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Branded Psychos
How to Be Branded
July, 30, 2003

Breaking News!

Three Operators Declared Officially Insane
Discovered at 10:00 PM Pacific by NovaStarr

This information was discovered Wednesday evening the #mortalkombat chatroom. In has been discovered that 3 of the Operators in the channel are officially insane. The listing of Ops that are currently known to be insane as well as the generally believed reasons that they are insane are is as follows:

*Acj-Bizar - born insane
*Scott-Howell - Conversations with invisible persons.
*DArqueBishop - Random twitching and happy dances

Logs on how the insanity for the above mentioned Ops will be available soon. The log for Scott-Howell is currently available. Check out the log here.

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