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September 16, 2001-Update by: Sora - New er....Stuff!
Well. I got some news. Good news at that. We have two new things added to this place. A new affiliate. *cheers heard in background* and a Chat Room. *cheers heard in back ground*. Feel free to check 'em both out.
One bad thing though...No more room for affilication...It's a pain in the butt to go and update every single page...So thats about it. Ja ne!

September 11, 2001-Update by: Sora - A National Tragedy
I'm sure everyone is aware of the state of crisis going on in the US. I would just like give my condolences to anyone who had a friend or family member who fell victim to this tragedy. I would like to make everyone aware of the lives that were lost in this act of war. It is a sickening thing that happened and I would just like to state it. I hope the people responsible get what they deserve and worse.

Remember them...

August 14, 2001-Update by: Fox - I'm alive too...
I'm back, this site might get up and running back up soon, but high school is going to be tough so, well I'll try

August 12, 2001-Update by: Sora - Yes, I am alive...
Sowwy for not updateing. I have been on a little vacation. I will be working on the site more as soon as I get home(I'm not there yet, duh!) I just wanted to say that I am alive and that my sources have comfirmed Tamers coming out on September 1st..*whispers* Thanks Bird!*/whispers*..that's bout it, c'ya!

July 21, 2001-Update by: Sora - Another Bio Update!
BirdLuvr has struck again. Check out the 01 and 02 character pages. for 01 Sora and Joe have new bios and for 02 Sora has a new bio. Trust me. They are BIG. Arigato, BirdLuvr!(Again)

July 21, 2001-Update by: Sora - Bio Update...
Hey! I'm back. I've slowly but surely been getting pages up. (very slowly). Anywayz I updated Tai's 01 and 02 bio. Both of them were done by my friend.
- Arigato, BirdLuvr-Chan!

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Digimon Season 3 coming soon.

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