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Welcome to the boyART JAPAN HomePage!

You'll find 'fantasy' b/w and/or color japanese art/drawings of:

Thank you for visiting boyART JAPAN. As you can see from the photo at the top of this page you will find japanese anime, mangastyle or cartoonish drawings (from Japan) of little boys. This can also fall in the realm of SHOTA-KON. This references the love for small boys by japanese meaning. The drawing above is an example of the beauty the japanese capture when they draw pictures of boys.

****** WARNING ****** You will NOT find live action pictures of little boys here on this site anywhere. The only type of pictures here are animated drawings from Japan.

You'll notice a difference in quality between the various pictures. Some will look as detailed as the pic above as if it was professionally done in a japanese anime studio while others will appear extremely amateurish. I appreciate all the drawings I have seen whether it has a professional look to it or not. Art has no boundaries. And the japanese are very good at expressing their artistic qualities better than anyone else in the world 'in my opinion'.

Also, MOST of the drawings are done by female artists in Japan. Thus, the pretty look to most of the drawings. The pretty boy syndrome or (bi-shonen <-- i think that's correct (^_^;) really come out when drawn by a female japanese artist.

*** A Note About The Sections ***

Each block of pics are broken down into sections. I may decide to add more Sections later. But these will be the standard for now. They are:

1. Sweethearts --- This section will display pics of cute couples. Either the boys will be at play, hugging, kissing and just generally being cute and lovable etc.

2. Nude and Play Art --- Speaks for itself. Naked little manga-boy-pics. The 'play' part of the Section is just general play like maybe a small bit of masturbation or other lite-sexual behavior.

3. Dressed Cuties --- Cute little boys in clothes looking fine as they can be. I appreciate ALL japanese animated boyart. Even the ones where they are in clothes. (^_^)


The last two sections are of a VERY sexual nature. Now, I would just put them up so that you all can just click the link and browse. But, I am trying to do everything in my power to prevent this site from being shut down.

That is why I ask for you to e-mail me personally to see the last two sections and state that you are 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER!!! At that point I will e-mail you the direct URL for the last two sections which are:

4. Naughty Book Pages --- A small area with pics from japanese boy/boy manga tales inside Japan. VERY GRAPHIC with a HIGH SEXUAL NATURE!!! Hard to find these types of pics (at least for me). But, I will try to update when I find something new.

5. Naughty Japan --- Pics of a sexual nature of boys having fun the way boys do ESPECIALLY in that experimental stage. We all had some kind of fun in our youth. These pics are VERY bold and VERY graphic.

So there you have it. Aside from the last two Sections I hope you enjoy the site. And remember to e-mail me and let me know you are 18 years old or older. Please do not lie. (^_^;

I have started this site because of the sheer lack of it here. These types of sites are all over the japanese internet but with no english language support. My hope is to create an awareness. Maybe even have people copy me (that would be extremely welcome unless it's already taking place and I just don't know about it). But, hopefully the exposure will be a good thing.

Alot of these works are on japanese sites and in Japan are deemed naughty because of the content. In japanese culture it's ok to be naughty just as long as you don't talk about it 'AT ALL'. Very interesting people the japanese.

On another note, this is my first website EVER. (^_^)v And I'm not using a PC to build it. I refuse to use HTML because if for some reason this site gets deleted I don't really care because doing it like this is effortless. (^o^)/ So, I will update as much as possible as this is a side hobby/project. But, I am dedicated. Feel free to sign the boyART JAPAN Guestbook and let me know what you think. Even if it's negative. (-_-#

****** IF YOU ARE 17 years old or younger ******

Sorry, but unfortunately due to some of the content of the site anyone below 18 years old will have to leave. You may come back when you are 18 and older. Please click the 'crying face' (T_T) link below. I hope you can have fun elsewhere as you are too young to be here. I hope you understand why I have to ask you to leave. (-_-#

As for everyone else 18 AND OLDER, thank you for dropping by. Enjoy the site and let me know what you think. To enter the site click the 'Enter here...' link at the bottom. *(^_^)*

-boytoy maximus harbinger006


(C) 2001 boyART JAPAN TM All rights reserved.

All images used on this site are the exclusive property of the artists inside Japan. I want to give a special thanks to ALL the talented men and women who are VERY talented in their artful endeavors.

And a VERY special thanks to Angelfire

Domo-arigato *bows-in-appreciation*

v(^_^)v >>> Enjoy Your Stay <<< v(^_^)v

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