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After a few hours of planning their strategy and waiting for Quatre and Trowa to get ready with their costumes, the Gundam pilots were off to the costume party at the Kushrenada residence. Actually, it had taken more than a few hours to get to the party because Heero, Duo and Wufei absolutely refused to be seen in the public eye wearing those totally ridiculous sailor suits they were forced to wear.

A few hours ago...

"Damn that spoilt little blondie!" hissed Wufei. Steam was practically coming out from his ears. "After tonight's mission, I swear I'm gonna throttle him and beat him up to a pulp and then I'm going to feed him to the fish."

"That's not good enough!" complained Duo. "Beating him up and then feeding him to the fish isn't so bad and not humiliating. We should get him naked and then lock him up in a room with a bunch of perverted, sex-crazed maniacs!! That oughta show him not to mess with us and he'll be begging for us to save him like the sissy he is."

"Ahem. I wouldn't do anything of the sort if I were you," said Trowa coolly as he sauntered into the living room where the three sailor suit clad boys were having their little, um, conference.

"Ah, um. We were just joking, ne Wu-man?" said Duo hastily with a nervous laugh as he jabbed the Chinese boy hard in the ribs.

"Yeah. We were just joking," Wufei said and he glared hard at Duo. "And my name is not Wu-MAN!!!"

"So, anyway.. you're wearing that to the party??" asked Duo as he stared enviously at Trowa's choice of clothes.

Trowa was wearing his trademark too-tight hip-hugging pants. But instead of his usual jeans, he was wearing genuine black leather pants. Other than that he wore an emerald-green silk shirt that complemented his green eyes with three buttons undone at the top to reveal some of his chest, giving him a provocatively sexy look. Black boots and a slim, silver cross dangling from a long silver chain completed the look. Overall, Trowa looked like a celebrity - or like the men on the covers of romance novels which drove the female population wild.

"Yep," said Trowa and he struck an 'I'm-so-drop-dead-gorgeously-sexy' pose with a hand resting lightly on his hip. Heero who had been quiet for the time practically drooled at the sight before him.

"Heero!!! Snap your mouth shut and stop staring at clown boy's butt!" yelled Duo as he tried to shift Heero's head so he would be looking at another direction.

Wufei on the other hand, was nearly having a heart-attack and a stream of blood trickled from his nose onto his pleated skirt which was not noticeable seeing that the blood and the skirt were well, both red.

Anyway, Duo's idea was a bad one because at that exact moment, Quatre came walking into the living room from the direction Heero was looking at - or at least they thought it was Quatre - and that made Heero drool some more.

"Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!!" Duo screeched frustratedly and he grabbed a paper bag that was filled with donuts nearby. He stuffed the donuts in his mouth and put the bag over Heero's head.

"Duo. Omae o korosu," growled Heero and he ripped the paper bag off his head.

Quatre was wearing the long blonde wig and there were strands of pearls and sparkling fake diamonds in his hair. It looked as if there were stars in his hair every time it caught light. The blonde was wearing a white silk sheath that looked light and thin enough to be transparent. The dress was bare at the shoulders and had a slit up to the knee at one side. The only accessories he wore was an intricately designed armlet and a diamond choker. Other than that, he wore silver sandals with a bit of heel.

"You look stunning," complimented Trowa as he sucked in his breath at the ethearel looking being in front of him. He drew his love close to him, an arm encircled protectively around Quatre's waist.

"So do you," said Quatre shyly with a smile. He raised his face to meet Trowa's. Sapphire eyes met emerald as the taller boy leaned down to kiss the blonde. <-- Insert sparkly, glittery, golden glow around the cute couple.

"Hentais! Hentais! The world is full of hentais!!" Wufei cried in a strangled cry as he proceeded to faint away from loss of blood.

"You're gonna wear THAT!!??" asked Duo, his eyes nearly popping out.

He had thought that Quatre hated the idea of dressing up as a girl since he was a boy and after having to go through that stupid Sailor Venus episode but here he was, wearing a sexy dress and a long wig and looking every bit like a girl. The world was going insane. (Or in this case, the writer is.. *sweatdrops*)

"Yeah. How'd I look?" Quatre asked as he twirled around to let the other view him from all angles. His skirt swished around, and what with the slit, they were able to catch glimpses of his smooth legs. "I'm going as the goddess Athena or any other pretty goddess."

"I thought you'd never want to dress as a girl again," Heer pointed out. "But this.."

"Oh. I'm going to go as a girl so I can stay and dance all night with Trowa," said Quatre with a grin. "People would find it strange if they see two boys dancing - slow-dancing with each other wouldn't they? And besides, I'm sure many girls would try to flirt with Trowa and I don't want that to happen."

"So Quatre's going to pretend to be my girlfriend," added Trowa. "He hates it when other girls flirt with me." This he said in a loud, conspirational whisper and a wink.

The other sweatdropped. (As well as the writer herself and the readers, too. Probably..)

"So.. that's what YOU guys are going to do? Dance the whole night long?" Heero asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Nooo.. but you don't possibly expect us to just stand around by the refreshment table until it's time for us to move, do you?" said Trowa. "That will be too suspicious. We should mingle around and try not to attract attention to ourselves."

"And you're gonna pilot Sandrock in that?" asked Wufei incredulously, as he lifted his head a bit from where he was lying on the floor.

"You make my costume sound like it's a dead rat or something," huffed Quatre. "And NO I am NOT going to pilot Sandrock in this. I brought my ordinary clothes and I'll hafta change first before getting on with our mission. No way I am going to be mistaken for a girl again!"

"We should get going all ready," exclaimed Trowa as he glanced at the wall clock. It was nearly 6 o'clock and the party started at seven.

"Uh-uh. I'm not going to that stupid party - mission or not," declared Duo, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Missions are important and no. 1 on my list. But I think this would be the only exception," said Heero.

"What? You're not going on this mission??" asked Quatre incredulously.

"I guess we don't have a choice then," Trowa said with a sigh. "Looks like we hafta drag them along, little one."

Duo and Heero were running off all ready before Quatre or Trowa could even grab them. Even Wufei who was in a state of passing out had also scrambled away like a scared rabbit. So, what happened next was that Quatre and Trowa had to chase the three other boys all around the extremely huge mansion. And because it was an extremely huge mansion, they had gotten tired quickly from running all over the place and in the end, the three boys didn't even protest as Quatre and Trowa dragged them by the arms across the floors...

That was what happened a few hours ago. Because of the stupid chasing and running and the time it took to travel to the Kushrenada residence, they were thirty minutes late. But that didn't matter of course, as long as the mission went along smoothly.


"Where is that Heero?" Relena grumbled to herself as she stood by the refreshment stand where she could see the entrance to the dance hall and anybody who entered the place.

She took a sip of her raspberry cordial - her twenty-sixth glass within the past half hour and she was getting sick of it all ready. And she felt like she was gonna pee in her panties any second. God, her bladder felt like it was gonna burst!!

"Damn that Heero!" she hissed. She wanted to go the ladies' very badly but she would not budge from her spot until Heero arrived. No matter what, she was going to dance at least once with Heero that night and make him fall in love with her with one look at her in her Princess Serenity costume. That was her mission.

Suddenly, she caught sight of Trowa looking utterly sexy with a gorgeous girl by his side with diamonds in her hair. She squinted her eyes as she tried to concentrate on the girl's face. Her features looked like that of Quatre's but it can't be Quatre cos he wouldn't go around dressing like a girl, would he? And behind the stunning pair were three people wearing sailor suits and scowls on their faces.

"That's Heero!" she whispered to herself excitedly as she saw a Sailor Mercury. She knew that had gotta be Heero because he was wearing that costume when she came to Quatre's house earlier. She dashed through the crowd and bumped into somebody. Relena had forgotten she was still holding her half-filled glass and its contents sloshed onto her dress. Completely ruining it.

"Oh no! My dress is ruined!! I can't face Heero looking like this!" she cried in dismay and dashed towards the bathroom to get the stain out. However, no amount of scrubbing could get the red stain out of the fabric.

"Good thing I brought another costume." Relena pulled out a different costume from her large purse. It was a good thing she thought of bringing a spare costume but she was disappointed because Heero wouldn't be able to see her in her Princess Serenity costume then. "Ah, never mind. Heero would be much more happier when he sees me dressed as one of the sailor scouts also."

Then she quickly changed.


In the meantime, Trowa and Quatre were dancing to the music along with the other couples and they were probably having the time of their life. The other boys on the other hand... well, let's just say they were sulking by the refreshment stand and getting looks and catcalls from guys that passed them.

"Aarrrgghh! I can't take this anymore!" burst out Duo. "I'm gonna hide out in the bathroom." He stalked off in search of one with Heero and Wufei at his heels.

Suddenly, Wufei felt his arm pulled from behind him. He whirled around to come face to face with... Treize Kushrenada.

"What's a pretty woman like you doing all alone without a date?" said Treize flirtatiously as he flashed his most winning smile, his grip still on Wufei's arm. "Care to dance with me?"

"Dance with a scumbug like you?" scoffed Wufei, forgetting to make his voice sound girlish."Have you no honour calling a man of honour like me a woman?? An onna?? Injustice!! This is injustice!! I will not be mistaken for a weak onna!!!"

"Dragon, is that you?" gasped Treize. He composed himself and let his eyes roam all over the Chinese boy. "You look very.. alluring. But you didn't have to dress up in a short little skirt and little red heels just to turn me on."

"Turn you on?" asked Wufei. He saw Treize grinning wolfishly at him and suddenly it dawned on him. Treize called him 'Dragon'. He knew who he was. "Shimatta!!"

Suddenly, the music changed into the song Wufei dreaded most... (especially with a drooling Treize beside him.)

Pretty woman, walking down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet...

'Uh-oh, gotta get outta here!' thought Wufei and he tried unsuccesfully to inch away from Treize but the man noticed that Wufei was trying to escape him so what happened next was, Wufei ran like a maniac with Treize at his heels.

"Look, Treize-sama is chasing after Sailor Mars," commented a person in a skeleton costume.

"Oh, you know what they say," said another person with a pumpkin for a head. "You gotta catch the girl you love before she runs away."


Wufei: Baka onna!! This is the stupidest fic in the entire world! How dare a weak onna like you make me look like a dishonourable man?

BV: Because you ARE a dishonourable man.

Duo: And we all ended up looking like idiots because of the writer's mentally retardedness! You should just end this fic right now!

Heero: Or else, omae o korosu.

Treize: But you can't! I have to catch my little pookie-dragon first.

Wufei: I am NOT your little pookie-dragon, you, you hentai!!

Trowa and Quatre: If you liked this part, don't forget to send feedback to BV so she could write more romantic scenes involving us!

D, H, W: NOOO!!! Don't send her feedback!!

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