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"I have just recieved orders for our new mission," announced Heero as he walked into the living room.

Heero surveyed the room. The room was a total mess, courtesy of Duo Maxwell and his bad habit of eating while he talked. And Duo talked a lot, which made bits of food fall out of his mouth as fast as the water falling over the Niagara Falls. Wufei and Trowa were playing a game of chess and Quatre was quietly cheering Trowa on.

Heero felt a small smile coming to his lips. He couldn't help smiling just a little bit whenever he saw Trowa and Quatre together. He thought that they made a very cute couple and obviously they were perfect for each other. He had never even for once in his life seen or heard those two arguing or fighting over anything.

They were definately not like him and Duo, he reflected. He and Duo fought and argued practically every minute. Maybe it was because they were total opposites - he, the quiet and serious one and Duo, the noisy big-mouthed baboon, full of fun and mischief.

Duo was yacking on and on about something to the other three pilots who didn't seem to be listening at all to a word he says. Sometimes, he too put on a deaf ear when Duo brambled on and on about stuff. It was better that way or else he would have died from listening to too much talk.

That Duo. Noisy here, noisy there, noisy in bed... Well, not that he minded the part about where Duo was noisy in bed but sometimes he did wish that Duo would be a bit more quieter like Quatre especially when he was busy doing his work. But of course, no matter what Heero knew that Duo was the only one for him.

From his point of view, Quatre adored Trowa very much and always fussed over him. Like a girl who's very much in love, he thought with a secret smile.Heck, Quatre could even pass as a girl with his delicate looks, big blue eyes and sweet, melodic voice. He thought it was cute whenever he caught Quatre staring at Trowa, the adoration and love clearly seen in his expression. But he thought that it was totally disgusting whenver Relena gave her those kind of looks. Ugh, he thought.

What did he think of Trowa? He thought that Trowa was a very quiet and stony person. But underneath it all, he probably was a very nice guy. After all, he must have some feelings or else he wouldn't be in love with Quatre, he thought. And Heero could see that Trowa was very loyal and protective of Quatre. He practically worshipped the very ground the blonde walks on.

"Yo, so what's the mission?" asked Duo, his mouth full of potato chips.

"Two of us need to go undercover as students at a boarding school," told Heero. "Supposedly, the headmaster there have some connections with OZ and it's our mission to uncover some of OZ's plans."

"What about the other three then?" asked Wufei. "What are they going to do?"

"The remaining three will have to go undercover as soldiers at an OZ army base, 17 kilometres away from the boarding school," explained Heero.

"IT has been such a long time since we the last mission, ne?" said Duo. "I was nearly dying from boredom!"

"Which location are you going to pick, Duo?" asked Quatre. "The school or the OZ army base?"

"I think I'll take the school," said Duo. "At least there will be food, a nice comfy bed, and tonnes of cute babes!"

Heero smirked. "If you're choosing the school, this time you'll be the one who has to be the 'cute babe'" said Heero.

"What do you mean?" asked Duo. "Why do I have to be the 'cute babe'?"

"Because, one of the two people who'll be going undercover at the school would have to disguise himself as a girl, that's why!" said Heero, grinning wickedly. "And I'm sure, you're the perfect candidate!"

"Uh, no thanks then! I am not going to parade around as a girl," said Duo. "Why does one of us have to pretend to be a girl, anyway?"

"Look, maybe having two new students arriving out of nowhere might bring some suspicion, especially when they will dissapear suddenly after only a week of staying at that school. So obviously the best way to not raise suspicion if there were one boy student and one girl student," explained Heero. "Heeeyyyy... if you don't want to raise any suspicion at all, maybe it would be better if there were NO boy students, wouldn't it?" pointed out Duo. "Even the one boy student part could bring suspicion you know. Like you said, like when he appears suddenly and then dissapears suddenly after a week."

"Duo, it would be easier if we worked in groups," said Heero. "Especially when there are people like you who always goofs up."

"So it's settled then that Duo would pretend to be a girl,"Wufei laughed. "Duo Maxwell in a skirt. This I can't wait to see," teased Wufei. "Heero's right. You are the perfect candidate. You have long hair like a girl's after all."

"But THAT doesn't mean that I LOOK like a girl!" protested Duo.

"After wearing some make-up, you'll look like one," said Trowa. "Or if you're still set on not disguising as a girl, you can always chop off that braid of yours."

"No way! Nobody and nothing's gonna make me chop off me braid!" said Duo firmly.

"Oh well, then you'll have to dress up as a girl then."

Duo thought frantically. No way was he gonna lose his dignity and dress up as a girl just for the sake of some stupid mission. Heero and the others will laugh at him for months. Well, maybe Quatre would be too nice to laugh at him but - hey, wait a minute, he thought. Why didn't I think of that! Quatre can be the girl!

"All of our worries and especially my worries are over," Duo announced with a grin. "I don't have to be the girl after all."

"If you won't be the girl then who else is going to do it?" asked Quatre.

"You of course."

"Me?" asked Quatre disbelievingly. "But I don't look like a girl. I don't even have long hair like yours."

"Aww, face it Quatre," said Duo. "You're the only one who could pull it off better than I could. I mean, your voice is kinda high for one thing and you're pretty enough to pass as a girl!"

Wufei laughed. "For once, I agree with Maxwell," he said. "Even right now, you can pass for a girl with short hair. If we get you a wig, you'll look even more like a girl. Even without the make-up! Besides, your innocent look would convince anyone that you're a real girl."

"But I don't want to pretend to be a girl, too!" complained Quatre. "Besides, I'm not even half as good as Duo when it comes to acting."

"I'm sure you'll do just fine," said Heero sternly. "So, I hereby declare that Quatre and Trowa will be going undercover at the boarding school and the three of us will be at the OZ army base."

"Now come on, little one," said Trowa gently, comforting Quatre by putting his arms around the shorter boy. "You know you have to do it for the sake of our mission. At least we'll be together, you know."

"Oh Trowa," murmured Quatre and hugged Trowa tightly. "You're right. I have to do this."

"Hehehe," snickered Duo. "Quatre, I'll bet you'll look all prim and proper as a girl."

Quatre stuck his tongue out at Duo and Duo recieved a whack on his head from Heero.

"Baka!" scolded Heero. "Minutes ago, you were the one who was about to cry when you found out you were the one who had to put on a girl's disguise! Now stop, bullying Quatre."

"I wasn't bullying him, I was just teasing him!" protested Duo.

"Ah, this Duo. Always noisy every second of the day," said Wufei shaking his head. "Maybe he would be quiet if he were born as a girl."

"Hey! Watch what you're saying!" shouted Duo and soon a cushion fight had started out in the living room.

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