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This past weekend was pretty fun. Apryl threw her birthday celebration over the weekend. She had it at Folsom lake. Man, you have to cross the damn desert to just get to the lake. Grest food, great peeps to hang out with, and only three hours of sleep. Great stuff.

The day began with me waking up after three hours of sleep because the other night I got off work at 2am. I couldn't sleep untill 3am because I was still hyped up. I woke up and I gave Janette a call but she didn't answer the phone. I'm like, whatever bitch. I don't care if you don't wanna come, your lost. She was gonna be a hassle anyway because she doesn' know any peeps at the party and she's gonna have to hang out with me all day. Well I woke up, took a shower, loaded up my car. Then I headed to the bank to get some money. The I hoped onto the freeway and headed to Madison. On the way, I saw gas at Chervon for 102. I'm like... OMG that is hella cheap!! Then I saw it was regular. Premium is still 2.44. :( I went to Party City to get Apryl some ballons. First off there was this family getting hella ballons for a graduation. They got like maybe, 500 ballons. I'm like gosh, how you gonna fit all those in your car? I picked out all the colors out. First off I wanted to get her all red ballons just because I like red so much but I decided to just get all colors. I bought the ballons and left. It was a bitch getting the ballons in my car. I couldn't see a damn thing. I headed off to Apryl's house. I got stuck in the traffic because of that cheap ass gas. Finally got to her house and I saw Apryl and Brian outside their house. I jumped out of my car and went to say hello. Brian left and headed to the lake. I gave Apryl her ballons and she was hella happy. She told me she hella like ballons. She asked me if I knew that, which I didn't. She told me to take it to the lake with us. I'm like, are you krazy?? I can't see with those in my car. Well she asked me If I wanted her to get into accident. I'm like no, fine, I'll keep them in my car. We'll we headed off to the lake and when we go there, everyone took the best picnic spots. So we walked around and looked for some more. We finally found one but a guy was sitting there. He was a hiker. Apryl and I start convo with him. His name was Tony, he was a cool dude. I asked Apryl to go move my car over here but she hisitated. She asked me are you sure? Last time I burned clutch. I'm like yeah go ahead. She told me no, It's okay. I don't wanna ruin your car. So she handed back my keys and went to go move her car. Tony had a convo about god and stuff. It was a pretty convo infact. Apryl came back and he wished her a happy birthday and left for hiking agian. Brian finally got there and we were like, where were you? Well we smarted the party. Apryls parents finally got there and started cooking. Well to get to the lake we had to cross so much sand. The water level this year was so low. It was like 1/2 a mile walk to get to the water. I had to cross that desert like 6 times that day. Well we started to play football. It was gurls vs boys, with me all time QB. The girls took a lot of breaks. Nathan and Andres finally came and they started chowing down. The we finished playing football, on the grass. Then all of headed out to the lake agian, past the desert. We started to play football in the water. This time, Andres and I as captans. I pick my team full of the strongest peeps. Te other team had skinny peeps. Andres and I were going at it. Agian I played QB for my team. The first time Andres rushed him, he leaped for me. I was like, OMG! I was so suprsied cause he didn't even call allis but with my quick thinking I just stiff armed him and he leaded head first into the water. I toss the ball to a teamate and we scored. Next possession we threw it off. Man, runing in the water is a bitch. I ran and caught the dude with the ball. I brought him down and that was the end of that. Then all of a sudden, this dude, in the middle of no where, leaps knee first into the dude I just tackled. Talk about lake hit. We were gonna fuck up that kid but his mom was watching. We didn't even know the kid. Well they scored and threw off. I was played QB agian. Guess what? Andres rushes me agian without calling allis. I was like... man, big guy after me agian. I started runing because I couldn't find anyone to throw it to. Andres was all up my back but I was still running. I was like, you can't bring me down. I was draging him in the water. Then two of his teamates comes over. They started grabing me. I was almost at the endzone already though. Finally a fourth person comes over and they bring me down. I was like. WHAT!? Can't bring me down! Well we scored cause I just passed to the person over on my left and he just ran it in. Next possession we intercepted the ball. I was QB agian. Agian, Andres just came in without telling. This time, I was kinda tired. I was runing around, I toss the ball. Then Andres grabs me, dips me into the water. I already got the ball away though. 2nd and 2. Andres rushes in agian and this time he gets me. He dips me into the water agian. A sack. Third and two. I throw it but the ball was too high for the dude to catch. Agian, were playing in water. Can't jump that well. 4th and goal. Andres rushes me, He knocks me off balance but it manged and got back up. Andres comes over, gets his big ass arms on me, and freakin lifts me up and body slams me into the water. I hit my head on the ground. I like oh man, what a rush. I get out of the water and t hen everyone around me goes, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm like, tch. Andres just hella laughs and I laughed too cause it was pretty funny. Well we stoped playing cause there were a lot of heads in the water now. Went back to camp and I just drank and ate. Every year Apryl gets creamed up with shaving cream or whipped cream. This year I didn't think it was gonna happen but her friends were like. Let me get your present. She like okay. Then they come out with baking powder and shaving cream. They got her pretty good. Well we started heading home. I gave Apryl her present at her house. She really liked it. Apryl said, "You know me pretty well in a short period of time." I got her a Final Fantasy Piano Book. She REALLY into Final Fantasy and I knew she likes to play the piano so I got her that book. We'll I chilled at her house for a bit and decided to go home cause I was getting really tired. I asked her to call me around 1am so we can go do something. I got home, took a shower, went to sleep. Apryl called me but I was too damn tired to go anywhere after last night getting 3 hours of sleep and playing all day. I really wanted to go out with her but my body, it was dead.

Well that was my Saturday. It was pretty fun. Well I wrote hella so im gonna stop now. Latez.


May your soul rest in peace, g-ma...

It's been a sad weekend for my mom. Her mom died over the weekend. I don't feel any grief because I never met my grandmother. My grandmother lives in Laos. My mom, on the other side, is really feeling it. I never seen my mom this depressed. My other is a really strong person. She hasn't cried but I can feel it in my heart that she is really hurt. It's a damn shame that I can't do anything to help her.

On fridat I went shopping with Apryl and her friends. I bought myself two new pairs of shoes and a few red shirts. I didn't find the pants I wanted to go with my outfit. It was fun. Apryl's dad called and told her to go to the store and get some type of plant to eat. Well, there was only five minutes until the store was gonna close and we were still far away from the store. Apryl told me to hurry up. There was traffic everywhere so it was kinda hard driving around. It was Andres, Apryl, and I. I told her, "Are you sure you want me to hurry up?" She told me yeah! I'm like okay! Haha, Usher there. Well I shift tiosecond and let my turbos kit in. She like... OMG Edvis. I was going through traffic, switching lanes like krazy. I got up to 105 in that street. Andres was like, "Edvis, I would cheer you on but there's a lot of traffic around. Also cops might catch us." I just pointed to my radar. We got there with 1 min to spare. I was like, "wasn't that fun guys!?" Yeah, that was Friday. On Saturday I went to San Francisco to buy a friend a gift. There was this steap ass hill. I was going up it. Then I got to a stop sign. I'm like, why the hell would you put a stop sign right here!? Good thing I know how to drive a stick. I did stall once. It was hard getting up there. Well I went with Truong. We made fun of Chinese peeps. I had lots of fun with him.

Well g-ma, even though I never met you, I'm glad that you rased a great daughter. I will always love your daughter. She will always be number one in my heart. I'm sorry mom that I can't do anything to help. Thats all I got to say peeps. Latez.


Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4...

"I'm at Lolicups"
"Do you wanna run tonight?"

School is almost out and I'm used to staying up until 4am agian since I had to close for the past few days. Night Owl Edvis is back, or is he? I'm suppose to be alseep right now since I have to wake up at 4.30am to go to work but I can't sleep. Also I should be using this time to touch up on my English final, but agian, I'm procasanating. Apyrl's birthday is coming up and I don't know what to get her. I wanna get something for her that would be usfull in the future. I should just grab her a PS2 since she's been wanting one for so long. We her brother and her come over to my house, they just play Final Fantasy X2 or Gran Turisomo on my PS2. I should just get them one. I finally finished FFX2 today. I got the good ending, but I heard that the perfect ending is just a waste of time to get. To answer everyone's question, yes, Yuna does find him, if you play the game right. Gas is being such a bitch right now. I had to pay 39 dollars to fill up my tank today, but agian, my car only take premuim gas, anything less and I would fuck up my car. Didn't do much today. I went to work, left early, went home, worked on my essay, watched the Simpsons, finished Final Fantasy X2, and now updating my website. Yupz, thats about it. Well thats all folks.


The Kings lost game seven to the T-wolves which im really bummed out about but the T-wolves deserved to win that game. KG is the MVP. He is amazing. Well I haven't updated in awhile so I'll write down some random thoughts. I put up my flyer for Six Flags for this summer. I hope a lot of peeps can attend. Give me a call if your interested. All you can eat food and you get to chill at the park all day. No bad eh? If your interested, gimmie a holla. i been so busy with work and school but school is almost out. All I have left is an English final and I'm free for the summer. I wanted to take summer school with a MX Flash class so I can learn how to use flash but I decided that I wont be able to take it because of work. That class is 4 hours long. I'll just learn Flash by myself like how I learned to use Photoshop. Well thats all I have to say peeps. I'll write in later. Latez.


It's game time...

Today has been a boring ass day. I woke up and went to work this morning and I find out that Janette went to the Kings game last night cause she got a special pass from Antony Peeler. She met him and chilled at his house. Damn lucky to go to the Kings game last night. Today it was slow at work. I guess peeps are hung over from yesterdays game. I won 20 dollars because of the game. I bet Junne 20 dollars worth of gas money and when I went to work, I told him SUCKER! After work I droped off Janette at her friends house and went to McDonalds. I was so damned hungry. I went home and started to play video games but that got boring. I'm still damned bored right now. I don't know about going to San Francisco this weekend anymore because I have an essay due on Monday. I should work on my essay and just chill in Sac this weekend. I haven't hanged out with my friends in a while so maybe I should do something with them this weekend in Sac instead of going out of town. I still gotta do Nathan's bet since Andres and I lost. I DO NOT want to walk down Dyers Lane. I hate that place. For the people who do not know about Dyers Lane, it is a street that there's blood on the ground, dead body marks on the ground, and tons of writing on the ground that says, YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT. Last summer we went there a lot after midnight. Everytime I went there I heard screems. One time I heard something crawling in the bushes and I look to see what it was and I just saw a dark figure. That was some scary shit so if you wanna get scared the hell out of, go to Dyers Lane. Fun place to be.

The summer is near and I cannot wait. Last summer was my summer of recovering from my depression. This summer is the summer of fun. I'm gonna travel a lot and find things to do because all I have to do is work. I don't have school.

Latez peeps. Oh... umm... GO KINGS!


Everytime I start off an entry I start talking about the Kings. It's that time of the year in Sacramento though. All I go to say is GO KINGS! Their winning right now agiasnt the T-Wolves. It's been awhile since I updated so I have a lot to talk about. The end of the semester is near and I can't wait until the summer. I decided to just go to school and quit my job. I can't handle both at the same time. School has been great though because I have met a lot of people at school. Well I been hanging out with Melinda a lot but I'm tired of her because of last weekend. We went to the movies together and it was just boring. She was telling me why I can't be like this, why don't you do your hair like this, stop being mean to my friends. Tch. I don't wanna hear about that shit. This is who I am, deal with it. If you don't like me, thats your problem. I ain't changing for nobody. I haven't picked up any calls from her because I'm pissed off at her. She's so damn anoying. So lately I been mad at her.

I like my new design. It's clean and simple. The Kings have been driving me krazy lately with their close as games. I find myself yelling GO KINGS at work and everyone just looks at me. Oh well, I support my team.

I was looking at some pictures with Diane and I and I feel like going down to downtown San Francisco and chill this weekend. I'm gonna take Andres with me since he went with me and we hasd a blast when I went down there to see my ex GF.

Well thats enough. I'm going back to the game.


Well the Kings lost today which I'm kinda bummed about. Today I watched Kill Bill Vol. 2. You can see by my new design is based off the first movie. I lost the license plate to my car and I spent most of my morning looking for it today. Melinda came over and picked up Kill Bill Vol. 1 since we didn't finish it the other night.

Well I haven't updated in a while haven't I? Well lets get you guys updated. On Thursday I had an exam in Political Science so at work, since we have so many trainees, I just stayed on the office all day and studied. I was kinda nervous but I knew my material. I went to class; Nathan and Apryl was sitting out of class. I went up to them and told them, I'm ready to pass. Then we started quizzing each other. Time to go into class so Apryl left and Nathan and I went into class. The exam was pretty easy, maybe because I studied my ass off at work. I felt good about myself and left school. I speed raced, like usual, to Wal-Mart to grab some new boxers. I went home and watched clips of Kill Bill Vol. 1. The movie game me a new idea for my website so this is my new layout. I hope you like it. Melinda called me and we ended up talking until 11.30pm. I was suppose to be asleep by 10pm. The next morning, Friday, I woke up hella tired because I didn't get enough sleep. Woke up, took a shower, got dressed, went to work. I left work early and went home. I washed my car and cleaned my room. After that, I dropped off my sister at work and took my G-pa to the airport. He was going back home to San Diego. It was the first time for me to go to the Sacramento Airport. I was hella confused getting around. I got home and my mom took her car back. I took mine and went to go pick up Melinda at work. She still had a few patents and ended up talking to Mary. She didn't like my hair because she thought I was trying to be black. I asked her, that's a damn shame isn't it that you don't like my hair? Well around 7.00pm she finally got done and we were off. I told her we had to stop at the store to buy some candy so we stopped at the store and bought some candy. I bought hella candy that when the clerk put all the candy in the bag, the bag broke. I was on the way to Jack in the Crack until Andres called me and told me he was already at the house with Brenda. I just went straight home and set everything up. I was having a showing of Kill Bill Vol. 1 at my house. We were gonna watch movies and eat all night. Melinda, Brenda, Andres, and I watched Lilo and Stitch until Apryl and Brian got to my house. We were still waiting for Nathan but we ended up starting the movie without him. Melinda kept grabbing me throughout the movie and Apryl kept hiding behind my pillows. That movie isn't that violent is it? We didn't get to finish the movie because everyone had to bounce and that was disappointing. I took Melinda home and she gave me a kiss, which was kinda weird. I got home and Apryl and Brian was still at my house. Then guess who finally shows up? Nathan. He was kinda late since everyone already left. Everyone bounced and that was the end of that night.

Well I think I'm falling for Melinda but I'm trying to stop myself fall into my emotions. I think the reason I'm trying not to fall for Melinda is because I like someone else but I don't have the balls to tell her I like her. I know Melinda really likes me and what I'm doing is wrong but I got to go what I want in life. i shouldn't be trying to make other people happy. I should be trying to make myself happy. Like I said before, Melinda isn't my type. The other girl I like has everything I want. Well going to bed peeps. Work tomorrow. I'm gonna try to have another movie night again at my house and hope it doesn't end out like last time. Latez.


Show car or race car? That's what I'm wondering right now. After buying that RX-7 Toy Model I'm like wow. That can be my car. I already have to power to kill most cars from little rice rockets like Civics and Integras to super cars like the Mustang and the Supra so I decided to mix it up. I'm gonna be a little showy with some go. First off I just found out I have a friend who works at Napa Auto Parts and she can give me 50% discount on auto parts. Woohoo! For performance I'm gonna grab me a new blow off valve, a new larger intercooler, and some new turbos. I already like the body style of my car so I'm just gonna add some 18 inch wheels to my car. I'm thinking about Carbon Fiber Hood but I'm unsure. I always been a fan of JL Audio so I'm gonna build my audio system with their amps and subs. Well right now I'm just car krazy. Laos new year was last weekend but I was too busy to go but my sisters did go. I asked them to bring back some meatballs and they did. Yum yum. I missed those. I'm all tired right now. I'm going back to sleep. Hope you like the new breakbeat from Avril Lavigne. The remix of "With You." I love this song. It's on my voicemail.


I'm getting lazy updating my page now in days. Well today my uncle from France and my cousins left. I'm gonna miss them even though the only knew how to speak Laos and French. They were kool. They kept jocking my car. Who wouldn't be? He he. On Thursday we all went to San Francisco to show them around, my family and I. We took two cars, mine and the rental. Take a look at the photo album to see the pics. Today I went to go watch The Punisher. The movie sucked. I thought there would be more shooting and fighting like Max Paine. I went to go watch it with Andres, Carlos, and Brenda. Would have been a bigger group but a few other peeps couldn't go. Today I also went to the auction. Andres went with me. I bought some socks and a RX-7 Model. Too bad they didn't have any 3000GT models so I can put in my car. Yesterday was opening night for the Rivercats. Melinda stopped by my work and ate. She also gave me a Rivercats baseball bat that glows in the dark. That's very sweet of her. I hope everyone has been enjoying my site. I put my guestbook back up so please sign it so I can know who's been visiting my site. Well relationships with girls are still confusing with me. I don't know what I want. I do miss the hugs and the kisses but I do not miss the drama. Late night phone calls I do not miss. I do miss sharing what I have with someone I care about. I'm so confused on what I want. I want to tell that girl I like that I like her and she's someone like I haven't met before. She's rare but it's hard to tell someone that when you don't know if you want a relationship. She might not even fell the same way. In conclusion, I'm just a confused mofo.


These past few days have been confusing to me. I went to a few BBQs this past weekend. On Saturday I went to Melinda's BBQ and on Sunday I went to Andres' BBQ. Ate and grow fat. Well, I'm kinda lost in life. I took a close look at all the courses I need for my degree. I'm like, wow, it's longer then I thought. 6+ years of college then you have to go find a job for yourself. What ever happened to fun? I'm doing fine for myself, I got a nice paying job, I'm management, I got a nice car, I got great friends, so I wonder, why am I going to school? I know why, to get a degree in Science so I can do what I want to do in life, Computer Graphics Design. If I continue to work at my current job, I'll be set for life but I want to do more then just become a restraint manger. I basically have two paths. Go to school and get a degree or stay at my job and continue working. My English Professor discussed something very interesting the other day. "You may have the degree, but does that guarantee you a job in the field?" My English professor has a MA but he barely makes 27,000 a year. I don't want to end up like that. Go to school for so long and have a low paying job. For my current job, you do not need a degree and you can be making up to 50,000 a year but again, being a restraint manger is not my dream. Well now the relationships department. Melinda and I. I tried hard to like her but it is not happening. We do not have anything in common and she is trying to force things. I feel bad today though because I blew her off for lunch. I'm sorry Melinda. I had to drive Sergio's car back to his house from South Side, he doesn't know how to drive a manual so, I'll make it up to you sometime. Promise. I decided to stay friends with her and see where that ends up. I do like this one girl though, or I think I do. I'm confused about that too. I just have been hurt that I decided to give up on relationships. I just don't want to end up like Usher's song "You Got it Bad." I like this girl though, she listen's to the same music I do, outgoing, we have the same interests. I don't wanna hook up though because I do not want to get hurt. Also, the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I don't wanna hurt her because I care. Damn it, I can't believe I'm falling for someone again. Well it has been almost a year now since I had a GF. The single life has been fun and i would like to continue to live it but this girl, she is amazing. Hoobastank "The Reason" describes how I feel about her but a part of me, feels it isn't right. Well if you guys see my tricked out rice rocket, take a pic of it. He he. I'm going to bed, don't fucking call me or I'll knock you out the next morning. I'm rich, Bitch! Latez, I'm out.


Well today was hella fun. My friends and I went to Six Flags and it was kool. I lost my voice from screaming on the roller coasters and our "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey." We did that every time some hot gurls walked by, our little Finding Nemo quote. It was hella funny when all the peeps on the tram started to do it with us because there was a kid running and trying to catch up with us. He ran and couldn't keep up. We kept going "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey" and did our little crab hands. All the peeps in the tram started to do it. It was hella funny. I saw a Ferrari I was like... OMG, is that the real thing and it was. We took some pictures of it and we kinda had a car showoff. Well yeah, today was fun. Take a look at the pictures. Enjoy.


It's been awhile since I updated huh? Well I'm on Spring Break right now and also on vacation from work. Time to party hardy! Man, things have been annoying me lately. Mostly Melinda. Why won't this girl get a clue that I don't want to go out with her? She is hot, but I'm not looking for a girlfriend right now. She keeps calling me all day, texting me all day. I told her to stop it, but she wont stop calling me. She called me last night around 1am. That fucking pissed me off. You DO NOT wake me up in the middle of the night. That's like a death wish coming to ya. I don't talk to girls on the phone hella late anymore. That's not me anymore. Get this Melinda, I don't like you the way you like me so stop bothering me. Alright with that said and done I'll talk about Spring Break. I get my baby back today so I got to get prepared to getting places. The places I want to go is Marine World/Six Flags, L.A., SF, San Diego, then last, to finish the break, Party City Chico. I'm gonna go to the races there but not race. I won't show my ride. I'll just ride shotty with my cousins. I did get invited to Melinda's BBQ but I don't know if I'm going to it anymore. I got hella more pictures up so take a look at your own will.


Well today I didn't go to work because yesterday I had to close and open the store. I worked freakin' 18 hours yesterday. I am dead tired, and I'm suppose to be resting my leg since I fell off that cliff last Saturday. My leg hurts like hell right now and I been playing GT3 all day with Andres. We have been racing our Skylines all day. Of course I got better skill in taking corners then him so I have been beating him all day. He freakin' woke me up this morning by knocking on my window. I got home from work last night around 1am and was trying to get some sleep. Andres woke me up around 9am. He had to use my PC, but he ended up playing my PS2. Melinda started to text me in the morning so I just got up and hoped into the shower. Then my boss called me. Great, they want me to work another 18 hour shift, that's what I thought. Pardip instead thanked me for covering for him and told me to be stricter on my workers. I told him not a problem but now, leave me the hell alone. I'm tired, I wanna go back to bed. I didn't go back to bed thought, I ended up playing GT3 with Andres. 11.30 came along and I left the house and went to go eat with Melinda. Melinda sure asks me about my ex GFs a lot. It's starting to get annoying. I already know she likes me but again, I'm not looking for a GF. I wanna be single as long as possible. Melinda is a kool gurl to hang out with. I dropped her back off at work and went home. I went back to sleep and guess who calls me again? Andres! He wants to come over again and race me. Boy we are addicted to our Skylines. I didn't go to school today because I didn't want to limp around class to class. I rather rest my leg. I got a doctors note. Well Spring Break is coming up. Andres and I are gonna go to Santa Cruz. I hope I get my car back soon though. I'm still using the rental and "Big Red" is still in the shop getting fixed up. I miss my car. I wont have any work or school Spring Break so I'm gonna be driving from place to place. I'm also throwing a kick back next Friday so if your interested give me a call.