Japanese Tutorial: Swear Words and Much Much More

Well, its impossible to run an inane website and NOT have the basics in japanese swear words, ne ne? You DO agree with me, ne? …OF COURSE YOU DO!!! Right, ok, I’m done raning…

Located here are just a few of the basics in japanese swearing…and maybe a bit more. I will not have a tutorial on how to pronounce these words; I see it as you can’t pronounce them, you’re not worthy!!! With that said, on with the wordies! ^-^

"Idiot, moron, etc"


"Busu- ugly"

"stylin’ ways to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’"

"Pervert/hentai, molester"






" Hick"



Phrases that are just good to know

ALRIGHT, that’s a shit load of words that I could think of. Oh, don’t be disapointed, there are myriads more!! TRUST ME!! There’s more…*gasp gasp* But, I’m not gunna add them…maybe I will…maybe I won’t. You never know, cuz I’m INANE!…did that rhyme? I’m not so sure..




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