went straight to the library to get some material for his assignments.

"Hey, can I sit here?" said a girl's voice.

Trowa glanced up from his work to see a girl standing in front of him. But the girl wasn't really a girl cos the girl was actually Quatre, playing the role of Katrina.

"Sure, sit down," he said, gesturing to the seat in front of him. Quatre sat down and placed some books onto the table.

Quatre scanned the whole library - it seemed to be deserted and they were the only ones there. Of course, that would be because most of the kids at that school were involved with after school activities. Either that or they were just staying in their rooms.

"So, you're doing your assignments, too, ne?" commented Quatre.

"Yeah. I've been wondering how the kids here are still living with all this work to do!" joked Trowa. "So what were you doing before you came here. I hope you weren't with Kevin."

"That was what I was doing. Hanging out with Kevin."

"What! You were with Kevin!" Trowa nearly shouted as he nearly toppled over his chair from either anger or shock. "Didn't I tell you to stay away from him? God, did he do anything to you?" he asked worriedly.

"Relax Trowa, I was just joking."

"Thank goodness," said Trowa as he relaxed a bit. "But don't you ever play a trick like that on me again!"

"Trowa, why are you so worried about Kevin?" asked Quatre. "It's not like he's gonna do anything to me. And I told you I can take care of myself."

"I just don't want you to get hurt, angel," said Trowa quietly as he reached for Quatre's hand and stroked it lightly. "I want you to be safe."

"Well here I am - safe and sound!!"

"So what were you doing after school?" asked Trowa, changing the subject.

"Oh, just hanging out with my new girl friends," said Quatre with a smile. "It wasn't that exciting - talking about make-up and stuff like that but at least I knew what to say and understood what they were talking about."

"That comes from having twenty-nine sisters, ne?" asked Trowa in a teasing tone.

"Hmmph, stop teasing me Trowa!" said Quatre, pouting a little. "It's bad enough that I had to pretend to be a girl."

"I won't tease you anymore. Promise," said Trowa. "But I don't see what's so bad about you pretending to be a girl. I think you look very beautiful."

"That's because you're not the one wearing the dress and the wig!"

Later in the evening, Quatre was in his room, finishing the rest of his assignments. He was so engrossed in doing his work that he didn't even realize that it was nearly time for dinner until he had completed all of his school work.

"I didn't know it was this late all ready!" exclaimed Quatre aloud as he looked at his wrist watch. Quatre decided that he couldn't go down to dinner at the dining hall looking like that. He was still wearing the school uniform. So he decided to take a shower and get dressed in the clothes he brought.

While the blonde was taking a shower in the bathroom, he didn't know that he was being watched by somebody. He didn't even realize that there was a hidden peep hole in the bathroom's walls just like all the girls in the school didn't know that there were secret peep holes in their bathrooms' walls...

After taking a quick shower, Quatre dressed himself in a pretty turqoise dress his sister had bought. He was about to step out of the room when he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to wear the wig so he quickly dashed towards the dressing table to retrieve his blonde wig. He arranged the long wig on his head neatly before heading towards the dining room.

At the dining hall, he saw Kayla waving at him to come to the table where she was sitting with Amy and Cherie. Quatre wove his way through the crowd of students, as he balanced his tray of food carefully in his hands.

"Wow, you're eating that much?" asked Amy in wonderment as he surveyed Quatre's tray. It was piled with pieces of chocolate cake, a lasagna dripping with loads of cheese and a bunch of other stuff loaded with calories which would be considered sinful to eat to most of the female population. "It's a wonder you're so thin!"

Quatre's eyes strayed towards the other girls' food. They were having healthy meals like salads and all those yucky, veggy stuff that he wasn't fond of eating. In Quatre's opinion, he felt that it was a waste of time to eat veggies when there were other tastier foods in the world. Besides, veggies were for rabbits.

"I don't usually eat a lot," said Quatre, even though he usually ate a lot even if it wasn't as much as the amount Duo ate. He just didn't want his friends to feel bad eating veggies when he was probably the only girl there eating fattening foods but still able to stay thin. "I feel unusually hungry today, that's all."

"I bet you don't even get pimples right after eating all those stuff," said Cherie as she sighed sadly. "I get pimples just from eating a little piece of chocolate!"

Suddenly, the topic for dinner was about Quatre, I mean Katrina, as they talked about how clear and smooth Katrina's face was and how thin and slender and how pretty Katrina was while they ate their meal. Quatre could only protest their compliments modestly, to show that he wasn't getting too full of himself.

"Katrina, can I have a word with you for a moment," said somebody with a low voice from right behind Quatre. Quatre turned around in his seat to find Kevin standing right in front of him as he smiled a smile that was unreadable and somewhat eerie.

"Yes? Can I help you?" asked Quatre politely as he slowly stood up to face Kevin. Kayla, Amy and Cherie were whispering amongst themselves, about why Kevin was wanting to talk to Katrina.

"I want you to come and meet me in my room when it's nearly time for lights-out," said Kevin in a low voice, so that the other girls wouldn't be able to hear what he was saying. Then he gave his room's number to Quatre.

"What it I don't want to meet you tonight," asked Quatre, cautiously. He was feeling suspicious about Kevin's motive.

"Oh, but you have to," said Kevin with a sly smile. "Because I know your secret and if you don't come, your secret will be out by tomorrow."

Quatre inhaled sharply. "What secret?" he demanded.

"I'm sure you know about that yourself," said Kevin and winked at Quatre before he slinked away.

'What secret of mine does he know?' wondered Quatre worriedly. He realized that he was still holding his breath. Suddenly, a terrible thought appeared in his mind. 'Oh my god. Has he found out that I'm a boy? Or that I'm a Gundam pilot? Maybe he's just making up a story to lure me to his room.'

"Katrina? What's wrong with you? Aren't you going to sit down?" asked Kayla, sounding worried for the blonde who was still standing up, face pale and white.

"Nothing's wrong with me. I'm fine," said Quatre assuringly as he forced a smile on his face. He sat down on his seat and played with his food as he lietened to the other three's conversation. He had all ready lost his appetite.

'I have a feeling something bad's gonna happen,' thought Quatre as a chill ran up and down his spine...

Part 5 is finally here for minna-san to read. And I tell ya, this is the most stupidest and most suckiest fic I have ever written!! It stinks! I understand if minna-san thinks the same, I understand. Really, if anyone hated it do tell me so that I might rewrite this part again. It's just too rotten for words. But if you liked it - wow. It would be a very magical thing. If you have any suggestions or ideas, send them to me at blue_violet@gundamwing.org.

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