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Little Washuu's Lab!

Hello. I am Little Washu and this is my lab! Actually my lab is five labs on five different planets which are connected. I am busy with my latest invention right now, but you can have a look around. You can touch whatever you want-as long as it isn't in my lab! Oh yes, this floating screen with a recording of me will give you the tour-and one more thing: There are buttons in here which lead to other parts of the lab-press them if you dare!

Hi! If you are watching this, I am too busy to show you around in person!
This is Ryo-ohki, one of my creations. I made her by combining minerals with a creture known as the Mass. The Mass have little will of their own so they respond to any will that is stronger than their own.
This is my daughter Ryoko. I created her the same way that I created Ryo-ohki, execpt I used my own egg cell instead of minerals. I can read her mind, which annoys her.

*You see a computer with a profile on it*
Name: Washu Hakubi
Japanese Spelling: Washuu
Meaning: Eagle Feather
Age: 12
True Age: 20,000 +
Birthday: July 21
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 88.2 lbs
Blood Type: B
Hair: Red




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