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Everybody was laughing like drunken hyenas. At least the fact that everybody else except for him and Trowa were laughing their heads off was a good thing cos it suspended the battle for a little while. But they were laughing at him, Quatre Rebarba Winner, and he was not going to forgive them for that. Especially cos they were laughing at him, who was wearing a stupid little revealing, Sailor Venus costume.

"Muahahaha!!" laughed Duo like a maniac. "You look exactly like a Sailor Venus, helping people in trouble!!"

"I didn't know that Sailor Venus was actually the pilot of Sandrock!!" howled an OZ soldier as he clutched at his stomache.

"Check out those sexy legs!!" said another soldier with drool running down the corner of his mouth. Then all eyes belonging to the OZ soldiers turned to fix their gaze upon Quatre's creamy, smooth legs as they all drooled and the lust can be seen in their eyes.

"Hey, sexy Venus goddes!" called a voice. "How 'bout putting a show on for us?" Catcalls followed and Duo, Heero and Wufei were laughing like idiots because they couldn't believe what they were seeing and hearing. Well, it was kinda stupid cos the OZ soldiers really thought that Quatre was The Sailor Venus.

And Quatre was NOT feeling happy in the least.

"I'm not Sailor Venus you dolts!" shouted Quatre, irritated.

"Then you're Minako Aino!" came the reply.

"Aren't they both the same person!?" screeched Quatre who was getting frustrated. "I'm not Minako Aino either. I'm QUATRE REBARBA WINNER!" This, the blonde said with pride because he was sure that all the soldiers would recognize him as the rich, Winner heir.

"Yeah, right. As if a guy would look exactly like Sailor Venus in that get-up!" jeered a soldier with reddish hair. "Anyhow, I doubt any sane guy won't wear that kinda costume."

"Ooohhh. Would ya guys look at them," piped in another soldier. "Looks like Sailor Venus and that HeavyArms pilot are a couple!" The rest of them made ooh-ing and aah-ing sounds as well as kissing noises. And all the while Duo, Wufei and Heero kept on laughing inside their Gundams.

Quatre could feel his anger bubbling until it nearly reached past the boiling point. Trowa, seeing the blonde trying to control his temper, put a restraining hand on the other's shoulder. "Just ignore them. Remember what we came here for."

Quatre suddenly remembered. Their mission! Wel, it looked like they'll never get to accomplish their mission, seeing that the three other pilots were only laughing to be of any use and Trowa had a sprained ankle and could barely walk to his Gundam.

So it was up to him, Quatre Rebarba Winner to finish all the dirty work which didn't seem bad enough considering that the whole of OZ's soldiers were doing nothing but ogling him in that short pleated skirt. "I'm gonna kill Duo for this!" he swore to himself as he ran towards his Gundam, dragging Trowa along with him.

"Look! Sailor Venus is gonna pilot Sandrock!"

"Yeah, you got that right!" shouted Quatre. "And with the power of love, I'm gonna kill you all and send you straight to hell!"

Quatre left Trowa behind HeavyArms' giant gundanium leg where he could be safe from all the things the blonde he had in store for the OZ soldiers and raced back into his Gundam and got into the cockpit. The OZ soldiers were jeering at him, thinking that a Sailor Scout couldn't possible pilot a Gundam when suddenly Sandrock came to life, knocking the soldiers out of their reverie.

"Oh no!! Sailor Venus is going to kill us!" screamed the soldiers and in no time at all, the whole base and all the OZ mobile suits were destroyed by an angry Quatre without any help from his fellow pilots who were still too busy laughing like idiots.


Back at Quatre's home, the five pilots were watching the evening news on the big-screen tv. And Quatre was still wearing the Sailor Venus costume even though he didn't want to and because that was part of the bet - he had to wear it for the whole day.

"Today, the OZ army base at location XXGH-004 and more than three hundred mobile suits were destroyed mostly by Gundam Sandrock," said the anchorwoman. "The identities of the Gundam pilots still remain a mystery but we have found out the identity of pilot 04 whom is none other than Sailor Venus. And here, we show you the camera recordings at the site taken today."

Wufei, Duo and Heero burst out laughing when they saw the scene of Quatre in the Sailor Venus costume, standing in what seemed like a sexy pose with strands of the blonde wig fluttering in the wind. The camera caught the angry expression in Quatre's eyes clearly, making him look like a true Sailor Scout with true fighting abilities and passionate feelings.

"Waaahh!! Trowa!!" wailed Quatre as he buried his face into the taller pilot's chest. "This is so humiliating!!"

"Will you guys shut up?" snapped Trowa with a glare at the three other boys who were howling and rolling around on the floor.

"Now, the whole world is wondering: Are the Sailor Scouts the secret pilots of the Gundams?" said the anchorwoman with a mysterious smile. "More news at 10 o'clock tonight."

"Did you hear that?" asked Duo. "They think that the rest of us are Sailor Scouts, too! I can just see you Wu-man, wearing a Sailor Mars costume!"

"Oh yeah?" shot back Wufei. "Well, I can just imagine you wearing a Sailor Moon costume. In fact, you'll be the perfect candidate for that role."

"Me? Nah. I'm only the perfect candidate for the role of Shinigami," said Duo with a grin. "But Quatre here.. he's the most perfect candidate as Sailor Venus." Wufei and Heero agreed to this and they cracked up again.

"Trowaaaa!!!" wailed Quatre as he buried himself even further into Trowa's comforting arms.

"Look what you guys did?" said Trowa angrily. "You've upsetted Quatre!"

The three other boys stopped their laughing and looked at each other uncomfortably as they listened to Quatre's sobs and sniffles as Trowa murmured soothingly into the blonde's ear. Watching the smaller boy's shoulders heave with every heart-wrenching sob only added to their guilt.

"Hey, we're reslly sorry Q," said Duo uncomfortably. "Look, if there's any way we can make it up to ya, we'll do it. Just name anything you want us to do."

"Yes, we'll do what you want us to do willingly," said Wufei quickly.

"We'll even wash all the toilets for you," said Heero after he recieved a hard jab in the ribs from Duo.

Quatre stopped crying and the three boys heaved a sigh of relief. "Anything?" asked Quatre as he raised his head, a wicked gleam in his eye.


"Maxwell, this is all your stupid fault!" grumbled Wufei in his Sailor Mars costume.

"At least you got to wear a sexy red, Sailor Mars costume, OK?" muttered Duo as he made another pose. "I have to wear this stupid Sailot Moon suit and had to dye my hair blonde and wear it in these ridiculous buns!!"

"Hey! Don't stop posing!!" yelled Quatre as he took shots from every angle. "There's still another five rolls of film left!"

"Duo. Omae o korosu!" growled Heero as he shiftef uncomfortably in a Sailor Mercury costume.

"Muahaha! This is what happens when you dare mess with Quatre Rebarba Winner!" laughed Quatre wickedly as he snapped more pics. Trowa chuckled by his side and added, "It serves them right, ne, little one?"


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