"Ohayo everybody!" said Duo cheerfully as he joined the others at the dining table for an early morning breakfast before they took off for their mission. He sat at his usal seat and looked here and there. "Anou... where's Quatre?"


"Waaah! Why aren't any of you aswering me?" asked Duo in frustration. "You guys never answer whenever I ask you anything!!"


"Hidooi!! Heero, why aren't you even talking to me?" whined Duo at the pilot of Wing Zero.

"Shut up, will you? Why do you have to be so noisy so early in the morning?" asked Wufei snappishly. "Sit down and eat your breakfast - we have a mission to accomplish later, remember?"

"Oooh, I know why you guys are giving me the silent treatment," said Duo finally getting it. "You guys are mad at me because I asked you to play that game yesterday, ne?"

"Well, it was the stupidest game in the world!" burst out Wufei. "Not only was the game stupid, I had to do stupid dares, too! I'll never forgive you for that!"

"Aha! Which reminds me... Quatre has to dress up as Sailor Venus today!" said Duo. "So where is Quatre, Trowa?"

"I think that he told me that he has a stomach ache," said Trowa.

"Hmmmph. I bet that's just an excuse to not do his dare," said Duo. "Anyway how can he be having a stomach ache when you two were having so much fun last night, eh Trowa? What did you do to him that made him have a stomache ache?" added Duo with a sly smile.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Trowa, his face flushed. "We were sleeping the whole night through."

"Yeah right," snorted Wufei. "I didn't have enough sleep cos you two were making too much noise. Especially Quatre. Really, can't you guys do it a little more quietly?"

Trowa sat there, his facce getting redder and redder as Wufei lectured him some more about how much sleep he was losing these days because of Trowa and Quatre's night activities. Heero just smirked at Trowa.

"Wow, this is so amazing," said Duo, shaking his head. "Wufei is able to talk about those stuff without even getting a nosebleed. It's a first and it's a record!"

"Shut up, Duo!" said Wufei, Heero and Trowa in unison.

"OK, OK. You don't have to bite my head off! I was going to fetch Quatre anyway." With that Duo left the place.

A few minutes later, they heard Quatre screaming at Duo to leave him alone. The three remaining pilots sweatdropped. By the way Quatre was screaming, it seemed as if he was being chased by a psychotic serial killer.

"Shouldn't you go and check on them?" asked Heero with a smirk. "Who knows what Duo's doing to Quatre..."

"I am sure they're not doing anything improper," said Trowa with a hard look.

"Yeah, cos the only people who are doing improper things at night are you and Quatre," muttered Wufei under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just talking to myself."

"I'm back!" came Duo's cheerful voice. The three of them saw a grinning Duo carrying Quatre in his arms, who was thrashing very wildly. Or at least they thought that was Quatre.

"Look who I caught? I caught Sailor Venus!" said Duo mischievously.

"Duo! Let go of me now!!" yelled Quatre and Duo dropped the blonde suddenly. Quatre landed on the carpeted floor with a thud.

"That hurts!" whined Quatre as he rubbed his sore bottom. Trowa helped him up and patted Quatre's bottom, his hand lingering a second longer than necessary.

"So what do you think?" asked Duo with a grin. "Does he look pretty or what?"

"She - uh, I mean he really looks like Sailor Venus!" commented Wufei.

"You look very beautiful, angel," said Trowa, smiling at his little Arab. "Do I?" asked Quatre with uncertainty and Trowa nodded his confirmation.

Actually, Quatre looked a lot more than pretty. He looked very sexy and alluring with his innocent looks and the very short skirt that showed almost every inch of his creamy legs to perfection. And with that long blonde wig, Quatre looked very much like a girl.

"Heero, keep your eyes to yourself," growled Duo and elbowed Heero in the side as he saw Heero practically drooling at Quatre's sexy form.

"Hn," grumbled Heero, rubbing his side.

"So I guess we should go off for the mission all ready," said Wufei as he looked at his watch.

"Uh, can I please stay at home?" asked Quatre meekly. "I have this terible headache and I will only be in the way if I went, too."

"No," said Wufei sternly.

"Waaah!! But I don't wanna go fighting like this!!" whined Quatre. "All the enemies will laugh at me!"

"No they won't," said Wufei. "Not unless you stayed in your Gundam."

Quatre decided that this would be fine and that he wouldn't get laughed at if he stayed in his Gundam. So he went on the mission with the rest of them.

"Shinigami is here to take you to hell!" yelled Duo gleefully as he slashed about a dozen Aries with his termal scythe. On his right, Wufei was also destroying a bunch of mobile suits with the help of Nataku's dragon hang.

More and more Aries were being destroyed by the minute by Duo, Wufei and Quatre. Trowa and Heero were inside the OZ base. They were ordered to get OZ's secret files.

"Hey Quatre, how are you feeling?" asked Duo into the speaker. "You're still not mad at me are you?"

"No. I'm just worried for Trowa," came Quatre's reply. "He and Heero has been in there for a long time."

"I'm sure they're fine," said Duo as he slashed two more mobile suits.

Seconds later, Heero and Trowa appeared. They were running out of the building towards where their Gundams were hidden. Right on their trail were about a dozen soldiers, shooting at the two boys with their rifles.

Quatre watched those two boys being chased by shooting soldiers with worry. But he felt more worried for Trowa. "I hope nothing happens to him," he thought.

But of course something happened. Trowa somehow didn't see where he was running and tripped over a rock and went crashing to the ground. Heero, who was running in front of Trowa didn't realize that the pilot of Heavy Arms wasn't running behind him any longer.

Quatre could only watch in horror as the soldiers ran nearer towards Trowa. "Hurry up and run!!" Quatre urged Trowa silently but Trowa just sat there on the ground, clutching at his ankle.

"Damn!" swore Quatre, realizing that Trowa must have twisted his ankle when he tripped over the rock. He quickly manuevered Sandrock so that the Gundam's hand was shielding Trowa from the bullets that whizzed all over the place. Then he opened the cockpit's hatch and jumped out and dashed towards his injured comrade.

"Trowa! Daijoubu desuka?" he asked Trowa who was still clutching his ankle, his face twisted in pain.

"I'm OK, just go and leave me," said Trowa. "You have to destroy this place."

"No. I will not leave until you come with me."

Suddenly, there was the sound of hysterical laughter. Quatre and Trowa turned their heads to the direction of the laughing voices. The OZ soldiers were all laughing so hard that tears were rolling down their cheeks. Some of them were even rolling around on the ground.

Quatre and Trowa stared at them.

It seemed as if the battle between the other Gundam pilots and the OZ mobile suits has also been put on hold. Everybody was too busy laughing to fight anymore.

"Why are they laughing?" asked Quatre.

"I think it's because you're wearing a Sailor Venus costume," said Trowa wryly.

For minna-san who wanted me to continue this Sailor Quatre fic, thanks very much! I am sooo glad that you liked the first fic of Sailor Quatre and as a sign of thanks, here's Sailor Quatre 2. Well, as usual I still think that this story is way too OOC and too stupid so I won't be surprised if you hated it. Anyway, just send me your feedback. I'll appreciate it. Send your feedback to blue_violet@gundamwing.org. ps: Should I continue this fic?

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