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The History of Sagara Souzou

The Creater
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Welcome to my Sagara Souzou Fan\Roleplaying Shrine
HI Welcome to the Shrine that which holds my Favortie Rurouni Kenshin Character-Sagara Szouou-yes i relize he was already dead before the series was even started but hes been in it so much and his vistation,flashbacks, and whatever have done so much to move the plot in some cases that i belive he could be considered a main character.
This man has be used to improve on Sagara Sanosuke in one particular episode when one of his vistations appear he speaks with sanosuke to save his life and abandon a technique but sanouke tell him he wont give up on this like he gave up on him and his new found determination helped him to perfect the Technique which very nearly killed his life. Souzou has played an important role in sanosukes life because he was his mentor and just because souozu was so damn cool

If you have any ideas you would like to share with me on how to improve my site please send me some feed back i would be happy to get some.

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