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If you think my is site good enough for an award, and wish to give me one (^.^) then just E-mail me at Ardy ... To veiw won awards just click the corresponding Dragonballs, and make sure to vist the giving sites. Note: some of these were given to me when my site was by its old name of DBZA now named Dbz Typical. Just thought I should mention that- I didn't steal them!!!

For a 'super-cool site' from : Ssj world :
For a Pretty site from : Blue Angel :
For a Great site from : MEI-CHAN.NET :
For a Vegeta liked site from : Beauty Can kill :
For a Top 10 site from : Android Invasion :
For a Ultimate Site from : Anime Fun Page :
For a top anime site from : Fluers Nightly Wish :
For a sealed approved site from Kiyomi's Anime Lair
For a great design from Kiyomi's Anime Lair
For a 10/10 site review from : Blue Angel :
For guessing the mystry pic correctly via : Ssj World :
For reciving 76% on the dbz eye game : Ssj World :
For reciving 10/10 on my site review : Ssj World :
Winning a anime art contest - : Girlz World : address?
For reciving 10/10 on my site review - : Goten's Temple : address?
For a greatly designed site - : 2003 Webawards:
For a supreme website - : BulmaBriefsAffiar:

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