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Royal Theatre Royal Theatre

Please understand that I cannot have full episodes on my site! Why? Well I'll tell you!
It's a little thing we webmasters like to call "space". That's right, I mineaswell just buy my own domain! Not happening ^_^
BUT, this is REALLY COOL! I have searched and looked til I strained my eyes, BUT I HAVE FOUND THEM! The two very BEST sites on the entire net to get FULL SAILOR MOON EPISODES! You can download them, OR buy them!! All for a very LOW price! Like, 25 episodes on one cd!

MKBO is REALLY great! I got 7 cd's from that place! Each CD was 10$ Canadian, 7$ (or so) American. He even has the prices for other countries (ex:Germany)! You can even download the episodes for FREE! He has all 200 episodes, PLUS the movies, PLUS the plays!

Utena Revolution also has all 200 episodes, and the movies, BUT, her cd's are cheaper! 5$ Canadian per CD! But and MKBO you get more episodes on your CD, but not that many! You can also download her episodes, but that stopped because her site host changed, but she's fixing that! There's also many other anime cd's you can buy! She'll even trade with you ^_^


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