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The fusion between Goku and Vegeta, which formed Vegetto, was supposed to be permanent, but when they entered Kid Buu the fusion was terminated.

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Updated: 10/1/01

Dragonball is currently airing on Cartoon Network at 5:30pm

Dragonball Z is currently airing new episodes at 6:00pm and 12:00am on Cartoon Network.


- Cell Games: A Moments Peace - 11/6/01

- Cell Games: Guardian's Return - 11/6/01

- Majin Buu: The Hatching - 12/18/01

- Majin Buu: Atonement - 12/18/01


- Frieza: Super Saiyan Goku - 10/16/01

- Babidi: The Dark Prince Returns - 10/30/01

- Babidi: Rivals - 10/30/01

- Frieza: Eleventh Hour - 11/13/01

- Frieza: Fall of a Tryant - 11/27/01

- Frieza: Namek's End - 12/11/01

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10/10/01 - 3:22pm EST - Site News -Slacker

My good friend Matt Pinnel gave me some great freehand drawings of various DBZ characters so I scanned them and created a FanArt section. Go check it out. Email me if you have any drawings that you drew yourself. Include either the picture or the downloadable file of the picture in the email.

10/4/01 - 11:45pm EST - DBZ/Site News -Slacker

I made a releases section, which includes DBZ VHS and DVD release dates. All of the pages on this site have been created, but some are still under construction. Don't worry everything will soon be comepleted. After I am finished with all of the pages I am currently working on I will create more pages. I'm thinking about a Battle Chart, Episode Guide, and a Power Levels section if I can get the correct stats. It might take alot of research to get the stats so i'm not totally sure if I can do it. I'll keep you all updated about the progress though.

I hope all of you loyal DBZ fans out there are keeping up with the new episodes. If you're not I feel sorry for you. There great. The tournament is finally getting underway tomorrow, I can't wait. If you would like to know who wins the tounament highlight starting here >> Hercule. If your really interested and want to know how the winner wins than Email me.

10/3/01 - 7:08pm EST - Site News -Slacker

I've completed the Dragonballs section, which contains information on the three sets of dragonballs.

10/3/01 - 4:57pm EST - Site News -Slacker

The Animated Gifs are finished so go check em out.

10/2/01 - 7:26pm EST - DBZ News -Slacker

Cartoon Network changed the Toonami schedule. Starting as of yesterday, 10/1/01, Dragonaball is only on at 5:30pm, and the new episodes of DBZ are still on at 6:00pm. 08th MS Team has taken over the 5:00pm spot, and Batman Beyond got the 6:30pm spot. New episodes will still be shown on the Toonami Midnight Run at 12:00am.

10/1/01 - 4:10pm EST - Site News -Slacker

I finished the Image Gallery, it's great go check it out. Right now there are over 100 images in the gallery, and many more to come.

9/29/01 - 10:24pm EST - Site News -Slacker

Welcome to DBZone (pronounced DBZ Zone). This is my new DBZ site. My name is Slacker, and this is my sites first update. There aren't any pages up yet so add me to your favorites and check back for updates.