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Aol Rolpaying stats and background

Katana damage +3 , Kodachi +3Defense Ranger Bow +2 Damage Poisoned Tipped Ninja Spikes(projectile)+2damage Ninja Stealth +2 Stealth KoD #001 Reg Pending

Weapon Links
Below are chocie weapojns That my Souzou Character uses
Swords Throwing Stars Nunchucks
Cross bows
His moves
Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu
Time/Space and Mmanipulation
LC - vsagarasouzouv 4d72/ 25000xps/ 2850gps

Registeration Numbers
Genral Reg: FF015*1
Healer: FH010*3
Priest: FP010*2
AA : FA013*1
Theft : FT003*1
Martial Arts: FMA001*1
Ninja: FN001*1
Mage: FM008*1