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What a day..
Friday, 15 April 2005
I'm done
This is the last time i'll be posting on this site. I got an account at and i'll be posting there.

comment there.

Posted by Zeta at 8:45 PM EDT
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Friday, 1 April 2005
Mood:  sharp


Q.T. has hit a new all time low. This movie was abso-fucken-lutly the worst movie I have seen. I actually walked out of it. Not worth the money.. see it at the dollar show. Why? I'll tell you why. Unless you like movies where you can find better actors that are 5 years old, and like to see people's dicks be blown the fuck off, and you like the whole black and white idea with little color, the girls hair always blowing in the wind when there isn't any and really confusing movies, this movie is NOT for you. It's so annoying. The narator is the main character in the 'mini-story' and they explain EVERYTHING thats going on, right when they are doing it.. thank you mister obvious. I wanted to kill myself within the first 20 seconds of that horrible movie. The sad part is that the coolest characters dont even talk. WTF is up with that? The only reason i would suggest going to see the movie is to see the girls of The Old City and what they are wearing.. and Elijah Wood.. :) So ye. Thats that.

Posted by Zeta at 9:28 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 3 April 2005 12:11 AM EST
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Wednesday, 30 March 2005
In responce to your comments K, here are my answers:

Yes. I am not living with Mike anymore.

Joey is a fucken asshole...... still.

As many tattoos as I fucken want.

Yes. I'll buy you a Porsche.

Posted by Zeta at 12:41 PM EST
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Tuesday, 29 March 2005
Mood:  not sure
So ye. Sorry i haven't posted in a while... again. Shit happens.. ya know? Sooo ye. I got my wings finished, and I got two more. I got a Shamrock on each shoulder. I have to get them filled in still. Oh well. I still think Greg is hott. SHHHH! don't tell.

Greg calls me Monster. I have yet to figure out why.

So Mike met a guy who finds people for movies, television, ect., and he showed some pics of me to him, and he thinks I'm pretty, so he's going to see what he has open for me. The thing is, they want me to do the whole 'girl next door' thing. OMFG. This seriously is THE COOLEST thing that has yet to happen to me.

I'm cold. It's fucken 62 degrees in here. Damn it Malice.


I'm hungry. But i have no food. and i have no money. Damn. This really sux, but oh well. I lose weight this way.

I'm bored. I'm outa here.

Posted by Zeta at 10:54 AM EST
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Friday, 4 March 2005
I hate the Internet.
Mood:  sharp
It's my PMS bitching time. DEAL WITH IT. I'm pissed if you can't tell. I hate the internet. I fucken hate it. I hate comcast. I'm so glad that I dont' sell it anymore. Get vonage. Fucken Comcast is so slow. It doesn't load at all.

And my fucken sugar glider won't stop PISSING on EVERYTHING. Its pissing me off. He's the cutest thing in the freaking world, but he pisses so damn much. He's anal retensive I think.

I moved in with Mike. Thats cool. I caught my toe nail on his computer, and now i have a hang nail. Ouch.


Mike got another tattoo. Its hott. Its on his arm. its two Celtic dragons. and i got a new one to. I have angel wings on my back. They itch. .....I want chocolate mousse.........I have chocolate mousse.

OMG!! I just heard the best joke.

Little kids sux. I would never want one. They run after you, fall down, fall into you, vomit on you.. sounds just like prom night.

LOL! sick thing is, its true. Thats exactly what Jeff did... but he didn't vomit on me.

Miracle babys are not made in a truck bed. Future carnival workers are.

Another good joke ^---


Posted by Zeta at 8:01 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 4 March 2005 8:20 PM EST
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Tuesday, 22 February 2005
Never question the thought pattern of a stoned person....
Mood:  not sure
I bought Mike the South Park, Season 5 disks and he loves it. I'm so happy.

I just realized that I'm a gamer... I need a PC, and for one and only one reason... EverQuest 2. I am addicted. *sigh*

*Hello, my name is Stephanie. (Hi Stephanie) And I am a gamer.*

It's horrible, yes, I know, but it's just to much fun to, give up. If anyone has a computer that can handle it, and wants to give it up, give it to me. I need it. I must play EverCrack. Until they make it for Mac, I need a PC. I promise to return it to you when that does happen, I promise!

Posted by Zeta at 6:39 PM EST
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Monday, 21 February 2005
Mood:  happy
Hi Susan. I know you read my blogs. That's cool. If you were wondering how I found out, a little birdy told me. I hope you don't think that I'm trying to steal Dave away from you, b/c I'm not. We still talk, and we miss each other yes, but he has you, and I have Mike. Don't worry. And don't be afraid to post comments either. More people need to...

Back to my normal bitching...
I'm so glad that Malice (my roomate) doesn't drink milk, I get this whole fucken gallon to myself. YUM! OH! Malice and I ordered personal hoodies off the internet and mine says, Mustangs! Buck Y'all. and has a pic of a mustang on it. I love it. Its my new riding hoodie. Its sooooooooo warm. and it only cost like.. $40.
I need to find a job. I really do. But I really don't want to. Right now, fixing things up with Mike is really the most important thing right now.
So thats really all I have to say now.. night.

Posted by Zeta at 10:09 PM EST
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Wednesday, 16 February 2005
Last week...
Mood:  a-ok
So in the past week, Mike moved in to his new apt. ( i love it), I quit my job, I have no money to pay my bills, found out my ex is now nothing but a man whore and it saddens me, dyed my hair back to black, got my 20 inch iMac G4 computer, sold my 15 inch and have done nothing. Its great.

Posted by Zeta at 10:31 PM EST
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Monday, 7 February 2005
Another day....
Mood:  cool
So once again, I'm sitting here on my bed while Mike sleeps behind me. He's so freaking cute.... anywho... The Chappelle show is playing in the other room, I have pink highlights that look like shit, and I'm pissed b/c of that.. and well... ye. Life today was hell. I sold nothing, so i made nothing, got in a fight with Mike, started my period (sorry guys) and got pink hair dye on my favorite hoodie. Oh well.. i can wash it. We are waiting to go back to Mikes house. The cats here are killing him. He's so freaking cute when he sleeps... my belly ring is infected. It's so nast. I'll spare you the details.. but it is healing! so bonus there. I hate my hair.. I so hate it. I'm debating to dye it black again, or fix it up. I think black.. cheaper.... so ye. Fuck this. I'm going to bed. Night.

Posted by Zeta at 12:15 AM EST
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Thursday, 3 February 2005
Mood:  lazy
Well.. its fucken 2 am and I'm still up. Mike is sleeping in my bed looking all cute... while i sit on my numb ass on a small wooden chair at the end of the bed.....well... now i'm on my bed.. he takes up most of it...bastard... oh well.
I hate my job, I want a new one, but i'm to lazy to go find one.
Once again, Mike is going to be my neighbor, b/c he's getting his own apt, and i'm happy for him. He got me a Louis Vuitton bag AND bathing suit for our 1 month...he gave them to me early (hehehe).
i got my hair cut again.. its really short in back, and long in front, very punk. Everyone likes it.
well i'm off to bed. Night.

Posted by Zeta at 1:57 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 3 February 2005 2:00 AM EST
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