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In my opinion this is definitely one of the best movies this summer. Filled with great special effects and action not too mention the x-men characters we all know and love. Even though they didnít stay completely true to the comics I still left happy and went to see it a second time. I especially love the actor they picked for Wolverine. Hugh Jackman portrayed Wolverines personality perfectly. He definitely stole the show for me! He managed to keep Wolverineís rough loner personality but also show his softer side with the relationship between him and Rogue (played by Anna Paquin). The only complaints I can think of is the make-up they choice for Mystique. I didnít like seeing her as a scaley-slimey creature. The film is pretty easy to describe. Reluctant heroes fight to save New York from an evil being. I donít want to ruin the film for the few people who havenít seen it so Iím afraid that is all Iím going to say about it. If I were you I would just go and see it because itís well worth the trip:)

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