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Sasami's Journal

November 23, 01 It's Thanksgiving! I don't have 8 million reports to do. I'm sorry I don't update frequently, I have so muchschool stuff to do. I'm so stupid, I sign up for all the advanced classes and sit at home doing homework while all my friends in the non-advanced classes go to movies and keep calling me because they're bored. Please don't yell at me. I'm still learning the thumbnail stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 9, 01 Here's the deal. I'm transferring all the galleries into thumbnail galleries for your convenience, so please don't yell at me if I loose a photo or two. The scrapbook is still working, and you can still look at the photos, but they will be rearanging themselves. Thanks for your patience! Also, I'm adding another gallery that I'll start working on as soon as I finish transferring everything into thumbnails. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 6,01 I feel so loved! I'm sorry I haven't updated lately, school started and is just a little distraction. This is the first time I've been on the web since and I'm really excited about the number of visitors I've had. I'm now motivated to keep this scrapbook running! Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 17, 011 What's up? I've added many pictures to the scrapbook section and I've thrown in a few animated photos in the scrapbook as well. I won't tell you where they are, you'll have to look and find them for yourself. Sorry I haven't informed you in a while, I've been very busy, but just because I haven't written doesn't mean I haven't been adding new things to the scrapbook! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 7, 01 Hi! I'm doing some more work on the scrapbook and I'm trying new html codes as well. I have also now added a poll page, please visit and vote on it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 6, 01 I've added many pictures to the scrapbook. The only section without pictures is now the Yosho section, and I am currently working on that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 3, 01 I've updated the poll to include Kione as one of the choices. Please take some time and vote in it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 2, 01 The links section is finished now and does contain a link. The scrapbook remains with the same status. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 1, 01 Almost finshed, the scrapbook has many pictures in it, except there are no photos in the Tenchi, Yosho, or Other section. I am working on the links section now, and am thinking of adding a page of polls. Enjoy the scrapbook, I am still adding pictures though, and am trying to figure out how to make a link page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 31,01 Adding a poll soon, scrapbook photos are almost all connected. Fixing picture mess-ups. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 30, 01 The group pictures should be mostly finished today. Picture of the Month is also up and running. The thanks section is finished and I hope too complete more in the photo sections. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 29, 01 The group pictures in the photo section are currently being worked on and have some pictures availible. Oops, gotta go cook lunch for Ayeka. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home