Blue Violet: I shouldn't have written 'Owari' at the end of Part 3..

Quatre: Why is that?

BV: Because. Many people has asked me to still continue this fic!!

Quatre: Uh-oh. Does this mean that...

BV: *nods vigorously till head looks like it's gonna snap off* Yep!

Trowa: ...

Heero: *glares* Omae o korosu.

Duo: Oh goddamn shit.

Wufei: This is INJUSTICE!!!

BV: Here's the fic everybody wanted!!

G-boys: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Bishonen Senshi - Sailor Quatre 4

by Blue Violet

"Remind me to gag you and lock you up in the basement next time you have plan on having another one of your entertaining games," growled Wufei sarcastically. "Better yet, just remind us to kill you before you get anymore great ideas for games."

"Waaahhh!! Why are you guys blaming everything on me?" whined Duo with a sniffle.

"Because everything's your fault!" shouted Heero and Wufei in unison.

"Oh yeah? You guys wouldn't have gotten into this mess also if you had stopped with the laughing!" retorted Duo. "Hmmpph. Why am I always the bad guy?"

"Anyhow, this is the STUPIDEST day in my entire life!" exploded Duo, his face red and looking a whole lot like a tomato that was going to explode. "One, I have to wear a stupid Sailor Moon costume for an entire day. Two, I had to execute wtupid poses while at the same time having to wear this stupid costume while Quatre took like, SIX rolls of pictures. And three, I had to die my hair blonde just for the sake of looking just like Sailor Moon!!"

"At least it serves you right for forcing us to play that stupid game of yours in the first place," muttered Wufei darkly. "I didn't do anything but had to end up wearing a stupid Sailor Mars costume. Wearing a stupid onna's costume is so degrading! And these heels are killing my feet!! Don't you know that they are screaming four-letter words at me right now!?"

"You're not the only one's who's complaining," said Heero dryly. "This suit is so uncomfortabe - it's too tight and too revealing." The Japanese boy tugged at the short pleated skirt but no amount of tugging could ever cover his bare tighs.

"Hey, at least you guys son't have legs like an old fat cow's," came an amused voice from the doorway of Wufei's room and the three boys whipped their heads around to see Trowa leaning against the door-frame with a smirk on his face.

"Trowa!" excalaimed Duo, feeling irritated. "How come you don't hafta wear a sailor suit? It's not fair!"

"Maybe because I'm the only one who didn't laugh at Quatre wearing a Sailor Venus costume?" suggested Trowa, still smirking.

"It wasn't our fault that we laughed," argued Wufei. "We just couldn't control ourselves - Quatre really did look like Sailor Venus. ' Sides, the OZ soldiers laughed at him, too!"

"Then you'd better thank your lucky stars that you guys didn't end up like them," said Trowa seriously.

The others shivered, thinking just how right the tall pilot was. The OZ soldiers had laughed at Quatre and were blown up into smithereens by the angry blonde. They, on the other hand, were still alive. They were really lucky. Then again, maybe not. After all, they had to wear those stupid sailor suits for a whole day.

"Aaaanndd.. you guys should be lucky that the media hasn't gotten any pictures or video camera recordings of you guys wearing those ridiculous outfits," added Trowa.

"By the way, where is that little brat," said Heero grumpily, getting a glare from Trowa. "I thought that he would want to torture us some more."

"I don't know. But I can always give him more torture ideas, if you want," said Trowa wickedly but then decided that he will not do so when he saw the horrified look on the Perfect Soldier - now the Perfect Sailor's face. "I'm just joking. Don't look at me like that!! I think I'll go and check on Quatre. He's still a bit upset because the whole world thinks that the great pilot of Sandrock is actually Sailor Venus." With that, Trowa left the room.

"Shit!! This is all your fault!" snapped Heero at the braided boy, uh, I meant ex-braided boy. Duo was no longer wearing his hair in a braid - he was wearing them in two buns on either side of his head just like, you got it, Sailor Moon.

"Can we stop with the 'everything is Duo's fault' conversation?" snapped back Duo.

"NO!!" the other two yelled.

"Why not?"

"Because this is all YOUR fault!!"

"I give up."


"Angel, are you still upset?" asked Trowa softly as he approached the smaller blonde boy who was sitting in front of a huge mahagony desk in the study.

"Not really," said Quatre with a grin. "Because I'm going to have a great time tonight."

Trowa gave him a questioning look and Quatre began explaining, "Look, here's an invitation to a costume party at the Kushrenada residence." He showed an elaborate greeting card to Trowa. "This is part of the mission actually. Our mission is to destroy the temporary army camps of the OZ soldiers that will be coming to the party tonight and steal information concerning their new mobile suit's plans."

"So, are you the only one who would be going on this mission?" asked Trowa.

"Oh, no. We're all going," said Quatre and he smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "And since this is a costume party, I'm forcing the others to come wearing the sailor suits."

"Tsk, tsk. I see you are becoming very naughty," teased the taller boy. "And all along, I thought you were nothing but a perfect little angel."

"So what are you going to do? Are you going to punish me for my naughtiness?" asked Quatre, his eyes wide and innocent-like.

"Of course! Naughty little boys must be punished," said Trowa with a wicked grin as he advanced towards the blonde like a tiger going after it's prey.



"Hn. Somebody's at the door," muttered Wufei. "Somebody better get the door cos I'm not going to answer it."


"Uh, do you guys here something coming from the study?" asked Duo nervously. "I think I hear horrible sounds I don't wanna talk about and I don't think Q or Tro's gonna answer the door."


"Aaargh! I can't take it anymore!" growled Heero as he stomped towards the front door. He yanked open the door and snarled at whoever it was that dared to go 'ding dong ding dong' like some stupid person. "Omae o korosu."

"Heero? Is that you," came the timid reply. Heero groaned inwardly as he saw who was in front of him. His least favourite person in the entire universe. Relena Peacecraft.

"Go away," muttered Heero. "You weren't invited to come here."

But Relena was fixed onto the spot. She was staring at Heero with saucer-like eyes. "Oh my god!! I didn't know that the great pilot of Wing Zero was also the great Sailor Mercury!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Heero. "I'm not Sailor Mercury."

"But you're wearing a Sailor Mercury costume!!"

The brunnette looked at himself and groaned. He had forgotten that he was wearing the idiotic costume and had answered the door only to find the bratty Relena. "Hey, um, don't tell anybody else about this OK?" he said quickly before Relena could open her big mouth and blab about it to the whole universe.

"It's OK. I'm a secret Sailor Moon fan also actually," said Relena with a laugh. "Seeing that I'm Queen of the World and also the most prettiest and sophisticatedly mature girl, you'd never have guessed right? But did you know that I have a secret wardrobe of all the sailor costumes and I even have an underwear collection with Sailor Moon anime prints on them?"

Relena proceeded to ramble on and on about her obsession with Sailor Moon on the doorstep while Heero tried to tune out all the noise so that he wouldn't have end up dead because of boredom. But enough was enough. Heero wasn't going to stick around to listen about some stupid Sailor Moon underwear.

"Hey look! I just saw Tuxedo Mask over there!" shouted Heero.

"Where?" said Relena excitedly and turned in the direction Heero was pointing at. Heero quickly shut the door with a bang, locking Relena and her ridiculous blabber away from him, where it wouldn't cause him complete insanity.

"Heerooo!!! Where is he? I don't see him!" whined Relena from the other side of the door.

Heero ignored the whine and walked back to Wufei's room where the other two pilots clad in sailor suits were. "Hey, why were you gone for such a long time?" asked Duo. "Who was at the door."


"Maxwell, tell Yuy about the plan," urged Wufei.

"OK. See, we were talking about how unfair it is that Trowa was the only one of us who didn't have to wear a sailor suit, right?" said Duo and Heero nodded. "So we thought about making Tro wear one also."

"And how do you plan on doing that?" asked Heero with an eyebrow raised. "Trowa isn't one who can be forced into doing something as stupid as wearing a sailor suit."

"Maybe we can bribe him?" said Duo hopefully.

"Yeah, right," snorted Wufei. "Bribe him with what? Your stupid collection of Pokemon collectors' cards? It would be easier to threaten him with a gun or we could threaten to tie and gag Quatre and leave him in the basement for a whole week."

"Ahem. I'm sorry you won't be able to do anything of the sort because I have all ready listened to your entire plans."

"Trowa!" squeaked Duo as he saw Trowa and Quatre leaning in the doorway without them noticing at all. "It was all a joke! Promise!!"

"We have a mission tonight," announced Quatre seriously. He told them about the mission to destroy the camps and to steal the information. "And, since this is a costume party, you guys would have to go wearing those sailor suits."

"This is INJUSTICE!!" exploded Wufei. "I refuse to go wearing this idiotic get-up!"

"A deal's a deal you know. You have to wear these costumes for the whole day, remember?" reminded Quatre. "And besides, nobody would ever think that three girls wearing sailor suits are actually Gundam pilots. It's the perfect disguise!"

"But.. but that's so uncool!" complained Duo. "I was planning to go as a rocker or Shinigami or something."

"Then you ought to have thought twice before making Quatre wear a Sailor Venus costume," Trowa said sternly. "Even though I think he looked really cute in it."

A lightbulb flashed in Heero's head. "Wait. If everyone thinks that Sailor Venus is the pilot of Sandrock, wouldn't they think that we, dressed up as the other sailors are also Gundam pilots?" asked Heero, gaining a cheer from Duo. "Way to go, Heero!" cheered Duo.

"I don't think so," said Quatre with a shake of his head. "This is a costume party after all. If the Sailor Scouts were really the Gundam pilots, wouldn't they be wearing a different disguise? Of course they wouldn't want other people to know their real identities."

After much arguing and debating, in the end the three pilots still had to go as Sailor Scouts after quickly agreeing to it when Quatre threatened to cry and Trowa threatened to pull a gun on them for making his love nearly cry.

"Duo! This is all your fault!" shouted Heero and Wufei as Trowa and Quatre left the room.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Everything is ALWAYS my fault!!"


At the Peacecraft residence...

"Ooh! An invitation to a costume party!" exclaimed Relena excitedly as she read the invitation. "I must go! I know Heero will be there. Whenever there are OZ functions, Heero will always be there. Goody! I'll be able to wear my Princess Serenity costume and Heero will fall in love with me once he sees how gorgeous I look in it."

The love-sick girl pranced around in her room as she got ready for the costume party...

Arigato to everybody who sent me feedback and who STILL wanted me to continue this fic which I think is getting more demented by the minute thanks to my demented mind. There will be a Part 5, of course (obviously) and then more insanity would be added to the story! I just hope this part was funny and not getting to be boring like I'm afraid it would turn out to be. Anywayz, send your comments at, OK?

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