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The series "Escaflowne" takes place on Earth's unknown satelite named Gaea. It is a land of might and powerfull unknown magic. As the story goes on, you find out that this strange land was created by a species wich used to reside on Earth (aka "The Mystic Moon"). This species has found their demise due to their hunger for godlike power. Doing so they created another world and lost their own country.

The beginning of the story shows a young girl on Earth. Her name is Hitomi Kanzaky (see characters.) She has a strong power wich allows her to predict the future with a very high accuracy. While running a race for her Highschool track team, she has an odd vision about a boy in armor, holding a sword and waiting for combat. She crashes and passes out. Later on she this strange vision takes place. Apparently this young man, named Van Fanel (see characters,) who was send here to kill a dragon in order to claim his heritage as the king of a country named Fanelia. after he slays the dragon, Van cuts the dragon's chest and pulls out a strange object. Later on we learn that this object is called a drag-energist and is used as a power sorce for melefs, flying ships and so on. Since Hitomy possed her odd power and a magical pendant given to he by her grandmother, she leaves with Van to Gaea.

As the story goes on we find out that on this strange land, they are very technologically advanced. That is why the people of the land use giant machines named guymelefs (melefs for short). These melefs are not only used as weapons, but also to help people in their everyday life, in instances such as digging, lifting, and any other such jobs. In this case, the energist that Van has extracted from the dragon was used to power a powerfull guymelef by the name of Escaflowne. In order for it ro work, it must create a blood pact with it's owner, in this case Van. That means that if the Escaflowne gets damaged, Van will have the same wounds. Also, the unique configuration of this awesom meccha enables it to turn into a mechanical dragon. For more information on the Escaflowne, please check the Melefs section of my page.

Back to the story... If you never saw the show before, it is a must. Also, please don't ask me when it is on. This is all I am going to tell you about the story. I hope I can soon get an episode guide on as well.