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Hello! Welcome to Frogs vs. Roses! This site is made for Butch and/or James fans, the two coolest guys in Team Rocket and Pokemon. No, this is not a kokoshippy or shonen ai site. The main idea of the site is to show the rivalry between the two Team Rocket members. There's also a dash of rocketshippy and neoshippy here, because I happen to be both of the shippers. Of course, there's plenty of humor, so I hope you brought your sense of humor with you. ^_^ The majority of the site is dialogue or conversations between James and Butch.

I talk in white
James talks in blue
Butch talks in green
Cassidy talks in orange
Jessie talks in red
Mondo talks in brown
Meowth talks in yellow

Like the new layout? Click on the the guys and frogs to go to different sections. A little message should pop up telling you what each section is. In case it doesn't:
1st frog-Updates; 2nd frog-Humor; 3rd frog-Our Voices; 4th frog-Free Advertising

If you have any questions, comments, or 'helpful criticism'; be sure to e-mail me!

^_^ Enjoy your stay! ^_^

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters and pokemon. All artwork and stories belong to their respective creater.