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Here are some links that I like to go to often. The above pic can be used as the banner to my site.....until I get a newer and prettier one ^^;; The banner was done by Lin and I thank her for her help ^^

Cinda 7's site!! I like her furry section, but check out her other things, like Zim stuff!
This is Shifty's site! There's not much on it so far, but I'm sure it'll be full of great drawings!
Tori's site! Lotsa cool stuff in it!
The Furry Tickle Torture! My pal Maxwolf owns this site, Fox is just glad he's not there!
This is Kyle Dragon's Furry Tickle Stories! He can't draw, but he's a great storywriter
Ximon Kucoch's site of awesome furry tickling pics and bondage and stuff like that. He my buddy too! (Adult content present)
My new pal Toma's VCL site (no yiff art, so shoo ya furverts)! Seems like Fox is'nt the only one with a foot fetish...^_^;
This be Sketch the Dalmation's site! I truely admire his artwork and art style! Tickle pics are present!
The AWESOME Furry Music Foundation site!
Kuro Fox's home page. He's got plenty of talent, I love his work!
Jack........... An online furry comic with deep stuff, but NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. (contains violence, nudity and religious stuff)
This is The Fox Files, a site made by a good friend of mine, Acrona and her boyfriend ^^ check out her awesome drawings!
My true love Yuka's page! ^^ Hopefully she'll have more stuff in it soon!
*New* An awesome artist named Jenn's site ^^ she also has my same lifelong dream, to be a cartoonist