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Evil Goku's Ultimate RPG

Hey everybody! Welcome to my brand spanking new RPG! This RPG is awesome and only wanted by serious fighters, so only join if you plan to stay in it and show up on a regular basis!!!! All the rules on joining, transformations, Dragonballs and all that stuff that do not have a link on the this page your on they're in the Joining/rules part, the first link on this menu, good luck! Try and stay alive.......... Oh! and be sure to visit one of this RPG's members very own RPG *BIG UPDATE ON UP-COMING TOURNAMENT ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ THIS! THE UP-COMING TOURNAMENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL SATURDAY DECEMBER 16TH THIS WAY EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO GET PUMPED UP AND READY TO SHOW A DECENT FIGHT, AND ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT SHOW UP THAT DAY FOR THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND WILL BE ILLEGIBLE FOR ANY PRIZES!

Fusion Rules
Henchmen Quests

Mystic's Mega Dragon RPG

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