"Ha ha ha! You really look like a chicken, Wu-man!" shrieked Duo with laughter. "Or shall I say Chicken-man?"

"Urusai!" barked a very red-faced Wufei. "Who's stupid idea was it to play this moronic game, anyway!?"

A few hours ago...

"Hey, you guys wanna play 'Pass the Dares'?" asked Duo as he walked into the livingroom. The other Gundam pilots were doing their own stuff - Heero was typing on his laptop, Trowa was playing the flute while Quatre played the violin, and Wufei was reading another one of his boring books.

Quatre stopped playing on his violin. "Pass the Dares? What sort of game is that," he asked with a curious look on his angelic face. "I've never heard of that game before."

"Of course you haven't! That's because I just thought of it minutes ago!" said Duo and he laughed. "Well y'see this box? There are bits of folded paper with dares written on 'em. So, we put on some music and pass this box around in a circle. When the music stops and you're holding the box, all you gotta do is to pick out one piece of the folded papers aaaaand you have to perform the dare! Simple, isn't it?"

"Omoshiro sou da ne, Trowa?" said Quatre to the taller boy with the unibangs beside him. "Let's play this game!" Trowa just nodded his head in agreement. But then, Trowa agreed with anything Quatre said!

Heero decided he had nothing better to do so he agreed to join in. Wufei was the only one who didn't want to play.

"Hn. I am not going to play another one of your idiotic games," sneered Wufei.

"Ooooh Wu-man's afraid to play," taunted Duo in a high-pitched, girly voice.

Wufei just ignored him.

"Wufei is a scaredy-cat! Wufei is a scaredy-cat!" chanted Duo next in an annoying sing-song voice. "Oi, Quatre! Join me!!!" Quatre joined in the chanting.

Wufei pretended not to hear anything. "They are just a bunch of immature kids," he thought. "I will just ignore them."

Then, something magical happened. Heero and Trowa also joined in the chanting. (Waaaa! So amazing. This can only happen in the magical world of Disney!!!)

So there were four people chanting, "Wufei is a scaredy-cat!"

Finally Wufei caould not stand it any longer. "Fine! I'll join in your childish game!" he shouted in frustration.

"Yay!" cheered Duo and Quatre.

"I am only doing this to defend my honour," said Wufei stiffly. "I am NO