Decaying Borders

By Shaded Mazoku.


Disclaimer: Weiß Kreuz doesn’t belong to me, but to Takehito Koyasu and Project Weiß. From Eroica with Love belongs to Yasuko Aoike and Princess Comics. This is somewhat AU for the Weiß universe, but not too much, and very AU for Eroica. But then again, I doubt anybody actually knows Eroica, but if you do, please tell me! Spoilers for episode 1 – 15 of Weiß, and for some of the manga for Eroica.





Dorian was staring into the mirror. To anyone that didn’t know him, it would appear as though he was just very vain. He looked the type. But he wasn’t really looking at his looks. Or rather, he was looking at the subtle changes in the way he looked. His long, curly blond hair had quite a few silver strands by now, but the blended nicely in, without standing out. There were a few more lines around his eyes, but not many. He didn’t look a day over thirty. Two months ago, he had turned forty-four.

       He didn’t understand why he still looked so young, but he wasn’t about to complain. But he’d like to know why. Dorian was nothing if not curious. Curiosity killed the cat, a voice in his head. He smiled, one of those dazzling smiles he was so well known for. But I’m not a cat, am I?

       A glass of red wine, an expensive Argentinean one, stood forgotten on the table. A thick leather-bound book laid next to it, open on a page with a beautiful illustration on it. On the opposing page, the heading read “The Sidhe”. The smiling creature in the illustration bore a slight resemblance to the smiling man in front of the world.

       In the background, a cell phone rang, but Dorian didn’t hear it. He was busy dreaming of magical creatures and moonlight meetings.




It was raining. Raining hard. Yoji was seated in the sill of the window in the living room, looking out at the rain. His mind was with the other members of the team, not there, in the shop. Omi was at the graveyard, visiting Ouka’s grave. Yoji hoped he’d remembered an umbrella. It would do no good if Omi caught a cold. Ken was teaching soccer again, luckily in an inside hall today. Aya had disappeared of to wherever he usually went. Yoji did not expect him back anytime soon.

       He was just relaxing, taking advantage of the empty house to lounge around and smoke. After Takatori died, Kritiker had moved them all to a safehouse, for “a vacation”.  None of them were fooled, of course. They all knew that Kritiker just didn’t want them to run around out of control. Yoji snickered softly and lit another cigarette. It was going to be a long night.




Schuldig looked at the ceiling. The ceiling in the Schwarz headquarters, a luxurious apartment with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a beautiful view, was probably the ugliest ceiling he had ever seen. It was chess patterned in tan and white, and had covered the ceiling in the living room, kitchen and one bathroom. Schuldig was bored, and he was at his most dangerous when he was bored.

      Crawford was asleep in his room, his mind closely shut even in his sleep. Schuldig wondered what he kept in there that could be so bad that he was guarding it so hard. It’s kind of arrogant of you to assume that I actually care, Crawford, he thought, chuckling. Nagi was asleep as well, dreaming dreams that were actually memories of his childhood. Schuldig could sympathize with Nagi. Farfarello wasn’t asleep, at least not as far as Schuldig could tell. But then again, with Farfarello it wasn’t easy to tell.

       Schuldig sighed, and started counting the tan squares in the ceiling. He came to a hundred and seventy four before he feel asleep, dreaming about the taste of honey, and of death.




Author’s note:

From Eroica with Love is a delightful shounen-ai manga started in 76. You can find info on it on, in case you wonder who on earth Dorian is. And I have only seen episode 1 – 15 of Weiß, so please bear with me…