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December 6, 2014: Just checking in; I'm still alive, and so is "Sieg Zeon!", which is, let's face it, basically the best Gundam website on the internet.

July 22, 2011: Welcome! Today this site is exactly eleven years old. Can you tell from the decor? At this point, I can't bear to change it; it is such an endearing throwback. I have not updated anything since 2007; please accept my apologies for ten year-old grammar and spelling errors. Many old sections have been removed, but Sieg Zeon! still hosts one of the most robust and complete lists of Zeon mobile suits available on the internet, with images and statistics for them all. As for the tiny Zeon vehicle section... I've left it up solely because there's a cool picture of a Zanzibar in there.

The "Gundam Wing Sucks" section remains, of course. I probably don't hate Gundam Wing as much as I used to, but... no, actually, it's still pretty terrible.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to drop me a line.

Check out this link for some amazing Gundam images from a Japanese picture book.

Zeon Mobile Suit Database and Image Gallery

Why Gundam Wing Sucks


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