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The Story and World

The Story

In a world of dragons, pegasus's, vampires, demons, and more there lives great adventure...

A girl named Kyoko decided to run away from the kingdom of Yune, whom she was the princess of, and join a magic guild where they taught her many spells and things of such nature. She graduated top of her class at age 16, and has now set out for money, fortune, fame, and of course, more power...Her first objective is to obtain the Book of Eternity, the greatest spell book ever created, that has both the Gods and demons writings and spells in it, no human knows of...Can she make it? Oh yes, one more thing...One of the third ranking demons (ranking explained in the world part.) is after it too...Once again, can she do it?

The World

The world of Kain was created by our maker, The Keeper, many millions of years ago. To establish order, The Keeper created Gods and goddess's to uphold good, and demons to controll the evil. The humans were stuck in the middle, and some choose the path of good magic, some choose evil, and some posessed no magic abilities at all. There were constant wars against the two races top 'people'. As there was ranking in both. And the humans, as always, were caught in the middle.

The Classes are (from most powerful to least powerful): The Keeper >> Great Demon, Great God >> 5 sublord Gods, 5 sublord demons=>> lesser demons and Gods >> Dragons (they can become human) >> Pegasus'>> Giants >> Sorcerors >> Cat People >> elves >> Pixies >> Dwarves >> Humans (includes swordsmen, thiefs, martial artists, ect)

The Countries and continents are: Yune, Drale, Remia, Feris, Balump, Trinity, and Utopia, which no one has been able to locate.