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My Home Page

All of these pictures came off my phone. I'm so glad I have a Mac. It was soooooo easy. Can you PC users say that? NO! didn't think so. FACE!

This is Chris? Sad Cowboy...

enough said


thats my hat....

I have that phone.. but mine is blue, i want his damn sexy satinic red one....

i rule

my tattoo artist. Tattoo Paradise in Ann Arbor. Go there. He's so awesome.

Two of my good friends.

my ex roommate in the ER when she dislocated her shoulder tieing her shoe.....

I swear I wasn't the only one poking him...


and again....

one of my house mates

no idea who this is....

fucken cat....

two of the cutest cats in the world

somewhere in the club house of Radrick Farms. where i work

where i work.

where i work again.



me again...


hot car

and again

two cute dogs where i work

Kat. Yes. A dog named Kat.

Cute cat.

really cool

kyle again