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Welcome to f.o.r.e.v.e.r, Version 03, Seperation. Your's truly is, of course, the webmistress, Evangeline. This layout is based on Rukio's wonderful art. Please don't get the version title wrong, it just means a long-distance love or something like that. I have had two very differnt past layouts (real messy, and cutie), and again, I wanted this one to be unique. Enjoy your visit here, newbie or oldie. Navigation is the drop-down on the right, and by clicking on either the Link Banners or Links Out button, a pop-up will come up. Please drop a message in the guestbook, it really makes me a happy critic. I recommand pressing F11 while viewing this site if you have 800 by 600 resolution.

August 18, 1:02 PM

Two new fanarts today! A cute cute new new one, and a beautiful new old one from Waterlily. ^________~

Well, as for the new layout, I'm putting that off until school starts and I get settled in to my new school. Please, don't throw things at me. Oh, and it'll be a BIG BIG BIG help if visitors would email me with some pages that are still in that old boring sakura layout. Reports of broken links are helpful too.

Shameless Plug: My personal site is up, go check it out.

NOTE: Another shameless plug! I have an original RPG.

Evangeline, ICO - OUT

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