Bloody Rivals

Chapter 2

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Pan sighed. She hated wearing a dress. Why couldn’t she just be herself in front of the King and Queen and their family. Why was it even necessary to continue this petty fight anyway? Just because the stubborn little brat-of-a-prince was called “weak”? Of course. He couldn’t stand the fact that he was only second best.

“But then again, neither can I.” Pan laughed to hers elf. She continued to apply make-up to her face. She had become pro at this lately. She shooed Laura away as soon as she was done giving Pan her dress.

Her mother had been pressing the fact that she wasn’t getting any younger, and that she needed a husband.

“Hmph…men are all asses.” Pan mumbled as she thought about the last man her mother had tried to set her up with. They were finishing up a little treaty with one of the neighboring planets, when their extremely spoiled son had come along. He was just a little older than Pan, and he seemed to enjoy what he saw. He continued to harass the poor girl endlessly. The little bout had ended with Earth losing the treaty, and an extremely angry Gohan. After Pan had explained the situation, Gohan was about ready to go and blow up the entire planet…but Pan stopped him. She went instead.

And now here she was, about to kick another man’s butt. When would she be able to live a normal life? She grinned to herself with that last thought. Her and normal life did not belong in the same sentence. She was far beyond normal. Her father was half alien, and she was a fourth. She was surprised that her mother had stayed around long enough to actually get to know her father.

Then her thoughts drifted on to her beloved Uncle. She knew that he had not run away like everyone presumes he has. Pan was the only person that new of his whereabouts. Her father was furious at the fact that Goten had “left,” but he did not bother to dispatch search group…because Pan had convinced him not to.

Pan smiled to hers elf. “Thank you Uncle Goten.” She said. She remembered that day so clearly.


Pan walked to the outdoor training grounds where her uncle was, preparing for his encounter with the Prince of Vegeta-sei.

“Hey Uncle Goten.” Pan said merrily as she skipped outside.

“Hey there.” Goten said stopping his routine to say hello to his niece. “What’s up?” Goten asked sitting down.

“Nothing…well, except that…” Pan trailed off.

“Except what?” Goten laughed.

“Well, it’s just that I wanted to know if I could fight this battle.” Pan said.

“What do you mean you want to fight this battle?! Of course you can’t…your father would never allow it.” Goten said in disbelief.

“Aw, why not!” Pan wailed.

“Because it isn’t proper for a young lady to fight.” Goten said.

“No, it’s because My father thinks that I can’t handle combat…isn’t it?” Pan said crossing her arms.

“You know your father too well.” Goten laughed.

“Well, I want to fight this battle.” Pan said.

“You know that you can’t. Why do you want to anyway?” Goten asked.

“Because I want to fight an actual fight. I’ve never fought using 100% of my effort and power. The closets I’ve ever gotten was sparring, and even you know that that isn’t close enough.” Pan said.

“Yes I know.” Goten sighed. “But what do you want me to do?” Goten asked warily.

“Could you please just leave the planet before the battle?” Pan begged.

“I don’t know. I’ll be considered a coward Pan.” Goten said.

“Please Uncle Goten, please?” Pan begged. Goten looked into Pan’s eyes and saw that she really needed to experience fighting for her self.

“Fine, but when will I come back?” He asked.

“Whenever you please after the battle day.” Pan said.

“Fine, but you know that I will get one hell of a beating from your father, right?” Goten asked.

“I’ll take full responsibility.” Pan said.

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I’ll take it like a man. And besides, I kind of miss the days when he used to yell at me.” Goten laughed. “Alright then, I leave tomorrow night…but no one is to know of where I am. Only you.” Goten said.

“Okay.” Pan smiled.

………End Flashback………

Pan finished applying her eye shadow just in time to hear her mother calling her.

“COMING!” Pan yelled out. She looked over at her Uncle Goten’s picture one last time as a final thank you, and was off.


Trunks just nodded his head politely whenever the time called for it. His family and him were all lounging around the beautifully furnished living room, waiting for the Princess’ arrival.

“The Princess is here your Majesty.” The servant bowed to Gohan. Gohan simply nodded and looked over to the long staircase that his daughter was to come down.

Trunks just looked to where everyone else was looking and saw a beautiful young woman.

‘Big deal.’ Trunks thought. ‘She must be just like all the others.’ He thought huffily. But nonetheless, he still found her extremely beautiful. She had a different look to her that most of the women his mother had set him up with didn’t have. She was different, and he knew that it was not only because of looks.

“King Vegeta, Queen Bulma, Prince Trunks, Princess Bra…I would like you to meet my daughter Princess Pan.” Gohan said.

“Nice to meet you.” Bra said shaking hands with the girl.

“Nice to meet you as well.” Pan said politely. Inside she seethed. Not at the girl, but at the fact that she had to be so “proper.”

“I just love your dress.” The girl continued.

“Why thank you. Perhaps you’d want it after I’m done using it.” Pan muttered. She got a light shove from her disapproving mother.

“Hehe…Pan has a thing for using her humor to humor us all.” Videl laughed. Pan just smiled her fake smile and continued to throw in little gestures that her mother was surely to go over with her later.

“Your Majesty, dinner is served.” One of the servants said.

“Thank you. We shall be there soon.” Gohan said to the servant. “Shall we?” He asked.

“Yes.” Bulma smiled as she figured her husband wouldn’t respond. They made their way’s to the dining room where they all enjoyed the large feast set before them.


“Well Pan.” Videl said after diner. “Why don’t you go and show Trunks and Bra around Earth while we stay here and chat.”

“Yes mother.” Pan said smiling sweetly while getting ideas in her head.

“Okay then, be careful. I’ll send one of the guards to escort you.” Gohan added.

“But father, we’re very capable of handling ourselves.” Pan sighed feeling her fun for the night being ruined.

“I insist.” Gohan said.

“Very well.” Pan said leaving with Bra and Trunks closely behind her.


As soon as Pan was out of hearing distance from her father *which is pretty far, might I add* she dropped her whole preppy act.

“Okay, sorry to burst your bubble ladies and gentlemen, but I’m not the little lady that you think I am.” Pan said loosening up and taking her hair out of its captivity.

“Good, because neither are we.” Bra said loosening up as well.

“For real.” Trunks added in.

Pan just looked over at her guests and smiled. “That’s a good thing because I hate acting like a little royal brat…its such a pain in the ass.” She added.

“I’ll say.” Trunks muttered.

“Look, Princess Pan…” Bra started.

“No, it’s just Pan. Just use Princess whenever our parents are around. Other then that, I’m just Pan.” Pan said.

“And I’m just Bra.” Bra said shaking Pan’s hand again. She smiled and nudged her brother.

“What?!” He asked irritated. “Fine, I’m Trunks.” He sighed shaking Pan’s hand as well.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you too. Now, I’ve got some plans in store for you.” Pan said smirking evilly.

“Like what?” Bra asked.

“You ever go clubbing?” Pan asked.

“Clubbing what?” Trunks asked.

“No, I mean dancing.” Pan said.

“We’ve only been to formal dances.” Bra answered.

“Well then, consider tonight your first.” Pan said. She led Trunks to Goten’s closet where she opened up a secret door. It was like a second closet, but this one contained all of his dancing clothes.

“Here, go put these on while I go and help your sister.” Pan said to Trunks. He only nodded and left for the bathroom.

Pan went in search of Bra and already found that she had already changed. “Wow, nice outfit.” Pan commented to what Bra was wearing. *She’s wearing that red leather thing that she always wears in DBGT*

“Thanks.” She smiled. “Where’s my brother?” She asked.

“Right here.” Trunk answered.

Pan looked around and almost fell out of self when she saw what he was wearing. “Wow, you look…different.” Was all Pan could manage.

“Different good? Bad?” Trunks asked.

“Good.” Bra added in. Pan only smiled and made off to her room before anyone could see her blushing madly.


Pan quickly changed and opened her door to see Bra and Trunks standing there. Trunks just looked unaffected by her new appearance, but he was almost jumping out of him self inside. She was wearing a white tube top, with a REALLY short white mini skirt. She put red highlights in her hair and changed her other make-up to everything glittery.

“Alright, let’s go.” Pan said.

“But I thought that your father said that you had to take along an escort.” Bra asked.

“Huh? Oh, my escorts always wait in the car.” Pan said.

“What if he talks?” Trunks asked.

“He won’t….they never do.” Pan said mischievously as they walked through the backdoor of the palace.

Not too far away, a black sports car was waiting for them.

“Nice car.” Trunks said running a hand over it’s exterior.

“Thanks, I’ve got others…but I love this one the most.” Pan said. She got into the front and was followed by Trunks and Bra who got into the back.

Pan put on her seatbelt and looked over at her driver. “GOTEN!” Pan yelled hugging her uncle.

Trunks just narrowed his eyes at this little exchange, but decided to keep quiet. Not that he cared anyway. He didn’t even know who this girl was…but he did like what he already knew.

“Hey!” He responded.

“What are you doing here you idiot! I thought I told you to leave the planet!” She said angrily.

“Yeah right, and miss out on our usual clubbing trips? You’ve got to be kidding me.” He said.

“Yeah yeah. Oh yeah, I’d like you to meet some friends of mine. This is Bra, and this is Trunks.” She said.

“Hey babe, where ya from?” Goten directed to her.

“Uncle Goten! This is the Prince and Princess from Vegeta-sei!” Pan screeched.

“Uncle?” Trunks questioned from the back.

“Huh, oh this is my Uncle Goten. This is who you were supposed to fight…but he left so I could fight.” Pan said.

“You mean you want to fight?” Trunks questioned.

“Of course I do. I’m ¼ saiya-jin ya know.” Pan laughed.

“Well Bra here is ½ and she doesn’t even know how to fly.” Trunks stated.

“Shut up!” Bra growled.

“Well, it’s okay. I just love to fight. My Uncle Goten and grandfather got me into it since I was 4.” Pan smiled.

“Your grandfather?” Trunks questioned.

“Yeah, he’s the one that your dad pushed into the space pod.” Pan shrugged.

“Look Pan, why don’t you come back here and talk to my brother? I want to sit in the front anyway.” Bra said.

“Yeah sure, why not.” Pan smiled. Trunks just smiled back as his sister and “rival” switched places.


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