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This site haz all your Gatomon needs! Thanx to mike at Talon's Message Board for makeing my new banner seen above! I have an pic page full of Gatomon pics and a section of that album now haz Kari pics! If you have a request pic that you do not see in those albums,feel free 2 e-mail me(e-mail located at bottom)Plus all the images are free 2 take :-D Also provided iz an Anime Dance! Join the fun to see your favorite Digimon dance with other popular Anime characters.All the links with the * around their names means I made them or there non-Digimon realted sights.The updates that R in magenta means new updates,the ones in blue means old but are still important.Please sign my Guest Book B-4 U Go!
(1)The Photo Album will be up soon.
(2)Zodiac Deva Tags are avalable for you in Other Misc. Things You'll see mine on the way down.
(3)I added a fan art page! Take a look and submit some if you want!
(4)The background music has changed again. Its now Let Me Love You by "Da Buzz"
(5)I have all of the small Gatomon and Kari pics up in the Gatomon and Kari Photo Album Take a look.
(6)Added a new Digi-Egg into the Digi-Eggs Section.
-Sailor Gatomon

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Desinged by me,Sailor Gatomon and animated by Kazuko
Thanx Kazuko for animating my gif! Your a pal ^_^

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Took me forever to make this!
If you want to use it on your site go ahead just give me credit
Sailor Gatomon
and a link back would be nice but you don't have to

Here is a poem I wrote for my friend and fellow Digimon fan Nate.He's going away for a while and I won't see him for a long time.So Here you go Nate,a poem for you.
Keep your CURAGE,
Keep your LIGHT,
And all the HOPE that keeps burning bright,
The ones you LOVE will not forget,
All the KINDNESS you have set,
The KNOWLEDGE you have is easy to see,
Because of your faith and RELIABILITY,
Your SINCERITY is what makes you strong,
And keep our FRIENDSHIP lasting long,
Remember that MIRICLES can happen to thee,
If you belive in your DESTINY.
If you wanna see the website I helped him make go to the links and find "Hard Head Partners"

About Gatomon

  • Gatomon was the one egg that Gennai dropped when the Entities were attacked by Piedmon and the Dark Masters. As such, she grew up alone instead of with the Digimon partners. This makes her more independent than the rest,but also less trusting. Unlike the other Digimon partners,who usually stay in their Rookie level,Gatomon is so strong she usually stays in her Champion level. Gatomon was once brainwashed by Myotismon for a long time. When she me Kari it brought the good out in her. If Gatomon has one regret,it's losing her friend Wizardmon. She mourns his loss more than anything else. While there's still a lot to learn about Gatomon, one must remember that there's a heart of an angel beating inside the ally cat exterior.
    (Info. takin from the Beckett Digimon Collector magazine)
    Gatomon and any other Digimon related items are BANDAI and Fox Kids,All images and sounds are to the there rightfull owners

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