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Luna and Artemis' Room Luna and Artemis' Room

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Sailor Moon/Serena/Neo-Queen Serenity/Princess Serena
Sailor Mercury/Amy
Sailor Mars/Raye
Sailor Jupiter/Lita
Sailor Venus/Mina
Sailor Neptune/Michelle
Sailor Uranus/Amara
Sailor Pluto/Trista
Sailor Saturn/Hotaru
Sailor Chibi (Mini) Moon/Rini/Small Lady
Chibi-Chibi Moon
Tuxedo Mask/Darien/King Endymion/Prince Darien

Note: The profile on Chibi-Chibi contains spoilers of the finale season! Also, the above picture is one of Luna, Artemis and Diana as humans in Crystal Tokyo. If you'd like to see what they look like in cat form, please read their profiles or their picture galleries!


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