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Okay, there are a few certain people I need to thank for helping me out with my scrapbook. First, I need to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for always being there. Second, I need to thank my Mom and Dad for allowing me to create this wonderful site. I also need to thank a good freind of mine, Nadia, for helping me create this site and showing me the ropes. Without her I would still be watching people make sites instead of making my own. I would also like to thank my sister, whom I refer to as Ayeka, for not murdering me for taking up too much time on the computer. I would last of all like to thank Angelfire, for giving me my own corner of cyberspace which I could do anything I wanted with. Also thanks to everyone who has come and viewed my site and has had the patience to sit through and look at my scrapbook. I hope you enjoyed flipping the pages and untill next time, Adios! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Disclaimer* Okay, here is the same little blob of info that you see on the bottom of every page and unless you are totally ignorant of the real world you know and have heard this a million time allready. So for you people that are tottaly ignorant of the reality, no I do not own Tenchi Muyo, I have never owned Tenchi Muyo, and unless by some mirraculous turn of events, I will never own Tenchi Muyo. Sorry too waste your time and webspace. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't mind if you take pictures from my scrapbook, as long as you link to my site or give me credit. I personally think only stuck-up people won't let you borrow their pictures, unless it's fan-art or modified pictures. If you see something on this site that is yours or belongs to you, I apologize in advance. I have not intentionally taken anything that belongs to someone else, and I am sorry if I have. You can contact me at and I will remove it as soon as I can. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home