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On this page you will find several guymelefs. These are giant mecha controlled by people. They are an amazing piece of mechanical technology. The guymelefs work by using the power stored in the energist. The pilot contols all of it's functions, although some such as the Escaflowne seem to have a mind of their own.

Weapons: sword

Pilot: Van Fanel

The Escaflowne is the main Guymelef on the show, hence the name. This is trully a piece of art. It was built by the Ispano clan. It took them 150 years to develop and manufacture such a piece of technology. It's main weapon is a sword that can also be used in dragon mode. The pilot of this guymelef must make a blood-pact with it. That is why Van was hurt in the exact places where the Escaflowne was damaged.

weapons: Stealth Cloak, Crima Claw, Claw, Flamethrower

Pilot: Dilandau

 In the background you can see the guymelef known as The Oreades. It is actually an upgrade of the Alseides guymelef. Although much faster, sleeker, more stealth and with two flamethrowers, only 2 of them were built. They were piloted by Dilandau and Jajuka.


weapons: rapier-like sword

Pilot: Allen Schezar

 Although the Scherazade may not be of Espano design, it is still considerd to be a formidable machine. Althogh it may not be able to transform or fly like the Escaflowne or the Oreades, it is very fast and has quick reflexes.