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Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Xellina desu. ^.^ I'm an avid supporter of Xellos and Lina, and thus decided to make the first ever webring dedicated to my...erm...obsession. ^-^;; There are other Xellos/Lina fans out there, I know it! And we're scatterd few and far between...and we need some way to stick together! So a webring, in my opinion, is the way to go. ^.^ But since I don't know HTML and am way too busy learning Japanese and going to summer school, I bothered Rylen-chan into it! ^.^;; Thanks a bunch!

Please note that while I do support Xellos and Lina, I'm open to other's beliefs on couplings. No flames!

There are very few requirements to join this webring. In fact, there are two. (1) Your site must be Slayers oriented...and (2) You must support Xellos and Lina in some way, shape, or form. Examples would be fanfiction and fanart. ^-^