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Final Fantasy Forever

Where To Go:

The Story and World
The Rules
Available Characters
Join The RPG

Welcome to the RPG. This is a final fantasy RPG, as you can see Please read the story and the World, rules, and available character lists (People using made up characters do not have to go here, however, made up characters usualy don't get as much attention in this RPG). If you don't, you'll be seriously lacking when you go to the joining area...

Please note that the RPG will not start until all characters are filled. Once they are, you will recieve an e-mail letting you know where the RPG will be played and when it starts (I'll probably give you a day after all characters are submitted in case you aren't on the comp the day I send out the notices.) Please don't join unless you know that you can wait for the RPG to start, and be able to play when it does. It shouldn't take that long though. Make sure to take the poll on where you want the RPG! Thats all! Have fun ^-^