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Irasshai! Welcome to Anime Twilight! This is my fourth attempt at creating a site, and I think this time, its finally working! Anyways, this site is devoted to my favorite anime and manga. Right now, its all about Angel Sanctuary because I work slowly.

8-5-02: New frames version of this website is now running!

6-30-02: Gah... well i had to delete some parts of my site. The entire OMG section is gone and some of the other stuff i was planning to put up. >_< But it will be fixed! ... eventually ^_^;;

6-12-02: Wow... a whole month since updates! Not really. I just haven't been doing large updates. ^_^ Y'know upload a pic or two here and there. The Shadow Lady, Blue Seed, and Oh My Goddess galleries are partially up. And I guess that's about it for now.

5-12-02: Thanks to a cool friend of mine... I have tons more pictures! Doomo arigatou Kori-san! There are now five pages of Setsuna! Check it out. I put up more Kira pics and more pics of Sarah and Setsuna, too. And I'm still going to add more! I have also put up a link to the online translations of the Angel Sanctuary manga in the summary section. And if you look on the blue seed page, there's a really crappy summary and a couple of pictures from the anime. ^_^

5-9-02: Hey! Click on the anime button, and you will now be transported to my anime page!. I'm making progress! Basically everything is still Angel Sanctuary, but I'm now working on the Blue Seed pages! And acquiring more Angel Sanctuary pictures! Hey... pretty cool...yeah?

A While Ago: Currently most of the Angel Sanctuary stuff is working. I'm adding a second page to Setsuna's gallery, and more to the others soon. And I recently got my hands on the first four books of the Angel Sanctuary Manga! Heheheh... i'm so happy i could dance like a monkey, but i won't.... >_> As soon as I get past my illiteracy, I will post stuff about the manga. (That's probably going to be a while...)

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Email any submissions for fanart or fanfic to me if you would like to contribute.

Disclaimer: All characters, stories and other such stuff belong to their respective owners and/or creators. I don't claim to own any of these, or hold any sort of copyright. I simply wish to spread the knowledge of these wonderful stories created about these wonderful characters by these wonderful people! So please don't sue me. o_O;;