Basic Instinct

Chapter 17: After Thoughts

Author : Kei


Kei walks up to a tall podium up on a stage.  She clears her throat and takes a drink of water from a nearby glass.  She looks out at all the expecting Basic Instinct fans.  She sees some of the old fans who’ve been there since the very first chapter and the new ones, who just to happened upon the fic weeks after her last update.  Smiling sweetly she again clears her throat giving away her nervousness.  Shuffling a few papers she puts her hands together and looks out.  “Uh…hello?  How is everyone.” A cough is heard throughout the small auditorium as everyone some people start to talk amongst themselves.  She can almost hear their thoughts inside of her head.  What’s wrong with Kei?  She’s never been like this before.  Kei can’t help but chuckle as she realizes what she’s about to do is the dumbest thing to do.  “First of all let me say that I have greatly appreciated ever single of one your reviews.  Some of your reviews have made me laugh, some have me mad, and some…well none of made me cry.  But, I’m going off the subject.”  A huge gasp goes up across the auditorium.  ‘Uh-oh.  I’m making them suspect something.’  Kei smiles sweetly.  “I just want to apologize for me not updating this fic in so long.  I know you are all curious what’s gonna happen to the girls.  Will they remain Saiyans and how will Hercule react to Videl losing her virginity to a ‘weakling’ like Gohan.” Kei says making quotes with her fingers when she said weakling.  “But this is not the next installment to Basic Instinct.”  Another gasp along with some grumbling goes up.  “I’ve left the next chapter to Gohan.  We decided to switch chapters.  I will do a chapter ‘For All Screwed Up’ and he’ll do Chapter 17 for Basic Instinct.” BONK.  Kei looks over as a nerf ball was obviously thrown at her. “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!  I PLANNED FOR YOU GUYS REACTION!!  THIS is a state of the art bullet-proof glass shield.  It’s six inches thick.  Not even GOKU COULD BREAK THROUGH THIS THING!! MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”  More grumbling goes up and a few curse words are thrown at Kei.

“WHY KEI?  WHY?!” Someone shouts from the audience.

“Why?  WHY?!  Why for the reviews.  I do it all for the reviews.  Hehehe. Look at those reviews fly.  I wanna see 400 before I’m through with this fic.”

“What if ain’t got 400 when you’re finished?” Some smart-alec asks from the front row.

“Guess I’ll just find some way to keep going.  Won’t I?  Now then back to the point.  REVIEW PEEPS REVIEW!!  TELL ME HOW EVIL I AM FOR DOING THIS JUST FOR REVIEWS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cough, cough, hack.  I think I hurt my tonsils. oO Anyway another reason why I did this is because I posted a new fic.  It’s called ‘Being A Teenager Sucks!!’ it’s another high school fic.” Another round of groans.  “Oh stop it.  Yuri forced me to do it.  She put up the challenge.  I wanna see at least 30 reviews for the first chapter.  I know you guys can do it.  If I lose…I can’t go to Las Vegas with my family.  IT’S LAS VEGAS!!  I went once eleven years ago.  The last time I went I had a blast, plus it was the last vacation I ever got to spend with my grandpa.  He died of a stroke four months later.  I’m serious.  So me going means the world to me.  I don’t have the most reviews by August Yuri will get to take my spot.  I CAN’T HAVE THAT!!  GRANDPA LEONARD WOULDN’T WANT THAT!!  So please, please, please review.  Thank you.”  Kei bows and walks down from the podium.  Suddenly she hears more bonking noises.  “I don’t believe you guys.  You can’t get through.”  Kei turns and sees a huge mass of people ramming the shield.  “What the hell?”

“I don’t think it can take any more pressure.” Yuri shouts from the other side of the shield.  “BREAK IT DOWN!! GET HER!!” Suddenly the glass shield begins to slowly crack.

“Oh SHIT!!” Kei yells as she runs off just in time too because the glass shield shatters. 

“GET HER!!” Yuri yells as everyone chases after a crying Kei. “MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!  I SHALL WIN, KEI!! ME, ME, ME NOT YOU!!”


Kei: A’right so this fic was to spam my own fic and to let ya’ll know that Yuri came down to visit me for the weekend.  You’re just in luck Yuri.  We’re playin’ air soft tomorrow.

Yuri: What’s that?

Kei: Assassin only with rubber pellets.  I hope you brought some army fatigues.  I got mine. ^-^

Yuri: Eep.

Kei & Yuri: JA’NE.