I'm... Really sorry.

f.o.r.e.v.e.r is officially inactive. No updates, no improvents, zip. I wish that it had hope, I wish that the visitors wished that it had hope but...

I feel so guilty.

All the time, everyday, I'd visit a site, and it would have this sad page, not unlike this one, and it would go:

I'm really sorry. I had to close down this site.

I really hate people for doing that, and would ask myself why the hell they do it anyways.

I still love Kenyako, but I've moved my heart to bigger loves, like manga and bishounen. I'll never forget this humble site, it was my launchpad onto so many things I adore now. My friends I made through this interest; Oh God. Katchan, Van'e, Sphnix, and by absolute BEST BEST friend Ru.

If you read this, and we never speak again, remember that... Well, I really, damn it, I really love you guys as friends.

Fans, all of you. *hugs sadly* Thank you. I never made it big, like a wanted to, but this was enough for me. I grew as this site grew.

Shit, I'm crying.

I suck, I really do. And I hate myself for doing this.


-- Evangeline

This site was born November 27, 2001, died October 14, 2002.

It's not shut down it's access though. If you would still like to get some fanart and fanfic feed and the like, welcome to enter.

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