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Hello and welcome to Akai Fansubs! I've actually been a distributor for several years, but I decided to change everything about my page. The look, the server, the name, everything was changed and has become what you see now and what you will see in the future. My old fansub distro used to be Yamcha's Fansub Distribution, maybe you've heard of it and maybe you've ordered from me in the past. Anyways, please take a look around the site. I hope you'll find something you'll like.

Distribution and Trading are CLOSED

3-1-03: Well I never thought this day would come. Rather than say simply "I'm closed, thanks for your support." like everyone else does, I think I owe you all a bit more than that. It's been almost 4 years since I started my fansub distribution. Back then it was just a tiny thing operating out of a Yahoo! Club. I believe my tape list started with a meager 4 tapes: DBZ movie 4, the Trunks Special, and 2 tapes of episodes...Since then I've collected hundreds of fansubs, some of which never even got posted to my fansub lists. I've been all too happy to help spread the word of anime in these years. I am very proud to be able to say I helped spread such fabulous titles as Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, and G Gundam into the forum of American anime. But, sadly, the world of fansubs has always been a rocky one, especially so in the last year or two. I always enjoyed being a fansub distributor and would happily continue to be one if I could better afford to do so and if the business itself was still alive enough to warrant it. I've seen so many excellent fansub distributors close down in the last year. I was probably most shocked to see sekihou gumi was then I truly realzed that we were a dying breed. So I thank everyone who has ever ordered from me these last several years. I truly appreciate everything you've all done for me and to help spread anime into the American mainstream. It's been a long road but we've traveled very far and still have a long ways to go. Perhaps we'll meet up again somewhere down the the meantime, always feel free to check out my Twilight of the Dark Master site at

Thanks again everyone. I'll always cherish my memories of being a fansub distributor.

~ Shaun Jackson; 11:08 PM, March 1st, 2003

5-9-02: Hey. Those plans I mentioned way back in the March update are just now finally getting into the planning stage (sigh). I'm finally looking at some new tapes to add to my list as well. Also, I have not yet decided, but I may at some point move this site again and change the name once more. If you can tell me what Akai Fansubs means and why I named it that, I'll give you a cookie ^.^ And I hate to keep saying this, but just because I don't update doesn't mean I'm not taking orders. I pride myself on my speed, which is 98% of the time the best you'll ever find. Well, I suppose that's all for now. Akai out.

3-10-02: Hey there. I and the business is still alive and kicking. I truly regret my inability to update this site as much as I would like, but since I haven't gotten new tapes in ages, I have little here to update. I do have some news though. A friend of mine and I are planning on starting a general anime site. With my working knowledge of dozens of animes and his knowledge on the few animes I don't know much about, we should be able to make the site work out very well. Unfortunately, don't expect to see the beginnings of this new site for another month or so.

And since I don't much trust that email can email me at

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What anime should I carry or get more of?

Kaikan Phrase
Marmalade Boy
Kodomo No Omocha
Himechan\'s Ribbon
V/G/Z/ Turn A Gundam
Initial D
Akazukin Cha Cha
Armor Hunter Mellowlink
Boys Be
Heavenly Chronicles
Heaven War Shurato
Hyper Police
Lupin III
Shadow Skill
Violinist of Hamelin
Glass Mask
Hana Yori Dango
I'll Make a Habit of It
Slam Dunk
Other (email me)

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